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  1. Coway's wife. He is an absolute idiot for being with her.
  2. Pretty cool. I enjoy watching international basketball. And smart on the NBA to get those markets interested in Summer League.
  3. The best way to insult George is to say he is married to Kellyanne Coway. For all his tough talk on Trump, he is married to an absolutely abhorrent woman.
  4. Magic has a lot to kick himself over. Letting Lopez walk was a massive mistake. And it was stunningly stupid knowing that he is the exact type of center you want around Lebron.
  5. This team is not getting to 5. The math is just daunting.
  6. Yes, but that risk does not include him suddenly shooting 3s when previous match-ups with Embiid simply do not reflect this. Not sure why you're getting so offended by me pointing out a very obvious fact.
  7. Dude...you mentioned him shooting 3s multiple times your post. Are we to just act like it is a real thing when it is factually incorrect?
  8. How silly of me to respond to you making multiple comments of him shooting 3s with the actual facts. He is 0/3 on 3PA against Embiid in 3 games this season. It literally is not an issue, it is something you've created as a concern.
  9. Drummond is 0/3 on 3PA against Embiid this season (with the games being at a time where Drummond was more actively shooting 3s. He has since disbanded this strategy). Embiid is 2/11 on 3PA against Drummond this season (and has been increasing his attempts & decreasing his percentage as the season has gone on). The fear of Drummond shooting mad 3s against Philly is just not based on what has happened on the court.
  10. Drummond barely ever shoots 3s unless they are half court shots at the end of a quarter or a heave with the shot clock winding down. I know it's easy to knock Drummond...but give the man some props for how he has been playing. He isn't going to start shooting 3s in the playoffs. Casey let him experiment with it, Drummond saw he isn't ready & Casey literally said last night that Drummond may be able to shoot 3s in the future but he simply is not there right now. Every so often you will see a team give Andre all the room in the world to shoot but he doesn't take the bait. Also, Philly should be worried about Embiid shooting 3s. If anything, he tends to get far too arrogant and out of control in closing moments of games/high pressure games.
  11. Let's hope Love is out so we can pull away early and let the bench get some more minutes.
  12. To emphasize this, Embiid was 4-13 from three yesterday. He is averaging 4 3PTA/game on 29%. The way to slow Embiid is to run a scheme that lets him shoot 3s. In regards to Simmons, he simply refuses to shoot from 3. Drop your defenders back and watch him look scared.
  13. Fair, but I think most front offices have done the math with training/medical experts and see the value in resting guys for "load management" every so often.
  14. It is really about limiting the wear and tear and reducing fatigue. Playing fatigued tends to increase fatigue down the road. If you can give Blake 2-3 games off the rest of the way, you could give him the little extra energy needed to win a game in the playoffs.
  15. If Love sits, definitely sit Blake. If Love plays, I may want him out there and just punt the game @GS.
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