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  1. We sure "take her out" doesn't mean something even more sinister? That is where my mind went...
  2. He is also "friends" with Alex Jones and has had him on his show multiple times.
  3. Come on man, you know the answer to this already. Corporate elites and world leaders are all in this together.
  4. Bernie Sanders: "I am willing to fight for someone I don't know"
  5. I continue to be amazed by veterans and active duty troops who support Trump. What more do they need to see that he doesn't care about them, or their service? And that he will send them to their deaths without thinking twice?
  6. This is what happens when you have a guy who has no intellectual curiosity, equally stupid people in his orbit and no background in understanding geopolitics outside of leasing his name for international hotels.
  7. Hey, it worked for Trump in getting elected when he attacked the Khan family. The Republican voters don't care. They pay lip service to "respecting the troops" but don't want to pay for medical care to disabled veterans or social services for homeless veterans.
  8. Do we know that for sure? If you're in bed with Trump, I assume you are as corrupt as him.
  9. Most of these people never had a conscience. They were just doing what they had to do to get elected.
  10. Yall can't even acknowledge that Drummond is the best rebounder in the NBA without slighting him. The guy is what he is. And the good news is the Pistons front office isn't going to max him out. Put him in a system where he isn't expected to be a scorer and is on a fair value contract and watch the perception around him change dramatically.
  11. One of the worst things Bernie and others did was label themselves Democratic Socialists. The average person hardly understand what socialism is, but think it is a scary concept of the government killing you in camps and taking all of your property away. The "Democratic" part is entirely lost on them and the nuance isn't there.
  12. Yeah, the Pistons had 3 ORB last night & Drummond averages 4.4/game.
  13. Truly, Trump is one of the most bizarre looking people in office. So Trumpers criticizing others for appearance is always amusing.
  14. It isn't impressive to out rebound the Kings, something they are awful at.
  15. lol. Sanders is running for president for what purpose?
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