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  1. How did Mickey Lolich trudge out to the mound to pitch 200 or 300+ innings every year? He must have been made of some unknown organic compound to pull that off
  2. It's definitely the jeans...he's a dressy pair of Calvin Klein's when he needs to be reliable, durable pair of Levi's. This year feels like it will be the rock bottom...2020 will be better
  3. Exactly...Fulmer was thought to be an extremely valuable commodity in 2017....****, there were scouts high on him a year ago. https://www.nj.com/yankees/2018/07/mlb_scout_sizes_up_yankees_chances_to_get_top_pitc.html
  4. IIRC...UCL ruptures are usually preceded by a loss in FB velo...did he rupture his elbow compensating for his knee. Or did his knee become an issue last year...did he try to drive off that right knee too hard to find the lost velo? Either way...he's got quite a long period of time ahead of him to figure it out. Or develop a secondary career choice as MLB pitcher appears to be a fading option
  5. Or highly paid operatives pretending to be Russian bots...
  6. If you trade prospects and picks...how will you ever be good again?
  7. I was banned from twitter for life....be careful who you call a "hooer" (in my case, CNN) is my advice...
  8. For a guy like Norris...thinking "I'm fixed" is close to the same thing as being fixed. He seems like the kind of player who's emotions are his worst enemy
  9. He definitely needs to go Keto...
  10. Enjambment sounds like the merger of poetry and a fastball...
  11. Gardy says waiver claim OF Peterson is showing both confidence AND savvy...let's bump that rebuild timetable up a year or so
  12. Be pretty funny if they put "Mehcer" on the back of his jersey
  13. Dog excrement is better than cat excrement? Since when? Cats usually bury that stuff so you don't step in it and it's generally a small amount. Dogs will..literally...crap anywhere they feel like it and just leave it there. It's often very messy. Cat excrement is better...no question about it
  14. Fernando Vina...THAT was a guy who could win you a lot of ballgames doing the stuff that doesn't show up in the boxscore
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