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  1. 313DetroitCity

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Same with rape/sexual assault. The argument is essentially "if there isn't a video where we can see the assault AND the accused explicitly states that he is raping, there isn't any evidence."
  2. 313DetroitCity

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    The current DNC is very moderate. There is a small wing of progressives that has their base fired up.
  3. 313DetroitCity

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Bone spurs. To quote Jay Z: You know the type, loud as a motorbike But wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight
  4. Why do you think the White House continues to refer to her as an intern when that is clearly not her title?
  5. 313DetroitCity

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    The Sixers didn't just pass on Tatum, they traded a future 1st round pick to move up and take Fultz.
  6. 313DetroitCity

    Game 14: Cavs @ Pistons

    Awful team, Pistons should roll over them with Blake & Andre posting big numbers. The only concern is that the long rest leaves the team coming out rusty.
  7. She is not an "intern". She is the Deputy Press Secretary, Lindsay Walters. Why does this matter? Because the White House keeps referring to her an an "intern" to make her more sympathetic. Like she is a poor college student who got assaulted. It is spin, just like they spin everything.
  8. Also, WTF does "hypothetically consensual" mean?
  9. 313DetroitCity

    Political Pot-pourri

    Hannity - "Her policy positions are downright scary"...then proceeds to list: "Solidarity with Puerto Rico" "Support Seniors" "Support LGBTQIA+" "Women's Rights" Yes, I imagine that is scary for Fox News.
  10. You said "She has no experience in the real economy- running a business, for instance." That is simply factually incorrect. Are you willing to admit this before you move the goal posts?
  11. 313DetroitCity

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Ivanka. "See, I love women. I picked the best woman. The hottest woman. My daughter."
  12. Did you defend the women your president groped? Also you unequivocally stated "She has no experience in the real economy- running a business, for instance- that would provide some perspective on economic issues." Any thoughts on my previous post which directly contradicts this?
  13. 313DetroitCity

    Political Pot-pourri

    Can't help but find a similarity between all of these concerns.
  14. 313DetroitCity

    Political Pot-pourri

    "SHE IS SO IMMATURE! YOU ARE AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, DRESS NICE NOW!" Fox was literally laughing at her for being poor a week ago.
  15. I am not exaggerating when I say that a department store wouldn't hire Trump for a customer service role if he interviewed with them. He cannot string together a coherent sentence.