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  1. How about Cabrera for Young in Left and anyone competent at all at 3rd.
  2. Cabrera's error made Verlander throw 10 extra pitches. So that error cost Verlander the chance to start the 9th. So what I'm basically saying is Cabrera s switch to 3rd has already cost JV a win, cg and shutout.
  3. WHat was their OPS with runners in scoring position. For instance, Franceour had an 845 OPS with runners in scoring position.
  4. This thread has been going on since 2001.
  5. Let's get something perfectly straight. Inge could handle 2nd WAY better than Cabrera will handle 3rd.
  6. There is no way Cabrera will be playing 3b after the all-star break. I guarantee it.
  7. Psalm 5:12 For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.
  8. Not true. They didn't lead comeback win after comeback win and lead there team to a playoff win by shredding the leagues top defense .
  9. Couga I didn't say you or anyone was in a pit. I said if you were bitter and angry to look to Jesus. Its the Christian message and as a Christian I believe there is power in his name.
  10. Couga, Jesus' 2 commandments are simply these: Love thy neighbor as thyself and love thy God with all your heart, soul and mind. There is nothing ancient or dogmatic about his teachings. That is the new covenant. Read the gospels in the new testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) if you want to learn more about Jesus' life. Whether you believe Jesus died and rose from the dead or not, Jesus definitely wasn't dogmatic o r archaic.
  11. Heres what I don't get. If he's so utterly atrocious, how did he have 6 4th quarter comebacks. If he's that bad it shouldn't happen once and the fact he led 6 of these has to be a miracle. . .if he's that bad. And if its not a miracle, then he must be pretty darned good. He's such a media phenomenon because week after week he was leading such absolutely improbable drives to win games. That's why he got all the attention. It was unbelievable what happened. Christian or not I've never seen anything in sports like what was happening with that team and there comebacks with Tebow as the qb.
  12. Matthew 10:32. "Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven." Maybe this is why he starts every press conference thanking his Lord and Savior. Or why he kneels and prays. I don't think its the same as a Roy Williams first down signal when trailing by 3 scores. And it surely isn't self glorification as couga suggests.
  13. How is he socially inept again? Cougar if you could humor me and explain it one more time . Is it that he doesn't drink. Or the fact he spend time with the sick and ailing including sick children. Are all Christians socially inept or just the ones who praise their Lord publicly. Talking about social ineptitude. How inept socially must someone be to have to go to message boards to bully and spread their hate around. Like Oblong said, this has exposed some people in. Buddha that's an odd choice of a name for somebody who hates public expressions of religion. Hypocrisy is great.
  14. I'd like to know how he's a douchebag and socially inept? This is for Couga and Yoda. Because he gives all the credit to his teammates and God every time? His kindness? Is it because he hasn't had sex before marriage? I don't get it. Is it because he's not a glory hound or mean? Let's get real. He's a bible thumper. He's not the least bit socially inept.
  15. Believing in Tim Tebow - ESPN More of his "extreme" religion. This stuff is horrible.
  16. Tim Tebow Set A Twitter Record Last Night - Business Insider Over 9,000 tweets per second after the 80 yard pass to win it in overtime! Wow. That's spreading the word fast.
  17. Here's where I'm going and have been from the start. Here's my real strategy: There is story after story in the Bible of people who obtain favor from God because of their great faith. Abraham, David, Job, Daniel, Noah, Ruth, Joseph, the list goes on and on. Obtaining favor because of great faith is a consistent theme throughout the entire text. I believe Tebow because of his great faith (actually his parents great faith and passed on to him) has obtained favor. His mother was told her only option was to have an abortion or she was going to die. She chose to have the baby. They lived. Now As Buddha so eloquently said. Tebow can know preach to the little brown boys. David was a shephard. Would God care about a lowly Shepherd? Would God care about his fight with Goliath? Noah lived in a violent society that had turned away from God (he didn't) and he received favor. God doesn't change. He cared about them. He cares about you. He cares about Tebow's football games. He cares about everyone at this message board right now . . . have you heard about the prodigal son? Anyway, alot of you speak like you have some type of authority and have never read the Bible, never been to church on a consistent basis, never had any degree of faith. Never prayed to God and had him respond to you in real life miracles. You are in a pit. I would like to say to you who seem so bitter and angry. How is this Godless life working for you? If you want to change, call out to Jesus Christ. Put your faith in him and you will see miraculous change. So there's the strategy. That's where I've went next.
  18. In Stafford's first season as starter, he completed 53% of his passes with 20 int's and 13 TD's. And he didn't win hardly any games. And he had Calvin Johnson. Tebow has nothing like Calvin Johnson to throw, too.
  19. and 2 heisman trophys. He was 7-4 as a starter. So, if he's so terrible, how is he winning? Teams can't win with QB's as bad as you guys are describing unless there is some other force at work here. I agree with that premise completely. Good night.
  20. So, let me sum up everyone's argument. Tim Tebow is terrible. Yet, his last 3 seasons as starting QB (2 in college, 1 in the pro's), he's won 2 national titles and made the playoffs in the NFL.
  21. Florida was 26-2 Tebow's last 2 seasons. They are 15-11 in the two years since he graduated. The Broncos were 1-4 this year before he became the starter. They are 7-4 since. The guy makes others around him better. There is no denying it.
  22. Everyone was talking about him not being a winner. Right?
  23. Yeah, like Justin Verlander before this year.
  24. 5-16 before Tebow. 7-4 after Tebow. (Actually he started 2 games last season and was 1-1, so it's really 4-15, 8-5) Everyone scattered after that. Hard to argue I guess. Good night all.
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