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  1. 1) I didn't say it was "worse" or "better", just that it is bad. 2) I said nothing about his joke about the Pistons
  2. I'm sure you'd take it as a joke if a large older man told your daughter that he wanted to hit her. It would be hilarious, right?
  3. The days of "now that I am a candidate I will appeal to black voters" is gone. Black voters want to see your track record with the community. Have you or have you not tried to build relationships with black voters before you ran for President? In Pete's case, it is a resounding no. And since he has been running for President, his reputation among black voters has only gotten worse. Not because he is gay, but because black voters immediately learn about the problems he had with blacks in South Bend. Even if he tried to fix this, I don't think he is capable of doing so. He is extremely robotic and vague, and that doesn't play to the current political landscape. Black voters want specific answers to specific questions. And Pete is a guy who prefers long intellectual debates that don't get to the heart of the issue. At least Warren can point to specific things she did during the financial crisis to help blacks across the country. What can Pete point to?
  4. Claiming that black voters weren't aware of Pete until recently, and that is why he is polling so low is to say that black voters simply don't follow the news, and don't know Pete's positions or policies. I gave you ample examples of how his community of black voters has publicly repudiated him, but you act as if that has no impact on how he is viewed by black voters as a whole. That is the issue I had with your comment.
  5. Bloomberg isn't even a real candidate. He is literally buying his way into the conversation, and the media is playing along. Perfect example of what is wrong with this election system.
  6. That isn't how jokes works. No one found it funny, and there was no comedic element to it. You weren't the intended audience for it either. He wasn't making a public comment, he said this directly to her in a tense exchange. For an extremely large man to say to a woman that he would hit you is not funny.
  7. You making a racially ignorant comment doesn't mean I called you a racist. It is a tired strategy to go that route anytime someone calls you out for it. And MotownBombers is racist. His past comments make that clear. Second, Pete was an elected official in South Bend. The black people in South Bend (including black leaders) thought he was TERRIBLE with their community. To think that has no impact on how he is viewed nationally is to say that black voters simply don't follow the news or know what is going on in the world. He has had ample time to ingratiate himself to black voters since he announced his run, and yet he continues to poll horribly with black voters because he continues to show that he doesn't know how to connect with the community. His recent example of listing black leaders who endorsed him (without asking them if they endorsed him) is an example of that. The fact that South Bend City Council people who are black endorsed Biden and Sanders over Pete says a lot about his cache in the community. Also, I already mentioned that Sanders does have a lot of black support among black millenials. They favored him over Clinton. Sanders in general is having trouble with older voters because of the fear of "socialism". Warren has trouble with black voters because she is viewed as ivy-league and disconnected. And Biden had the support of Obama, so people feel safe in feeling like he is on their side.
  8. I said everyone here is a racist? You made comments based on your gut feeling, and when presented with evidence that black voters genuinely don't like Pete because of his record with the black community you ignored it and said "well black people are more conservative".
  9. Younger black voters preferred Sanders over Clinton. Older black voters voted like the rest of America, for the establishment candidate they knew best and thought would win. That doesn't make black voters "more conservative".
  10. Older Black voters, and older White voters, and older Asian voters, and older.... What about blacks overall? Especially millennial blacks?
  11. Did I call you a racist, or are you just happy to take that crown?
  12. So black leaders aren't homophobic, but the black voters are? It isn't that complicated. Pete has had dog*** relations with black people in his own town, and continues to make bad impressions on black voters during this election cycle. He isn't going to turn it around, because black people won't believe his words when there is ample evidence from his past to show he isn't invested in the black community. Also, "black voters tend to be more conservative"? In what way?
  13. It isn't a joke to tell a woman that you would hit her. The reporter didn't take it as a joke either.
  14. Using a Kenyan woman to talk about African Americans. Yup, no bad imaging and communication there. Pete is on the right track.
  15. Not so veiled "black people are reactionary and don't know stuff" comment. Those who are voting in the Democratic Primary and are black know about Pete Butigieg. They know these things, because the black people in South Bend are telling them these things: Also, black folks who are highly sought after for endorsements are turning Pete away nonstop. Do you think that is because they don't know who he is? Even though they are very connected to local, state and national politics?
  16. He has done a terrible job of this. He has consistently been awful at repairing this relationship, and is actually digging himself into deeper holes. Look at all of this awful messaging:
  17. Charles Barkley told a reporter ‘I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you’ — and then apologized Nah, F Chuck. For a guy who rails against Isiah Thomas so often, it is surprising you are giving Charles a pass.
  18. Ask yourself this question honestly - if Pete has appallingly bad support from the black community in his own town, do you expect blacks from outside of his constituency to vote for him?
  19. 23/15 on 10/14 shooting, but Drummond is the problem. Blake was awful, and he looks unhealthy.
  20. Beilein isn't going to get fired right now, so expect the Cavs to start dealing players ASAP. They are looking real dysfunctional.
  21. Yes, black voters have already looked at what he enacted and his relationship with the black community in South Bend. It was trash. He admits it was trash. Should black voters expect anything else if he were to become President?
  22. Nah man, black voters only care if someone is gay. They don't have any nuanced positions, nor do they actually follow what a candidate has said/done. Pete's record with his hometown black community is trash. He even acknowledges it. Knowing that, why would black voters support him?
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