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  1. My question to that td was if he had control to the ground and up. It was like the ebron non td in indy this season
  2. What the pistons should do is offer the thunder griffen for some picks and they can have their home town boy and keep westbrook
  3. In that case both.. since its same guy
  4. Its not saying much but i think he was a better gm (trade wise) than as a coach. Now drafting he was aweful at that
  5. Perhaps (hindsite) the correct call would have been an understanding the SVG was going to be both gm and coach but only Gm after 2 seasons. A 2 season run to find his head coach. He might have built the team differently knowing that he had a buffer and it wasn't a all or nothing type of job.
  6. And leonard was down to the lakers and raptors. Until westbrook is traded the pistons are not out of it.
  7. If this drags out it might be a sign pistons are trading for him. Snell can’t be traded for 30 days after he was traded and his salary might be needed for this trade to happen. Snell, Galloway and jackson fit salary wise for westbrook
  8. We all know this is most likely going to happen. Its a gores type move to bring westbrook here. The hope is that not much is given considering that contract. The question is .. is westbrook a going to work or bad boy type piston? If so he might work out fine here.
  9. I like the pick. Take a chance on a star in top 10. Go more safe college bats in next rounds.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/motorcitykitties/comments/6zkfth/an_interesting_perspective_about_michael_fulmers/
  11. Except there were already worries about his delivery and that it would cause injury issues down the road. I was in the camp of trading him when his value was at its peak. At best he would have been ahead of the teams rebuild if he stayed healthy. At worse.. well we got that didnt we?
  12. So out of DD’s sell off matt boyd is the only pitcher worth anything at this point. Who would have thought that?
  13. Would fulmer stuff translate into being a backend reliever guy? And would that help him stay healthy? In a season or 2 there maybe ne a need to move a starting pitcher or 2 to the pen anyways
  14. And the chance that none of those games are rained out is about 1%. They will get a unscheduled day off somewhere in there. Perhaps more
  15. Daz should have a fast track up to bigs if he keeps hitting at aaa
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