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  1. "Mob rule" is issuing a statement & requesting information through legal means?
  2. I thought we went back into time on MotownSports. This was basically the baseline conversation when I joined the board.
  3. The insane Republican rhetoric during the Obama years didn't help either. Trump just seized on what was already there through 8 years of Obama.
  4. Devastating. Not just the money, but the realization that he lost the prime years of his career.
  5. Are you serious right now? This is literally all you need to know. The officer demanded something he had no legal right to do. The department apologized, as they should have.
  6. I wonder if Yang was just off the cuff and regrets this, or if it was a strategic attempt to appear like more of "tough guy". He has been asked quite often if he can hang with Trump in a 1-on-1 battle, so this might be an intentional ramping of attacks.
  7. Did the guy say he is traumatized? Is traumatization the minimum requirement for police to apologize for unlawful behavior? I think it is important for police to follow established policy, and when they go outside of the policy, they should acknowledge it. The one making a "big **** deal" of this is you, because you are trolling because of his race.
  8. I see this as projection from Yang's comments about Trump.
  9. So you asked what the police did wrong, the police told you what they did wrong and you're response is "they didn't do anything wrong"?
  10. Nothing new from this scumbag.
  11. Allow the Royal Oak Police to tell you themselves:
  12. Yeah, white guys are always the victims in these situations. Thoughts & prayers.
  13. This might just be the end of his career. 30 years old, and his last 3 seasons he has played 17 games, 48 games and 30 games. Given his size and the nature of his injuries, we may not see him on a NBA court again.
  14. I think the strength of the term depends on the audience you are speaking to. In circles of educated and aware people, white nationalism is an extremely strong term. For the majority of the American public, "racist" is likely stronger.
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