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  1. How do we know how Michigan is in circling the wagons? We have never really had a coach go 3-9 and 5-7 before. So this is uncharted waters. So to say you know a school like Michigan would never cut bait after two years is a little off base. We have never had a unsuccessful coach before! Not in my life time. I was born in 1973. Richrod is breaking a lot of trends.
  2. Really? Were going to beat ohio state is a long way from were going to do what we need to do to beat ohio state? I'm not sure how that is not nearly exactly the same! It is in a respectful way but he is saying they are going to do it. Were going to get the seniors to a bowl game? How do you spin that?
  3. Sounds like it to me anyway. Here is quote "Were going to get the seniors to a bowl game. Were going to come out and do what we need to do to beat Ohio State"
  4. 2006 you had a still productive Carlos guillen playing a good shortstop and was a masher at the plate. 2006 Guillen at short is much better then santigo\evertt. 06 you had a still powerful Maggs. That is a huge upgrade from the 09 version of maggs. I don't think it's a slump either. I think he is getting old and 25hrs and 40 doubles for maggs is no longer possible. You had a very hot craig Monroe on that 2006 team! Monroe completely blows away anything we have had in left this year. Monroe was amazing in 06. Polanco is older and not as good. I think Granderson is better now and inge is a wash. The huge upgrade is Caberara! 06 pudge is better than laird. Rotation. Verlander is better now. Bonderman huge ? Jackson or 06 Kenny Rogers? Rogers. Nate Robertson or Porcello? Porcello. Bullpen. 06 jones, 06 zoom, and Jamie Walker are better the 09 rodney, zoom and bobby seay. Overall 06 team is 15 wins better. But we are in a winnable division and anything can happen in the playoffs. Remember the 06 cards! beating us with jeff weaver and jeff suppan and Antony Reyes!.
  5. Hoffman and the Padres have broke off talks. I think this would be a great one-year deal for the all-time saves leader coming off a a season where he posted a 3.77 era. He wants 7 million and the padres offered 4. Great command and a great changeup. I know a lot of people will say he is done but did anyone in our bully last year come close to a 3.77era? I think at one year 7 mill it would be great.
  6. I like to see the Yankees before and after Pudge record. The Yankees went in the tank as soon as Pudge arrived. I don't think the Tigers or Yankees decline had anything to do with Pudge.
  7. He did it! 6.35 era to win the worst ERA in baseball. You need 162 innings to qualify for the award and amongst those 85 pitchers Nate was 85th with his 6.35 finishing well ahead Brandon Bracke's 6.05. Kenny Rogers made a run at it with his 5.70era being good enough for 82nd place. Justin Verlander made a bid for the top 10 finished just out with his 4.84 good for 74th place. Gararraga finished 28th with his 3.68. Well way to go Nate. Are the Tigers going to have a press conference to give nate his award?
  8. All appears lost for nate! He choked away his chance to win this thing last night! 6.08 for Nate and 6.53 for Silva! Kenny Rogers is now in the top 5 with his 5.45. Brian Bannister and Ian Snell round out the worst pitchers of the year top 5.
  9. 6.36 robertson 6.36 Silva! What a race with a month to go. Also entering the top ten of worst era's in the league was Kenny Rogers and his 5.25era! And Verlander's performance today could give him a shot at the top 10. His 4.74 is currently 77th best out of 90 pitchers.
  10. oh no nate with 0.2 innings of perfect relief! Era down to 6.03. Put him back in the rotation!
  11. Forget Maggs and Polanco in the batting title. The other race that is heating up is Nate Roberston vs Carlos Silva for worst era in the league among starting pitchers. Right now Silva has the upper hand at 6.36 vs nate's 6.09. To qualify for the era title you have to have average 1 inning pitched per game your team has played. Under those rules 90 pitchers qualify and nate comes in at 89th. Nate was also battling for the hits allowed title with Livan Herndez leading the way with 199 and nate right on his tale at 195! Of course his switch to the bullpen is likely to end this goal. Also up in flames is the ER title which nate was leading 101 to 99 over Silva. Well we'll see if Nate can go to the bullpen and chase down Silva and win this thing and claim the prize! The worst pitcher in baseball!
  12. Don't look now but were just 4 games up on the Royals and Indians! Don't worry Garcia and Dontrelle will be here in September to prevent that from happening.!
  13. What do you want. The Yanks gave up their set up a guy with a 3.65era for a 36 year old catcher with about 3hr and 40 rbi's. When does a team in the pennant race give up their set up guy for a 36 year old catcher? Try never. Good deal DD.
  14. Farnsworth 44innings 43 K's 3.65era. Last 10 innings 0 runs 2 hits. I love this trade. Pudge was not as needed as Farnsworth.
  15. I have a hard time sitting Joyce vs Right handed pitching. A thames/ Joyce platoon seems the like the best thing to do with Maggs back.
  16. Umps blow calls. The problem I had was the cocky way he looked down on polanco when he approached him. He put his hands on his waist and had the look of yea I called you out what are you going to do about it.
  17. You guys on here are always prospect happy. The Rockies would not trade the national league MVP for Porcello! So all you porcello worshipers don't have to worry because the Rockies fans would burn down the ball park if they made that trade.
  18. What players on our team do you consider above average at hitting and fielding their position. I have Granderson and Polanco. Not alot for a team considered the favorite to win the world series. Maggs is a very dependable right fielder but his lack of speed and average arm can't get him into the above average catagory for me. I 've been envying some of the talent I am seeing this week on the opposing team. Alex Gordon is two-way, Chris Young makes the grade, Conner Jackson is awesome and the upton's kid throw last night to get maggs at second was a rope. With all that said I think Grady Sizemore is the only true two-way stud on the Indians.
  19. We would get more for clete than jones. I say sell high on clete and get a good bullpen guy or a back up first basemen.
  20. If someone says there not worried now they are lying or just in denial. Not saying we can't bounce back but 6 games of this is now more than just a slow start. We are failing in all parts of the game. Hitting, starting pitching, bullpen, defense and let's not forget our horrible baserunning mistakes. Throw in some big injuries and you get 0-6. I'd just be happy if one part of our game got going. I mean usually when you go on losing streaks you can blame it on a few things like the bullpen keeps blowing games or the bats are silent right now and we lose a bunch of 3-2 or 1-0 games. But seriously no part of our game is even average at this point. Hitting sucks, Starting pitching 2 out 6 Quality starts, defense has been below average and our baserunning has been embarrassing for a major league team.
  21. If lose again tonight with Verlander going and me at the game I think I will lose it.
  22. I've seen a lot of don't panic and I'm not worried threads on this board. Just wondering if 0-10 would make you panic? Or 0-15?. I hear well if we lose 4 straight in the middle of the season nobody says much. But a 10 game losing streak at any point during the season is cause for panic. Good teams don't go on long losing streaks no matter what part of the season. So just wondering if 0-10 or 0-8 would get some of you to reach for that panic button. Hopefully if stops today with me at the game today. So simple question 0 and what before some of you relax it's early people start to panic.?
  23. What a dumb thread? His error cost us the game because it ran up Verlander's pitch count? That is way over analyzing. I thought the leadoff walk in the 11th was more to blame then the error in the first that didn't cost us a run. How bout Maggs double play? Or Renteria not putting the ball in play with a guy on third and one out and the game on the line? All more factors then that error in the first inning.
  24. NC vs Indiana has to be the best second rd matchup. I thought that IU deserved a little better seed than 8. A 25-7 Big ten team is not normally getting a 8 seed.
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