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  1. If you want to grow weed...talk to Ricky
  2. Carson King....that's a frat boy name if I ever heard one...
  3. There was a bill board for canabis infused edibles on us 23 across the freeway from the Federal Prison in Milan. There were probably guys locked up in there for trafficking in weed. I wonder how they felt seeing that every day.
  4. Yep..Lil Poteet lost his sheep
  5. Great...now I want wine and I'm here at the office...Thank you!
  6. Rossi is small bu sturdy. Perfetti and Raymond may have more room for growth and maturation as they are younger. The more video I see of Raymond, the more I like him as well
  7. The people of Detroit voted for the "leadership" that drove their bus into a wall....maybe they should shoulder some of the blame
  8. I've been to Hicksville....I was a Territory Manager for an insurance company for a few years and I had some agencies in the Hicksville metroplex. I can think of no other reason for my being there
  9. I was 6-5 by the time I was 16. I had a man voice from the time I was 14. My drinking age was 17....😁
  10. Lafreniere's skating is said to be average.. to me, that's a concern. In today's game a guy like Perfetti or Rossi might have higher eventual ceilings as they skate very well and have high end offensive games. Rossi seems to be in that Dats, Z and now Larkin mode of having a 200ft game. Drysdale is an exciting prospect as well, but he needs to work on his shot a bit apparently. For me...it's Drysdale or Rossi at 4. Unless the Kings take Drysdale...then I would take whichever of the top three calls to us at 4.
  11. Marco!..............Rossi!
  12. I saw the TX rodeo at the Astrodome in 2001...Didn't really care for the building or the Cowboy stuff. It was a work related "fun night out" on a business trip...so I pretended to have fun because our hosts were so nice
  13. I saw a game there when I worked for a TX based company in 1998. Really nice stadium...had an old timey feel to it.
  14. He signed for just under slot...Nanners aren't nearly as valuable as taters...
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