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  1. I'm surprised that none of the cheating involved drones. Cheating with a drone seems so...high tech. Definitely something the Astros would have embraced
  2. The San Francisco treat....in DETROIT? The center will not hold of that comes to pass
  3. Wentz seems to have Nova as a floor....Demeritte could be a utility guy with some pop. So...not a bad haul...but not eye popping either. I like the Nova signing. He' s a proven MLB pitcher who should give you a full season of below average starts. Plug him in...take your lumps until the kids are ready. He's not a Mud Hen wearing a Tigers uni, so the team isn't cheating anyone by charging MLB prices in the days he pitches.
  4. I'm not surprised by that Giants anecdote...that Sal Maglie always seemed like a bad egg
  5. When you're allowed to...I would hire Luhnow as a special assistant...let him oversee the integration of tech and traditional instruction throughout the system and provide input on the draft
  6. I think the whole point of having a mistress is that you don't have to "be there" for her.... 😃
  7. He looks leaner....that's a start on the come back trail
  8. 10 pitches are not hit...over the LF fence.
  9. 79/80 was pretty bad....the Lions started Jeff Komlo at QB for God's sake
  10. The situation with Perez is mystifying. There's no structural damage..apparently no inflammation within the tendons and ligaments...just pain from "muscle weakness". I've been following baseball awhile...back to the days before they understood what a rotator cuff is...and I don't recall a multi year diagnosis like that. Does he have a problem with his motion they can fix? Does he have to learn to pitch through a little discomfort as he builds arm strength? I'm not him...so I don't know what he's feeling. Ultimately you have to take him at his word that it hurts too much to pitch, but the entire scenario really seems weird. When discussing the OF everyone mentions Reyes, Jones, Demeritte and Stewart but they forget...they forget that Bonifacio is lurking in the weeds like a snake...ready to strike to claim his roster spot
  11. He has so much movement...its throwing the umps off. Computerized umps will fix that...😃
  12. He's fat...and he has a leg injury. That's a bad mix for any athlete...let alone one in his 30's. Perhaps if he wasn't so fat, the deterioration of his knee would not be as dramatic, rapid or impactful
  13. Our hopes of signing Dickerson have turned to ashes in our mouths. Despair...bleak, cold, empty nothingness. Our season has already become a Dostoyevsky novel..
  14. A decent read....but I think Freehan is Pat Boone and Bouton is Little Richard. Their books are the song "Tutti Frutti"
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