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  1. The point is...for all intensive purposes...mute.
  2. Apropos of nothing...I've always been interested on the story of Moe Berg...but never enough to read about him in much detail
  3. I was watching the Fidrych "Yankee game" on YouTube the other day. The pacing of the game was so much faster back then
  4. The line between symbiotic and co-dependent is...I imagine...pretty fine.
  5. Hitting a baseball is hard, but I think it's just as hard...if not harder...to accurately shoot a hockey puck at one specific corner of the net (or the ever popular five hole) and past a goalie while skating. A goalie who stops 85% of the shots he faced is a bum. Steven Stamkos had the NHL's top career shooting percentage at 17 %. A .170 batting average gets you DFA'd
  6. Again...comparing the Torquemaster...an elite prospect...to the middling stiffs like Stewart, Moya and the rest is completely unfair. He us a far more highly rated prospect than any of them
  7. He was in charge of building that system....saying he didn't wreck something he couldn't build is not an endorsement.
  8. The Western schism.....now that was a schism a guy could get fired up about. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Schism
  9. Comparing the Torque master to Stewart is hugely unfair. Stewart costs you runs playing defense. Torque is a plus glove at first and there are suggestions on some quarters that he has the athleticism (that heavy legs Stewart lacks) to play a corner OF or IF effectively.
  10. Torque' s plus attributes are easier to project...he can hit and hit for power. Martin has a nice set of tools...but you have to believe he develops some power and the arm to play SS or CF for him to be something more than a guy like Nick Madrigal...a nice bat with limited power and not as much defensive value as hoped. I also think people are downplaying the value of a good defensive 1st baseman. Guys like Goldschmidt and Steve Garvey...two excellent RH 1B's ...have a lot of value outside of their bats.
  11. Which month is a woman of ill repute?
  12. Wait until we add Torque' and Wenceel's cousin!!
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