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  1. This is the "decent" Republican. I'm out.
  2. The concerns and feelings of black people ain't worth it for you. I know this.
  3. I do. Black people remember it. You're an old white male. I don't expect you to remember it, or to care based on your previous posts on here. Go ahead and hit me with "but Trump is worse" so I can agree with that too.
  4. He has convinced people that this makes him a victim, not a criminal.
  5. Yup. This is the result of right wing nationalism and terrorism which got Trump elected and which Trump continues to support.
  6. I do not see any scenario in which they stretch Blake. Not after Josh Smith, and not after putting in so much to get Blake.
  7. I'd trust Tayshuan more. He has actually been working his way up in Memphis for a shot at GM.
  8. Yes. I remember when people on here thought there would literally be riots in Detroit when Kwame was sentenced. You guys overhype his impact in Detroit. He became a meme, he isn't some hyper influential guy now. And Duggan's interest is because his business buddies were the ones benefiting from Kwame's corruption.
  9. Kwame is a relic of the past in Detroit. No one really cares what he is doing, or if he is being released.
  10. Isn't Kwame being released because of COVID19? Not a Trump decision, so I don't think Kwame will become a Trumper. Had Trump actually pardoned him, I have no doubt he would be wearing a MAGA Hat. Self-serving.
  11. Like suggesting Obama was a terrorist, than acting like he was Captain Decency by saying "No he isn't an Arab, he is a good guy".
  12. I would guess McCain felt he needed the right wing nut jobs to support him and saw that Palin could bring them along.
  13. I'll wait for a real response. McCain was actively courting the votes of Trump's base.
  14. If you have principles, you don't let someone force right wing nuts who are racist and xenophobic into your camp. You reject them.
  15. You have McCain to thank for bringing the Tea Party to the forefront. These were the people that gave Trump a platform for his presidency. For as much as McCain hated Trump, he helped create him by courting those deplorables.
  16. If Biden is worried about white women voting for him because of the sexual assault allegations, Whitmer and her personal story as a survivor in his corner could be a real difference maker. But really, if Biden goes with Whitmer it will be because he believes she can deliver Michigan.
  17. *How devoid of principles McCain was.
  18. You are creating a culture where Biden is able to say or do anything without criticism so long as it doesn't stack up to the pure evil of Trump. If we want this country back on track, we have to hold everyone responsible. And Biden going out and saying "you aren't black if.." is not accountability. No old white man as any right to tell a black person what they are or are not. And the "it was a joke" nonsense doesn't play. He is a Presidential candidate...be serious. Be adult. And when someone questions his judgement in making such a comment, jumping to "OMG YOU THINK HE IS A RACIST!!!?!?!" is the most childish way to respond. And frankly, it does not help you with what you say is your ultimate goal - winning the White House.
  19. The "Bernie Bros" are also AOC fans. And she has signed on to help Biden with this. And Bernie is going to campaign for Biden. So yeah...I'd say the "Bros" would be thrilled with her.
  20. Among the progressive circles I know - she would. Even after not endorsing Bernie, all progressives realize that Warren is the most progressive person who has potential to be VP.
  21. Joe Biden isn't as bad as Trump. But Joe Biden can't run on that with black POC.
  22. These types of questions show how much work white men have to do with understanding race in America.
  23. Please continue dismissing the black vote and laughing off Biden being an a-hole to young black voters then crying about it if it comes back to hurt voter turnout.
  24. No **** Trump is an overt racist. But going on a black show and making comments like that are NOT helping Biden with young black voters. That is all. Saying otherwise is showing ignorance of the young black voting bloc. Biden's track record is with older voters who don't watch that show. But if he wants to appeal to a group that is already skeptical of him, this isn't the way to do it. And make no mistake - he needs Millennial voters of color to win.
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