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  1. Paredes finished 3rd in the Eastern League in batting (tough league...the leader hit .297). I think we'll see him in Toledo next year
  2. .760 OPS in the IL?....it's not like he's killing it down there. Mikie Mahtook....now THERE's a guy who should be in the show
  3. A real coach would have him hitting the ball with his legs...
  4. I haven't made any direct video comparisons...but I think Lugo is using his lower body a bit more on his swing this year. That's a positive sign as it demonstrates...if nothing else...an ability to be coached
  5. It would serve them right to accidentally go back to 1910 style baseball when 5 HR was a ton for any one ma
  6. Far too early to suggest that Castro and Reyes (in particular) can't be starters. Reyes made huge strides this year. If Castro were to gain a but of power as he matures and improve his pitch selection to walk a skosh more I could see him. He could be a 750-800 OPS 2B with a decent glove. We have bigger issues to fix than that
  7. Maybe they want to do the overhaul in steps...I mean firing everyone at once could create a log jam in HR
  8. Are the Tigers smarter than me.....the evidence suggests "yes"
  9. IIRC...the Astros tinkered with Rogers swing and turned him into decent prospect by focusing on launch angle and hitting for power (which appears to be their org philosophy) We got a hold of him and tried to undo all that and now he's a mess. Are we smarter than them? The evidence suggests "no"
  10. Might not be possible for us...but...in theory it's possible
  11. I used to be a low key salary scold...now I try to realistically balance my desire to see a decent team with the team's desire to control costs when they know it will be hard to compete. Miggy's and JZ'S poor performance relative to their bloated contract are huge impediments to patching the team...too bad this isn't the NBA where we could use the stretch provision to buy them out while leveling off the impact on the payroll
  12. It would be nice if Crain's or someone qualified did a deep dive into the structure of Ilitch Holdings...or as deep a dive one can do into a privately held corporation
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