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  1. We're dropping games and losing entire series home and away faster than our live attendance numbers .......and for the most part not even in games against bottom feeders. Since we are currently playing at a .100 clip, this should be a second half disaster...the likes we have never witnessed in Detroit. My over /under is set at 111 losses......but that could be conservative.....we should challenge the Mets for most losses in modern era...Baltimore, look out, don't look behind you, someone is gaining on you! Are you
  2. A police Captain is required to post where he is at all times. We have someone at the precinct that will let me know when it is posted. (Maybe not exact)
  3. 76 Two things: The family moved when Stevie Y became available, AA could be kicked upstairs and again, feel the money was reward for hanging in there. Most GM's get stale over time and get rejuvenated with a new opportunity. Just who is available is another issue, but IMO deserves another look.
  4. Haven't posted in years due to time constraints, but have read most forums on the Tigers when I can. OLD Tigers fan, remember the Rocky C trade and letting Bunning go for nothing. Please respond to an old fan that has a take that I'm sure has been mentioned many times prior. Apologize for the length of my post. I'm sure most fans do not accept what AA has "accomplished" since inheriting the dumpster fire, but did the club award him for his loyalty rather than his management skills? His inability to make garbage pail acquisitions that doesn't include a year of rehab in return. And waiting out Zimmerman's millions for one more year. Yech…..Look, a fan since '57...….Love the team and just want to see us competitive before meeting my maker. But feel the family settled for a quick fix that was just reasonable instead of dynamic. This team obviously has a lot of baggage, but rather see us lose 120 for next 3 seasons then overspend on third rate utility players that bring nothing to the table and get 2 more cracks at the number one pick. Is AA the guy to make this work? If not who would take this franchise to another level...give AA his money and lets move on. JMO
  5. With Jenkins removed from the beer city, will DD make the move to bring in a good left hander for left field? Then go after 1-2 starters. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3086562
  6. Johan is the best pitcher in baseball, will demand $20M+ per year for 5-6 years. He would anchor a Tiger staff with more potential than anyone in the game. However, the twinkies will trade him next year for young talent rather than lose him for nothing the following year. They can't afford now to resign him after waiting too long to do the deed. Trading him to a division rival won't happen, will it? If not Johan, then who do we sign next year as our number one?
  7. I agree with all but.......... Why no love for Marcus???? You don't know what he could do with 500 AB's. Kenny is still our key in the front line (with health of course)
  8. Thats a bet I will take anytime. The sox will win 95+ games and win the division easily. Meanwhile all other bets are off!
  9. The most important player on this team is Kenny. If he comes back with his mojo, we will win the division. But he was our stopper last year, and we can't overcome his loss over the second half with young starting pitching.
  10. Since it is established we have bi-polar issues, and at the moment cannot beat the worst teams (or ANY team) in all of baseball, it is just a matter of time before the hated scanks pass us by in the standings. (maybe less than a week) Jimmy boy couldn't decide whether a pitcher has his stuff until they give up 6-11 runs, and by then we have lost the game anyway. Our pen is a joke, we have no stopper on the front line anymore and what use to be our saving grave, scoring runs is now at a standstill. Yeah, I know we will make a comeback sooner or later. But we now have a team in total collapse and nowhere is there a light at the end of the tunnel. Is there any game we play right now where you are confident we will win? Play taps, but don't cry for these guys, they are very happy just where they are. Otherwise they would make an attempt to play like men. Finished venting on the only baseball team I have ever cared about for over 45 years!!!!
  11. Not just on the Tiges, but the AL? The way he has raised his complete game from April, he will lead the team in rbi's and possibly SLP and OBP by years end. (.325 BA, 36 hr and 120 rbi) BTW, Magglios batting title chase reminds me of Storman Norman vs Yankees catcher Ellston Howard.
  12. Lets face it. As a defensive ss he is medicore at best. His errors are growing from year to year and he boots even routine plays. He would be a step up from Casey and I think as good or better than TEX. Now, can Ofante or someone else in the system be moved into the middle and be effective?
  13. 2 years, $12M, with thrird year option at $4M or $1M buyout (clubs option) with the following: 2008 min 20 starts or $2M buyout for 2009 and 2010. I was PO when we signed him due to his ECA. But he has proven to be a man, and is a valuable asset to the young staff for the next couple of years. OK, lets hear the critics........
  14. Could not have said it better! There is nothing available that is that much better than our current pen, and ZOOM coming back. DD is too smart to get taken in any deal. Texas can keep licking their chops, but don't look our way.
  15. He seems to be coming up like that coconut horrible tasting piece you spit out more than liquid cherry! How many big leads is Leyland willing to throw away before he tries another arm to close the 9th? Heck, let Durbin try it. He can't be any worse.
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