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  1. With just 5 rounds, the Tigers would not have gotten Tarik Skubal.
  2. He didn't want to say because he said comparisons are unfair. Looking at his swing, my guess is . . . Barry Bonds.
  3. Kumar Rocker, here we come.
  4. The Tigers will likely take a position player, such as Torkelson or Martin, first overall in this year's draft. Supposing they are first overall next year as well, should they stick with another position player, or take the pitcher, Kumar Rocker?
  5. One day you're talking about Kieboom, the next day it's some guy named Demerit. Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger, sometimes you're the ball.
  6. MLB Trade Rumors‏ @mlbtraderumors 1h1 hour ago More 3 Twins Prospects Reportedly "Off Limits" In Trade Talks This was a tweet. I didn't read the article that was linked with it, so I have no idea if the Twins are interested in Boyd, or Greene, or any other Tigers. However, every time I see a quote like this, I like to imagine Al Avila saying to them: "Ok, fine, Matthew Boyd is off limits to the Twins. However, we can make Jordan Zimmerman available to the Twins, for some of their lesser prospects."
  7. They signed Pedro Martinez Jr. . . .
  8. So is Riley Greene number 3 in the Tigers' prospect ranking? Assuming he signs, unlike Maybin.
  9. Listening to Ernie makes you feel like you are in one of those old Twilight Zone episodes, where you find yourself in the time and place of your youth, in this case, in the land of transistor radios. "Swung on and missed . . . he struck him out."
  10. You left out Matt Manning. Also, perhaps Parker Meadows will be part of the outfield, instead of Hill.
  11. What happens if the Tigers lose Saturday, then get rained out on Sunday? And San Francisco loses both of their remaining games?
  12. Tigers 1st round picks since 2001: 2001: 11. Kenny Baugh, RHP 2002: 8. Scott Moore, SS 2003: 3. Kyle Sleeth, RHP 2004: 2. Justin Verlander, RHP 2005: 10. Cameron Maybin, CF 2006: 6. Andrew Miller, LHP 2007: 27. Rick Porcello, RHP 2008: 21. Ryan Perry, Relief Pitcher 2009: 9. Jacob Turner, RHP 2010: No 1st round pick 2011: No 1st round pick 2012: No 1st round pick 2013: 20. Jonathan Crawford, RHP 2014: 23. Derek Hill, CF 2015: 22. Beau Burrows, RHP Supplemental Pick: Christin Stewart, OF 2016: 9. Matt Manning, RHP 2017: 18. Alex Faedo, RHP 2018: 1-4??? Pretty much a black hole from 2008 to 2013, which explains why the farm system was barren.
  13. With Upton and Verlander gone, their draft position should certainly improve the rest of the season.
  14. Jon Heyman‏Verified account @JonHeyman 56s56 seconds ago perez, cameron and rodgers go to detroit for JV
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