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  1. No worries if that happens, she will easily find a high paying job from the corporations the GOP has given welfare to.
  2. His dad is Donald Trump...this comes as no surprise. That family is in another world.
  3. Every year we read stories about people getting killed while changing a tire on the highway. It is really dangerous, and I agree in that it is just easier to pay someone to do it when you're on your way to work or on your way home. Not trying to dirty my clothes when my insurance covers someone else changing it.
  4. Had you told me the Pistons would be without Griffin for 9 games, Jackson for 7 games, Rose for 3 games and Frazier for 3 games I would have been thrilled with a 4-5 record. Drummond & Kennard have been great in carrying this team through the injuries.
  5. Same here. I wish Beto would have never ran for President for this same reason.
  6. Democrats should not listen to a guy who supported Little Marco for President.
  7. Going 3-0 against Indiana to start the year would be a massive help in the EC Standings for the Pistons. Without Myles Turner, the Pistons might do just that.
  8. Not great timing to play so many games without Blake,
  9. Tulsi has no interest in this election. Her actions are that of someone who wants publicity/wants to take Democrats out at the knees, but she is not interested in the Democratic Party nomination.
  10. When I was younger I thought he was playing a a-hole/arrogant/obnoxious character for ratings. Now I realize that is just who he is.
  11. I've read studies (and believe this from anecdotal evidence) that many millenials choose not to get married and have kids because of the financial burdens that come with having kids, buying a home, etc. So many Millenials are graduating with crippling debt into an economy that is rigged for the top 1% and are stuck doing freelance jobs with no benefits or healthcare. Not exactly the formula you want when you are starting a family.
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