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  1. I agree with cruzer. We need a poise stopgap RB. I guarantee you we are drafting a RBin the first 3 rounds. There is no show stopping RB available in FA this year. So no RB they bring in will make people happy
  2. Id be ok to bring in Martin to shuffle competition at the bottom of the roster. I'm sure he could beat out zenner.
  3. I'm honestly not a fan of any of the FA running backs this year. We could draft two RBs this year and I'd be alright with it.
  4. Well your free to think what you want but if someone with power on this site wants to check IP addresses and emails you would find we're not the same guy. I agree he's talented but what good is a broken down sports car that sits in the driveway. I mean you could take it for a night or two but you're gonna crack the head gaskets. So just out of curiosity, if you had the money, you would spend $70 million on a sports car you could only use once or twice a year? Or if you do use it more than that it could only go 40 mph at most?
  5. I believe Ansah is our best option this off-season without a doubt but I can't see investing a huge contract into an oft injured player. Especially that kind of money. But a one year flier to see if he can return to form I'd definitely be ok with.
  6. You're crazy cruzer. I mean I've been creeping around these boards for years and I can say this this is the least crazy thing you've said. Ok so where to start.... 1. Ansah hasn't been healthy in years. 2. He's old. I don't buy the legitimacy of his actual age. Dude looks like he's 40. 3. He's looking for big money as anyone would be. I see this as his last big paycheck. 4. He racked up like 80% of his sacks this year against the worst possible teams. Basically if the deal were structured to a point where it's fair to both parties I'm all in on the multi year deal. If it pays the majority of it up front again I'm ok with it. If it has incentives based on sacks and playing time I'm definitely ok with it. But if it's just a ok here's that "Shu" type pay check then nope. I'd rather just tag him for a year and then see how healthy he won't stay. Before committing that much money into him.
  7. I got my call the other day.... apparently I will not be coaching the Detroit lions. Well with that semi sorted out who is your dream Def/Off Coordinators... and who seems more likely to be the actual Def/Off Coordinators?!?
  8. The Bill Belichick coaching tree is a coaching graveyard.
  9. All I know is I want a RB. Crowell is a top FA choice of mine. In the draft though I have a chub For Chubb RB from Georgia.
  10. I don't believe either of our coordinators were very good to tell you the truth. I think Austin was okish but he couldn't adjust a game plan if his life depended on it. Jim Bob until the last game of the year didn't really show me anything that was consistent.
  11. That he did. There was another report that stated that JBC met with Patricia at the meeting. As to who's idea it was, IDK. But Usually I wouldn't expect that to be part of the interview process. I believe at the end of the day they will have complete control over their coordinators however it feels to me like it did when Quinn took over with Caldwell.
  12. I understand what you are saying. It sounds like fluff. I'm not on the Vrabel train. If he turns into something great I'll I'd crap myself. If it were me. gun to head, I'm choosing Shurmur. He did more with less. I mean come on. Your starting QB goes down (granted it was Bradford) and he make 2nd string QB look like a friggin stud. Then your star RB goes down and he averages top 10 numbers on the legs of backups. its ridiculous. His backups tore up the NFL. I'd take that any day over Patricia and Vrabel.
  13. Yuck... I'll pass on Greg "I didn't know what was happening" Schiano
  14. I would draft two LSers to show 'em we ain't messing around!!!
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