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  1. The biggest name at catcher in Detroit since John Wockenfuss...well, even bigger.
  2. Yes, if you look up " lurker" in Webster's illustrated dictionary you'll find a blank spots where my picture should be.
  3. Someone needs to make a big of the celebrating septegenarians...and Anibal's blind grab
  4. Roger, thanks for all the great information. Every year is like this year... may be next year.
  5. Hah! Now I have coffee all over the keyboard. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all!
  6. Toledo pulled it off, 28-25; in a last minute comeback.
  7. Perhaps, but if Bondo were to magically appear in Coke's spot on the active roster, deep in the back of the bullpen until Coke figures things out in Toledo; It potentially wouldn't be the worst roster move this year.
  8. "It was pretty good. Tomorrow should be something like "Casty sets up kissing booth in dugout." Then "Cast seen dryhumping mascot in dugout." The next day." I dunno... some guys think Mudonna is pretty hot.
  9. Congrats Walt; on a similar theme, watching our oldest daughter (26) show ultrasound pictures to our youngest (4-surprise) daughter. Grandparenthood.... cool!
  10. Sorry about the loss of your father.
  11. Long term, maybe... if the Tigers are in it to win it in '13 (and they are) I would say no.
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