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  1. Per Rosenthal on twitter...Kinsler is an Angel
  2. I think there's a better chance of Nick playing 1B, Miggy taking over at DH and somebody else playing RF
  3. Fulmer for Frazier, Adams and Juan Then?
  4. Throw in an A ball OF lottery ticket and I would do it
  5. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    It's about time.....
  6. Rule 5 Draft

    You would have to create five spots n your 40 man roster to do that...we don't even have one right now
  7. Or Pujols gets whacked by the Yakuza
  8. These are the moves that can keep you at 90 or so losses instead of 100+
  9. Rule 5 Draft

    Draft Burdi and give him Fidrych's old number...
  10. Offload Zimmerman and that leaves Miggy as the only "unmoveable" deal...and if he bounces back as a DH...he becomes moveable. ( to the Red Sox, in particular). We are quickly becoming a very lean operation....
  11. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    He looks like Captain Kangaroo after a month on the Atkins diet
  12. Project the 2018 Tigers

    I'd give him two years...esp if we deal McCann. In two years we'll know a lot more about Rogers, Morgan and McMillan. It sounds like Rogers is close to being ready defensively right now
  13. Project the 2018 Tigers

    If Miggy is the old Miggy or close to it and the Tigers eats some $$$$, I could see him be dealt at the deadline in 2018. If not...we're going to pay a lot of money for a lot of years for a 1B/DH with a .750 OPS.
  14. Gardenhire is fine by me...I wouldn't want to take the chance on Dusty Baker's penchant for killing young arms somehow infecting Perez, Burrows, Fulmer, Manning and Faedo...not to mention Boyd and maybe even Norris. Girardi is...as they apparently say in NY...a putz.
  15. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    Nick Lindstrom approves....