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  1. Did any coaches bench a pitcher for using sandpaper on a ball? How about the george brett bat scandal? How long did his manager know and was he penalized for it? Should he have resigned or never managed again? Baseball has a long history of cheating. Who knows where the line is? What cheating is acceptable and which is not? Mcguires managers know about his supplements and should have stopped it? Should that manager been fired? How about bonds?
  2. Yes they have reyes and he can play all 3 spots. Not sure about all at once though
  3. Reyes and jones should be 2/3 of the outfield the rest of the year
  4. Why not Pat Shurmur? He has history with the school and is not currently a head coach.
  5. Hey cas.. i thought i was the peckerhead? i love the idea that a month before spring training the sux, stros and mets all need to find a manager.
  6. So the other question is will you be ok when gores signs Drummond as a free agent this offseason? i can see him being traded, opts out and gores brings him back.
  7. Like in flowers facemask. I can see the league solution now, no more mnf games for the lions, and take away the turkey game. Can’t have the world seeing the lions get hosed anymore. There problem solved
  8. My question to that td was if he had control to the ground and up. It was like the ebron non td in indy this season
  9. What the pistons should do is offer the thunder griffen for some picks and they can have their home town boy and keep westbrook
  10. In that case both.. since its same guy
  11. Its not saying much but i think he was a better gm (trade wise) than as a coach. Now drafting he was aweful at that
  12. Perhaps (hindsite) the correct call would have been an understanding the SVG was going to be both gm and coach but only Gm after 2 seasons. A 2 season run to find his head coach. He might have built the team differently knowing that he had a buffer and it wasn't a all or nothing type of job.
  13. And leonard was down to the lakers and raptors. Until westbrook is traded the pistons are not out of it.
  14. If this drags out it might be a sign pistons are trading for him. Snell can’t be traded for 30 days after he was traded and his salary might be needed for this trade to happen. Snell, Galloway and jackson fit salary wise for westbrook
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