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  1. Could the Rays be open to trading Nate Lowe? Perhaps for one of our pitchers?
  2. What percentage of their teams' payroll are they making? They developed or traded for those players. They didn't pay them hundreds of millions. The Tigers should develop their own players. There is a limit to how much money they can spend. Mr. I couldn't buy superstars for the bench or bullpen or minor league replacements. Tying so many resources to one player would be a mistake. It would make more sense to emulate the Astros and Indians during their rebuilding phases rather than sign a good shortstop because contending teams have good shortstops. Contending teams have a lot of good players and the 25 man roster is not enough. Every team has to get the most out of their 40 man roster in order to contend. For those wondering, I've been here since 2002 just as 1 instead of 2. Mostly just lurking since I didn't reclaim my original account back when things changed.
  3. We've tried the superstar route and it was fun but did not deliver a world series championship. Why not try a balanced approach and build a roster with depth? Investing so much into one player would be counter productive at this point.
  4. We're not contending next year. Would stop gap be more appropriate?
  5. I wouldn't call the return exciting but Martin wasn't exciting either. This is a good return for a rental player. It builds depth and that is something this team has been lacking for a long time. If he becomes a big leaguer, he's under control and costs little. The direction moves like this takes the organization is what is exciting. Lack of depth has been one of their downfalls during the good years.
  6. Seems like a good trade for the Tigers. I wonder where he fits in their top 30?
  7. Was Jones a SS when he was drafted? Is it possible for him to play 3rd with Castellanos in RF? Just wondering if Jones is better in the infield.
  8. That logic stems from my team plays in NY so we get all the good players and you take our castoffs .
  9. I hope so. Maybin was good in some ways, not so good in other ways. Trading him opens the possibility of getting a more well rounded player in his roster spot. A durable player who plays good defense and gets on base would be ideal but hard to find. This will be a challenging off season for Avila.
  10. I tried to do some searching on how often players waived their 10/5 rights and it sounds like it is frowned upon by the union. It does happen but both Verlander and Cabrera in the same deal fangraphs.com? If Verlander has so much excess value why not keep him? I did like mlbtraderumors write up.
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