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  1. NBA Info - October 2017

    This Bledsoe stuff is getting juicy. He is a solid starting PG (with some questions about health, effort and attitude). He was sent home today, and the Suns are going to move quick on a trade. Let's see how this shakes up league.
  2. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Calling the pregnant widow of an American soldier a liar on Twitter... I never, ever want to hear the GOP talk about how they respect the soldiers after the BS they are allowing Trump to get away with.
  3. Game 4: 76ers @ Pistons

    Oh, I agree. They are relying too heavily on rookies (who are almost always not going to win you games), and their best player (Embiid) is on a minutes/game restriction.
  4. Game 4: 76ers @ Pistons

    Philly has had a tough road so far. They only lost by 5 on the road against Washington, lost at home to Boston and on the road to Toronto on a back-to-back without Embiid. So while they are 0-3, they have played 3 of the better teams in the East thus far.
  5. Game 4: 76ers @ Pistons

    Drummond needs to stay out of foul trouble with Embiid.
  6. Game 2: Pistons @ Wizards

    SVG said as much during his interviews. There are a lot of options for SVG.
  7. Game 2: Pistons @ Wizards

    Yup, hopefully he can give it a go in the 2nd half and not have the back hinder him. But Kennard is killing it on offense.
  8. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    John Kelly pimped his own dead son for Donald Trump. Does anyone around this scumbag have any integrity?
  9. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    Trump was an entertainer until he became a politician. Did you care about his views?
  10. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    The entire GOP is a joke at this point. They created the environment for Trump to get elected and refused to stop the Trump train when it was barreling down.
  11. Game 2: Pistons @ Wizards

    No chance Reggie guards Wall. That is Avery's matchup.
  12. Game 2: Pistons @ Wizards

    Good point. If Stanley can eliminate Porter from the game, it would disrupt Washington's offense. But I am really hesitant to put Reggie on Beal.
  13. Game 2: Pistons @ Wizards

    Oubre had a nice game vs. Philly, so it is possible he can score. But Jackson can't hang with anyone else in their lineup.
  14. NBA Info - October 2017

    OKC will need some time to adjust to their changes. Not sure how the 3 headed monster will work, but I do know that Westbrook & PG13 should have the ball more than Melo.
  15. NBA Info - October 2017

    That Deng contract is awful. Even after this season, they have him locked up for 2 more years at 18 million/season. Given their desire to be players in the FA/trade market, he is going to hamper them quite a bit.