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  1. mike06181

    Jd on a 1 yr deal?

    I didnt say anything about winning this year. This is a pure win/win as in jd gets what works for him and so do tigers.. jd becomes free agent again and tigers get more prospects
  2. mike06181

    Jd on a 1 yr deal?

    http://www.mlive.com/tigers/index.ssf/2018/01/jd_martinez_contract_1.html The longer J.D. Martinez is unsigned the more I think a 1 yr deal with the tigers makes sense. Trade him at deadline again to a contender and get prospects for him. Why would he do it? Well if the market is soft a 1 yr deal to move him to next years market might make sense to him so why not go where he was very comfortable and he would star. why would the tigers do it? Short term investment with a guy they love. Fans love and would help sell tickets and who would he be blocking? More prospects at trade deadline. I see it as a win win for both jd and the tigers. That is if he is not happy with the offers out there