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  1. I'm penciling Riley Greene in there
  2. At the end of the day.. I think we're basically in agreement...so you have a great Saturday! 😃
  3. You want to see something encouraging? Filip Zadina first six games this year 1G 0A...next 10...5G 5A Joe Veleno first six 0G 0A...next 10...3G 2A Would not shock me to see Zadina up soon.... Rasmussen isn't scoring much...but he's piling up assists and averaging just under PPG
  4. Yes...and if the person on the receiving end has a hair trigger...justified or not...over reactions will happen. I dunno...I'm not overly sensitive about language, but I found myself working in an environment with an extremely diverse group of people over the past couple of years. Being a 50+ year old white guy...and a really big guy (6-5, 320lbs...I look like an NFL OL) I started carefully considering everything I said before I said it because I knew the people around me were maybe expecting me to be racially bigoted or homophobic or whatever. After a few weeks of that, I mixed in with everyone and got along great and never gave it another thought.
  5. If Tork can play a corner OF or 3RD...he's the clear #1 in my book...unless that RHP shows he's healthy and refines his command (3 plus pitches? OK) or the SS adds 10-15lbs of muscle and displays middle of the order potential at the plate. This looks to be a GREAT year to have that 1-1
  6. Perhaps....but does the intent of the trangressor...if one is able to discern it...lower the often reflexive sense of being offended.
  7. Really? That's the rhetorical hill you want to die on? Because culturally we've had the opportunity to come up with a shorthand term to replace the offensive term for African Americans but the gravity of dropping an r bomb (happy now?) isn't yet appreciated as widely....that makes it ok? Does your own personal sense of right v wrong factor into any of this?
  8. Many people consider the trm "tard" or "retard" to be on par with dropping an N bomb....I am sympathetic to that POV
  9. Al looks like he would be at home in a 70's sitcom...he'd play the guy who owns a diner and has a catch phrase like "Forget about it...try the meatloaf"!! When someone asks him for advice
  10. Sign Iglesias, Porcello, Thames and that Rory Calhoun fellow.
  11. Hank Greenberg...he was such a significant athlete historically. Jackie Robinson deserves the credit he gets for breaking the modern color barrier, but I think Greenberg gets slighted a bit. Anti-Semitism was a thing in America as well as Europe. Greenberg was able to overcome it and he enlisted in the armed forces in 1940...before America became involved fully in WWII.
  12. Throwing MiLB players out there who are clearly overmatched violates the ....in my view...sacrosanct responsibility to field a major league team when you're charging major league prices. I'm not saying everyone hs to be a proven MLB quality player, but when a guy clearly proves he's not...ship him back to the minors to work on his game
  13. So...if Avila doesn't sign a 1B bat, we're looking at a 1B Dixon/Candelario, 2B H Castro, SS Niko, 3B Lugo/Candelario. No need to worry about printing playoff tickets with that IF
  14. To be fair to JV....the reporter in question was Fenech...IIRC...he tweeted that he's jerked it to pics of Verlander's wife. He's lucky JV didn't do more...
  15. Zadina is heating up in GR...had another two points tonight including his 5th goal the last seven games. I think the trade bit floated by Pierre last week woke him up maybe... Cholowski looks miles better this year. I could see him as a quality second pairing guy. If Cherry had simply said more people in Canada need to show respect for the veterans who sacrificed he would have been fine. In today's culture...especially in Canada...you can't single out classes of people and expect to stay on TV
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