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  1. Another reason to "send them back" right? Voting illegally, raping, murdering, stealing....is there anything undocumented immigrants won't do?
  2. White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
  3. Oh my God, a Presidential candidate not correcting someone on "Arabs are bad" has negative implications for Arabs and other who are presumed to be Arab? My god. Amazing.
  4. You've never been in that situation, so I can see why you wouldn't view it that way. Perhaps you can ask the Sikhs, Muslims & Hindus killed by bigots who were brainwashed to believe that Arabs = bad. You can start here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/09/10/terrorist-go-back-to-your-country-attacker-yelled-in-alleged-assault-of-sikh-man/?utm_term=.611fa56aa6db
  5. I really don't care about what was going on with his prejudice in his heart. His response from a position of power actively puts POC in danger. And when you're running for president, you better have that **** sorted out. If he couldn't see a world in which Sikhs, Hindus & Muslims were being killed and beaten for being brown in the post 9/11 world, he shouldn't have ran for president.
  6. Oh, you are one of those people who think the civil rights movement was to have everyone "not see race" right? Or are you just being obtuse and ignorant to troll?
  7. All too often white men will get every benefit of the doubt with these things. So far, we have the following excuses for a crappy response that feeds into "Arabs/Muslims are bad" narrative: "He probably didn't hear her" "Live town halls are hard" "He has a black child" "Obama spoke at his eulogy" Rather than just saying "yeah, that was a bad response from a guy running for the most powerful position in the world" we get this.
  8. Hey look, you're claiming I called him a racist when I never did. I said his response was awful, and in line with his warmongering in the Middle East & endorsement of a bigoted VP.
  9. Are you under the impression that I am a fan of Obama or Biden? Also, Biden didn't rally an entire movement of racist deplorables that lead to Trump's election. McCain & Palin did.
  10. I am saying he committed evil acts by killing innocent people. The idea of someone "being evil" is a Abrahmanic concept that doesn't jive with my spiritual views that are a bit more nuanced and complex than this.
  11. I think anyone who kills innocent civilians by use of drones is committing evil.
  12. This is a case study in how white men react to anyone saying anything was bigoted or xenphobic. I never said he was a racist. And the idea that a person can't have bigoted views about a specific group of people while also liking individuals from another group of people is mental gymnastics I can't be a part of. You're arguing that McCain had no bigoted views towards Arabs because one of the most successful black men in history spoke at his funeral? Is that really the leg you are standing on? Or that because he adopted a child from Bangladesh, that he can't possibly have any xenophobic viewpoints on Arabs?
  13. Again...he chose a racist VP from the Tea Party scum & was a warmonger in the Middle East. That response is in line with his actions.
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