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  1. It's important to remember that even if Verlander and Sherzer were on our current squad they wouldn't neccesarily replicate their results. I don't believe that the resurgence Verlander has seen lately is all of his own doing. Clearly, the analytics team in Houston is leagues above what we've had in Detroit and it's contributed to his dominance with Houston.
  2. I’m really beginning to wonder whether we would be better off trading Castellanos and Fullmer as long we get a great return instead of keeping them for the future. I feel like by the time they’re done with arbitration, Castellanos especially, we’ll just be nearing contention. I think it’s humrous that the Yankees have been inquiring on Fulmer but they’re trying to keep all of their top tier spects off the table.
  3. So, if Cabrera can post a typical stat line for his career into the all star break, or even at the end of next season, do you think he could present any possibility of being moved? Obviously there’s no conceivable way we could ever move a sizeable portion of his contract and get prospects back, but maybe we could get one or the other if he really breaks back out? It’s tough to say. On one hand maybe the organization wants to keep him so they can retain a face of a the organization who could potentially sell some tickets, but on the other hand it would be nice to just unload him and shed some cash or get some spects. Thoughts?
  4. I hope he goes all 9. I’d trust Verlander with 120 pitches in the 9th more than anyone in their bullpen. Let him go all the way if it’s still 1-0, rejoice, drink some champagne, he can ice his arm, and then go home to his real prize.
  5. Baseball players personal lives should be that exactly. I could really care less, I’ve never thought of Miggy as a stand up guy between the DUI’s and smacking the **** out of his wife. Sometimes you get great baseball players, sometimes you get great human beings, sometimes you get two in one. Miggy has been a great baseball player, that’s all I really care about. I guess my two cents is that he should step up and take a paternity test, and if it’s his then he should involve himself in the kids life and support him/her. If it’s not his, then obviously he has no responsibility. Again, though, I’m interested in his abilities rather than the soap opera that is his personal life.
  6. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. On one hand I always respected him when he was with the Twins and I think he’s a good baseball guy, but on the other hand I was kind of hoping for A. Corra or someone younger with a little bit more of a modern approach. I think RG is a great guy to teach the younger guys in the organization, I just hope he modernizes his approach in terms of analytics. Also, hopefully his health holds up. He’s not far removed from prostate cancer
  7. That in addition to my obligatory weekly offseason prediction thread that I would always make
  8. It’s nice to see how civil everyone is with each other on the forum nowa days. I’m impressed that so many of you are still around. I think one of my favorite memories on the forum from the Sam days was when I made some stupid comment about Clint Eastwood and homosexuals and Antrat replied with, “go ahead, make me gay.”
  9. To do so would only purvey an image of indifference as to performance vs. spectacle, and not in the same way that giving a prospect a go does. Don't like it personally.
  10. Unfortunately it's true. Casual fans have lossed interest. Losing only serves to put us up the draft ticket.
  11. The better JV pitches the happier I am with this trade. We got a more than fair return and I want nothing more than to see him continue to dominate on a hall of fame tread, ESPECIALLY with a team from a city recently swept by disaster.
  12. Again, arbitrary my friend. I do agree, in a sense.
  13. I want to be very honest with everyone, because I don't want to be here if I'm not truthful and don't pay tribute. The better part of a decade ago, I posted here under the alias of "Uncle Sam." and was banned for being inflammatory. I was young, incredibly naive, and had a penchant for provoking. Well, as years have passed I've continued to read on and analyze everyone's input here. I just want to pay tribute to people like Brian and Huey, who were giants to us in this little community. Most people who posted in the forum when I was younger are long gone or fairly inactive, but, once a tiger always a tiger. Baseball is something that transcends generation and year to year. I hope that I am welcome here.
  14. No matter what anyone says, the difference from 3 to 5 makes a difference. That could be the difference between drafting another Verlander and a prospect that never pans out. Of course, it comes down to good scouting and a great degree of luck. In any case, it's arbitrary, but 2 spots makes a difference if you have good eyes on the field and it goes your way.
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