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  1. For Brian and Huey.

    That in addition to my obligatory weekly offseason prediction thread that I would always make
  2. For Brian and Huey.

    It’s nice to see how civil everyone is with each other on the forum nowa days. I’m impressed that so many of you are still around. I think one of my favorite memories on the forum from the Sam days was when I made some stupid comment about Clint Eastwood and homosexuals and Antrat replied with, “go ahead, make me gay.”
  3. To do so would only purvey an image of indifference as to performance vs. spectacle, and not in the same way that giving a prospect a go does. Don't like it personally.
  4. Unfortunately it's true. Casual fans have lossed interest. Losing only serves to put us up the draft ticket.
  5. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    The better JV pitches the happier I am with this trade. We got a more than fair return and I want nothing more than to see him continue to dominate on a hall of fame tread, ESPECIALLY with a team from a city recently swept by disaster.
  6. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Again, arbitrary my friend. I do agree, in a sense.
  7. For Brian and Huey.

    I want to be very honest with everyone, because I don't want to be here if I'm not truthful and don't pay tribute. The better part of a decade ago, I posted here under the alias of "Uncle Sam." and was banned for being inflammatory. I was young, incredibly naive, and had a penchant for provoking. Well, as years have passed I've continued to read on and analyze everyone's input here. I just want to pay tribute to people like Brian and Huey, who were giants to us in this little community. Most people who posted in the forum when I was younger are long gone or fairly inactive, but, once a tiger always a tiger. Baseball is something that transcends generation and year to year. I hope that I am welcome here.
  8. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    No matter what anyone says, the difference from 3 to 5 makes a difference. That could be the difference between drafting another Verlander and a prospect that never pans out. Of course, it comes down to good scouting and a great degree of luck. In any case, it's arbitrary, but 2 spots makes a difference if you have good eyes on the field and it goes your way.
  9. Keep it up boys. Earn that draft pick for next year.
  10. Which ex-Tiger is getting a ring in 2017

    Who would I like to see win? Definitely JV and CM in Houston. That being said, if I were a betting man, I would say Grandy and the Dodgers are the best guess.
  11. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    That really stung watching him pitch in an Astros uniform last night. I'm glad we pulled the trigger on a deal and I don't think the prospect return/salary dump could have been any better for JV making what he does at 34, but... He's been my favorite baseball player since his 2006 rookie campaign when I was just 9. I had always hoped he would be a tiger for life. In the back of my head I can't help but think, "huh, well, maybe when we're back in contention he'll come back to join the back end of the rotation and finish off his career here." I'd really like that, but despite some relative plasuability, it's nothing more than a wishful sentiment.
  12. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    I wonder whether he's more valuable to a team in playoff/World Series contention this season versus in the offseason if he keeps polishing this years stat line.