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  1. We're losing because everyone is pitching to us like we're Brandon Inge. I hope Miggy is simply hurt and unwilling to admit and not completely shot. The injury explanation contains hope. The other explanation...not so much
  2. Manning changed Jesus...into what? I saw a video with a distorted perspective (like a funhouse mirror) that made it look like he threw one really great change up...but no I have not seen him throw a lot of them
  3. I agree...Mize looks like aq better prospect than Porcello was. I do think that if Manning develops his change into a third plus pitch to go with his FB and curve...he could be a more dominant SP down the road
  4. Technically.,..Vaughn can hit for average and power, so that's more like two tools. He can also field 1st base well enough. He really only seems to lack foot speed. If Vaughn is gone along with Bleday...I'd rather take Stott or even Lodolo. A LHP power pitcher twixt Mize and Manning? OK. Greene....I don't know....
  5. I traveled back in time to tell Roseboro to duck when Juan Marichal swung the bat at his head. History was altered to the extent that Nixon became our first transgender President
  6. I love that the contraction of "he has hit" gets filtered....
  7. I remember Jacoby just standing there while a pitch slammed into the side of his head...like he didn't understand that it was a fastball riding up in on him. I don't know that he sees the ball any better now
  8. Shame there isn't a rental company for pitchers like there is for cars. "I need a starting pitcher for a month...all of mine are in the shop." "I can assist you with that...this week only if you sign up for the additional Tommy John Insurance and pay with your Discover card I can give you a free upgrade from James Shields to Dallas Keuchel"
  9. You basically got that kind of performance from Kenny and people thought he was a pumpkin head and celebrate his departure....
  10. That David Price trade is looking better each week. Do you flip Norris and Boyd or does the prospect of having two quality LH SP to pair with Mize and Manning seem too good to pass up? Turnbull is your 5th starter with Burrows moving to the pen. Print those WS tickets now. Just leave the date as TBD
  11. Winning a title vs coming close means a lot to me...Dave Dombrowski's run in Detroit is tainted by the fact that he never built a team that was capable of making that final push to a title. But...that's my opinion...I understand that other people see it differently and that's OK by me.......Jerks.
  12. Rogers was abysmal in AA last year in April and May...he bounced back reasonably well in the months that followed.Unless there's something in his swing they're still trying to correct before moving him forward...the numbers alone suggest he's ready to move up. I would love to see Castro and Lugo in Detroit after the all star break. May as well find out what we have there.
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