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  1. The ask should be "astronomically high" for Boyd and Greene. We have zero pressure on us to deal either one. Castellanos? We aren't going to sign him, likely won't be giving him a qualifying offer. Take what you can get
  2. Does anyone have Mike Maroth's contact info?
  3. Hopefully...those squirrels stayed out of Mize's pants...
  4. Nick goes all Juan Gonzalez and rips Comerica Park as a "joke". Comerica Park responds by mocking his defense
  5. Candelaria looked the kind of guy who dated 17 year-olds with daddy issues when he was 23. He would have driven a Camaro...or possibly a Firebird...and spent almost every penny from his paycheck (stocking shelves at Kroger's) on the upkeep.
  6. History suggests that we are straightening Rosenthal out so he can return to his previous All Star form on another team
  7. You're right...we need to get guys like Bellinger, Yelich and Trout on this team ASAP
  8. Miggy is quickly becoming the Tiger's answer to the Pistons Oliver MIller or the Lions Scott Mitchell...fat guys who suck but think they're stars. Assuming he doesn't get in shape in the off season, I'd advise his agent to see if he can find anyone who might be willing to take on some of his contract. Otherwise..just DFA the slob and put Lugo at 3rd and Candelario at 1B
  9. Ask any WW II buff....nobody tanks like a Tiger
  10. No need to hurry right now...set high asking prices and see what the market tells you. As bad as this year is....next year has the potential to be even worse. You would hope management recognizes that and opens the vault a touch to bring in some proven talent ....and by proven I mean healthy and productive
  11. I used to drive a Continental Mark V...is the Mark Z a newer model?
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