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  1. Quinton Berry should be playing instead of Delmon Young. Berry does basically every skill on a baseball field better than young except hit home runs.
  2. If you don't have a .900 ops and play bad defense, you suck. Those are the two criterion for being liked on this board.
  3. The A's hitting coach doesn't have to be good to see what Inge was doing wrong. Inge's fundamental issues with his swing are elementary. Little league coaches could see he was dropping his hands and wrapping them behind his body. Nobody can hit consistently doing that.
  4. When Inge doesn't drop his hands behind his back hip, he has incredible power. All a hitting coach has had to say to him for years is keep your hands up. Our whole coaching staff is a joke in my opinion. The Tigers are unwatchable the way they play baseball. They have possibly the 2 most dominating players in MLB and are under .500.
  5. If he was a better hitter, it would be OK.
  6. A monkey can play 1st base. Maybe it's the pressure of playing a difficult defensive position.
  7. How many times has he been arrested as a Tiger?
  8. Ok. So you are saying he developed the problem with the Tigers. What's more probable?
  9. Yoda, you are something else. You got it. You are so inciteful. There is nobody with more respect for Cabrera's talent than me. But, it was obvious the guy was distracted and there was a reason the Marlins dumped him. Do you remember the Friday night when we were trying to make the playoffs and he was out until 4 a.m and blew a .25 and had to play drunk the next day in the biggest game of the year? Do you think that was the first time? Have you ever tried to do anything hungover after a night at .25? I watched Cabrera walk back and forth to his position. Jog out ground balls. Report overweight. His .900 fielding percentage at 3rd. Saying he was lazy and disinterested in 2008 was a fair critique. Believing he won't be able to handle 3rd after watching that debacle 4 years ago is also fair. I haven't been able to watch any games this year but it seems he's doing OK at 3rd but I'll make that decision for myself when I can watch more.
  10. When we first acquired Cabrera, he was drinking and he was lazy and disinterested. I pointed out the obvious. I didn't know he was drinking at the time.
  11. For the most part, Porcello and Smyly will be effected the most by Cabrera's defense if indeed it does turn out as bad as I anticipate. Not many ground balls to 3b with Verlander and Scherzer pitching I imagine. Obviously, if Cabrera can handle 3b it's an unbelievable upgrade to our offense (basically Fielder for Inge).
  12. The reason I say LF is because he would replace Young who's terrible in his own right in the OF. I'd actually like to see Miguel play RF because it's smaller and his arm translates very well to RF. So we take Young out and move Cabrera to RF and Boesch/Raburn to LF.
  13. I just read the opening day game thread. Alwaysthrowheat mentioned twice over that he wished Verlander had those ten pitches back from the Cabrera error. Not a single other poster reacted to it. But there was 6-8 PAGES of Leyland bringing bashing for putting in his closer to finish the game. Alwaysthrowheats point was its all a moot point if Cabrera doesn't make the error. The response of our forum was Crickets. I call my thread balancing a mob mentality. The mob calls it trolling. Proceed with whatever it is you people do here.
  14. Oblong, after those two plays Cabrera was involved in (falling down on an easy pop fly and ole'ing the ground ball) combined with Verlander being pulled with a shutout and losing it, it's an appropriate thread. Its not trolling. It's interesting. The fact he came back and made 3 nice plays and hit 2the bombs the next day to make up for it is very encouraging. It's the most important story line about this team right now. The extra pitches caused by his two out error caused Verlander to not finish the game.
  15. Holygoat, I didn't post anything because I didn't watch the game. You say Cabrera looked good? Did he show good range?
  16. God forbid if anybody else on this team would have made that error with Verlander pitching. The Verlander people would have 3 threads about it. I'm simply pointing out what has to be pointed out and is neglected because Cabrera is a great hitter. Just because he's a GREAT hitter shouldn't give him a free pass to stink out loud on defense. . . just like when Verlander's peripheals were the best in the game, the bottom line was he was allowing way too many runs. It shouldn't be ignored.
  17. I have no problem with him not wanting to be a full time DH. He wants to play in the field. I hope he wants to play.
  18. Trop, speaking of Inge. I have a question, Is Cabrera not a "team" player because he wants to play 3rd instead of DH'ing. Because this whole experiment is because he won't DH.
  19. A big reason the Tigers are trying this is because there aren't alot of balls hit to 3rd base with all our hard throwing righthanders.
  20. I'm anti Delmon Young. Anti bad defense at a key infield spot. Put Don Kelly there. We could use the left handed bat at 3rd base. But, I will tell you that after watching Inge's range for all these years at 3rd, it's as hard as to watch Cabrera play defense there as it is for most of you to watch a Brandon Inge check swing strikeout on offense.
  21. Exactly. He had two plays and fell down on a routine pop up and completely ole'd a line drive. What you guys are ignoring is what he did at 3rd a few years back. Range is a huge factor, also. You can drive a semi through that left side of Cabrera and Peralta. Argue all you want but if he plays 3rd as poorly as I envision, he will effect the wholfe pitching staff and expose Peralta's lack of range also. From a mental standpoint, he's already taxing Verlander. Verlander may feel he has to strike out everybody again instead of getting quick outs on limited pitches. That means he won't go as deep in games. His defense may have cost Verlander a shutout victory in Game 1. Plus, it's not like he's coming out of the the lineup if he can't play 3rd base, so the offense argument to me is off the point. They have him there because he wants to be there, not because it's good for this team. Cabrera for Young is the move to make.
  22. Good points all. I think the over reaction to Leyland bringing in Valverde is ludicrous. But one thing that is not debatable is that the error with 2the outs cost extra pitches. Im concerned more about the lack of range. Regarding Young, he's the guy who should be out if this experiment doesn't work.
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