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  1. Yeah, Carson really "pwnd" in that clip. He looked so smart. So prepared. So in charge. Just like when he attacked his mom with a hammer.
  2. This shows me that you aren't ready to have a mature conversation on this, or you are simply ignorant to the actual debate.
  3. If the bill wasn't that bad and made sense at the time, why is Biden's evolution relevant? If you stand behind the bill, have that debate. But you can't simultaneously say "it was good, and it doesn't matter, and he changed."
  4. Is your argument that the bill wasn't that bad, or that we shouldn't discuss it at all because it was 25 years ago?
  5. How far back do you think we should go when evaluating a person's voting record? Is 5 years too old? 10?
  6. Carson's response to this was to send Oreos to Porter's office. He isn't even slightly embarrassed. Imagine this playing out at your job. You are called into a public meeting, don't know a very basic term used in your industry and sit there as someone else explains the process to you in simple terms. You'd be mortified right? Not Carson. Because ignorance and stupidity is rewarded in this administration.
  7. Know a guy like this, and he crushes it at work parties. He will remember every little detail about your family and life and it makes feel people feel super important and valued.
  8. Stan thinks Papi Trump is thicc in all the right places.
  9. It really is. And it also goes to justify internment camps for the kids. If you can "unequivocally" say they are going to be murderers who terrorize communities it is easier to justify them being in cages.
  10. If people think Sharia Law is a real concern, they need to wake up and realize how much "Christian Law" is the real threat to this country.
  11. And you have people on here doing the same thing. "OMGGGG progressives are going to get Trump re-elected, Democrats should just elect a Republican!"
  12. "So called minors" is a sly way of saying "they aren't kids, f*** them."
  13. This is evidence to me how unprincipled so many Republicans voters are. As long as you attack libtards, POC and minorities, the rest of your policies don't really matter.
  14. Melody called homosexuality a brain defect, and continually spoke out about denying gay people the right to marriage. We should now blame her for the Orlando night club shooting.
  15. I thought millennials were the ones who were coddled with participation trophies? Looks like Trump's sycophants want to give him one for trying.
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