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  1. The positive thing about this team is that (for the most part) their starting pitchers are keeping them in games. The starters are pitching well enough to win games. The offense is getting runners on base. But they are failing to execute. I have to believe that at some point they will convert some of these baserunners into runs.
  2. Another DH? I assure you that the last player the Tigers need to acquire is another DH. They have too many DH-types as it is (never mind that some of them aren't hitting), hence the abysmal range of their defense. I agree with your post. The Tigers need to improve their overall team defense. Their defensive range is inadequate & not major league caliber. Given the spacious dimensions of Comerica Park, Dombrowski's fascination with acquiring slow, fat, unathletic DH-types has always puzzled me. Dombrowski has built the Tigers as if he thought he was assembling a fantasy baseball roster. He forgot that hits and runs given up due to poor defensive range negate runs produced by the offense. Given that the offense is not producing as expected, the poor defensive range is even harder to accept.
  3. I would love to see Young and Balester released and Putkonen demoted to the minors. But given the lack of depth in this organization, their replacements would likely be just as bad.
  4. The pitching staff is "borderline elite" at getting outs? Is that how you characterize a pitching staff that ranks 11th in the AL? I don't see how you can call the rotation a strength when Scherzer and Porcello are such huge question marks. Has the rotation performed better than the bullpen? Yes, but that's not difficult to do. Several Tigers had career years last season. I think it's obvious by now that Avila, Peralta, etc. are not going to be as productive as they were last season. This team's offense is mediocre - middle-of-the-pack in the AL. Putkonen was called up because the cupboard is bare. DD and his staff have done a horrible job acquiring and developing relief pitchers. How else can you explain the presence of Putkonen, Balester, and now Villarreal on the major league roster? The problem with pitchers like this being on the roster is that Leyland has no idea how to manage a bullpen. He will utilize his worst pitchers in close games, as we have seen demonstrated to poor results the past few games.
  5. There are multiple players on the Tigers roster who deserve to be DFAed - Young, Balester, etc.
  6. The problem with Boesch is that his plate approach is awful. He swings at everything & never shortens that long swing of his. He seems to want to pull the ball or hit a HR in every at bat. He is showing no selectivity or patience at the plate. He is in Delmon Young territory with his plate approach & lack of walks.
  7. No chance Leyland removes him from the closer's role. He's loyal to all of his underperforming veterans. We'll have to watch more winnable games blown by inserting a bad pitcher into the game just because he's the designated closer.
  8. The Tigers play Oakland in the middle of May. I hope to see Inge in the lineup when the matchup happens. That should be a lot of easy outs for the pitching staff.
  9. Twins reliever Zumaya expected to miss season | StarTribune.com Zumaya needs Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire season again. He has to be one of the most injury-prone players ever. He didn't even make it out of the first week of Spring Training without sustaining an injury.
  10. Olney's article states that he didn't speak to a single "talent evaluator" who thought that Cabrera could play 3B. The only people who seem to think Cabrera is capable of playing 3B are fans on this message board.
  11. Jacob Turner is not ready to pitch in the major leagues. I don't want to see the Tigers make the same dumb move they made with Porcello & rush Turner to the major leagues. They have stunted Porcello's development & ceiling, as he still hasn't developed good secondary pitches. I would hate for the same thing to happen to Turner. The Tigers develop pitching prospects the wrong way. The Rays have a great model for developing starting pitching prospects. I would love to see the Tigers emulate that model. I think they would have a lot more success developing their prospects into good pitchers.
  12. I agree with Lynn Henning's tweets. He's raising a legitimate issue. I don't believe Cabrera is capable of playing a major league-caliber 3B. If he's merely a bad defender at the position, I'll be ecstatic. Because I expect him to be abysmal. He's a big man. Even Leyland has admitted that range and coming in will be an issue for Cabrera. Can you imagine how much more opposing batters will be bunting with Cabrera at the hot corner? This could be a real issue. And how do the Tigers deal with it if they have to move Cabrera off 3B? Neither he nor Prince wants to DH. Problems in the clubhouse could easily develop. I'm very concerned about the Tigers' defense in the wake of Fielder's signing. Their infield defense could be the worst in the major leagues on days that Raburn plays 2B. Fielder, Cabrera, & Peralta all have no range. And with Young & Boesch in the outfield, the defense will be well below average. For that reason, I don't believe Fielder was a great fit for the Tigers (except on a one-year contract to DH.) I'm also concerned that the Tigers will be spending over $75 million on four players through 2014. They will have very little payroll flexibility & could have problems fielding a deep ballclub. And I really don't want to see long-time Tigers traded so that they can afford to pay Fielder's salary.
  13. No. The Tigers will lose their first round draft pick for signing Fielder.
  14. Yes, Fielder is still in his prime, but his body type makes me nervous about the long term deal. Plus, the Tigers now have three 1B-DH types locked up for the next three seasons. Their defense is going to be pretty bad.
  15. I was absolutely shocked when I heard this news earlier today. I did not think there was any possibility that the Tigers would sign Fielder. Just a few days ago Dombrowski said that there wasn't a fit, as Fielder wouldn't take a one-year contract. But I don't think Dombrowski had much to do with the signing. I think this move was mandated by Mike Ilitch. I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he wanted another big bat for the lineup! I appreciate Mike Ilitch's commitment to winning, but I don't like the contract for a number of reasons: 1) I don't like signing any player to a nine-year contract, particularly one with Fielder's body type. Fielder is still in his prime, but I think the Tigers will end up regretting the deal over the last few years. 2) This signing will severely hamper the Tigers' payroll flexibility & ability field a deep roster over the next few seasons - unless Mike Ilitch makes a commitment to keeping the payroll at $125+ million. 3) The Tigers lose their first-round draft pick for the third year in a row. There is little depth in the minor leagues due to losing first round picks for the last few years. 4) The Tigers' defense will be bad for the next few years. Fielder is a bad 1B. I can't believe the Tigers are serious about moving Cabrera to 3B, as his fielding at that position is atrocious. The Tigers' defense will also be pretty bad at 2B, SS, LF & RF.
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