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  1. Johnson has incredible AAA numbers and I'm sure they will eventually translate to the big leagues also, QS. Nonetheless, goat's comment was still beautiful. And your last post was nice, too. That's why this board is such a good one. Lot's of different viewpoints.
  2. Jonesey is right on. Trade him now.
  3. Holygoat, that was beautiful. As far as the Yankees going for Higgy. I don't see it happening. That's a lot of salary. But on the other hand . . . Higgy's an east coast guy and look like an NYPD fireman.
  4. QS, by the book you are probably right. But what he gained in confidence surely outweighs the stress of the one game on his arm. If a pattern continues of throwing our young pitchers that long, I'd be worried. But a complete game victory for Cornejo is exactly what he needed. Getting those last 3 outs is worth it's weight in gold.
  5. Quit trying to be logical, holygoat.
  6. I thought Halter was going to have "flu like symptoms" again after he ole'd that throw from Rivera in the first inning. An infielder who's afraid of the ball isn't really what you are looking for. Good to see Torres get a few hits.
  7. I'll preface these comments by saying that I am not one of those negative whiny Lions fans who complain about everything B U T . . . I hated this draft. We get a QB who's not better than what we have with the 3rd pick overall. We get an underperforming Defensive End and an injury prone cornerback.
  8. jake


    How did Millen drum up all that stuff about us all of a sudden drafting Harrington. I love it. We are in control of this draft now. It looked like we were screwed a week ago.
  9. Plus that play he made when he went into the corner and spun and gunned that guy at 2nd by 5 steps was reminiscent of . . . I can't say it. But he showed some talent with that play.
  10. I'm just glad Pujols is smart enough to recognize the whole Palmer dynamic. Plus he doesn't HAVE to play him because Smith isn't employed with us anymore. That's nice. A fresh start for everyone. The Randall Simon's of the world now have a chance if they play well.
  11. Pujols is trying a new concept. He's playing the guys who perform.
  12. I hope they shock everyone and draft Harrington and trade him later in the first round.
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