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  1. I'm not opposed to sending him down but who would replace him? Paredes? Hinch likes Goodrum's defense at short but he's not hitting either.
  2. I can't give up on Castro, he's so young. I don't know why but I keep checking their stats on fangraphs. It doesn't look any better each time I check.
  3. I'm picturing the Bugs Bunny cartoon when he pitches the ball and the guy swings and misses ten times on the same pitch.
  4. Sadly, the batting averages are not the only problem. They have two players who can take a walk.
  5. Once he started having problems with his legs, he tried to play hurt and adjust to it. I have to wonder if he had gotten the legs healthy before making changes, would things have been different. The mentality always seemed to be 80% of Miguel Cabrera is better than a lot of players, but he never got back to 100%.
  6. All we need is a nine inning shut out so we can start with someone on second in the tenth.
  7. Looks like the kids will get plenty of playing time this year.
  8. You guys don't have to travel so far just come across the river to Canada.
  9. I think ten years ago he would have been ran right over instead of a head first slide. I believe they are supposed to avoid collisions. Castellanos did and probably got kneed in the arm and the side for his efforts.
  10. Plus the pitcher sat on the plate. Aren't they supposed to give a path to the plate to avoid collisions?
  11. Are people excited about Candelario and Castro? I know they are small samples but they hit last year and continued to hit in spring training. I'm looking forward to what they can do this season and potentially years to come. Of course prospects are exciting but these two have had some success already.
  12. Imagine batting .340+ and that's not good enough.
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