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  1. Well really this. I hated having to read out of one thread, too. Took too long. I loved popping from thread to thread. For those who didn't spend alot of time in one sitting here, the thread police killed it. . . well at least for me. I love fantasy baseball now. If I'm on the computer I'm checking that.
  2. DD knows we are going to win the Central. The division sucks. We can be weaker for the regular season. We don't need Fister in the playoffs. You already have Verlander, Scherzer, Sanchez, and maybe one or two starts from Porcello. Then it comes down to being able to win close games in cold weather. Davis, Iglesias, Kinsler, and Castellanos make our lineup less one dimensional in those conditions. His moves are all about October (not April-September).
  3. That highlight clip on this thread shows a guy doing things from a defensive standpoint at SS that you just don't see. His lightning quick release is like Ozzie Smith. Refreshing. Great move by DD. Iglesias will inject life into this team and makes them watchable again for me.
  4. 5 years ago, every sabre in the world would have had Cabrera as MVP by a landslide because baserunning and defense weren't acknowledged by them as part of the game of baseball. Now every one else is stupid. Arrogant sob's. 5 years ago everyone was stupid, too BTW.
  5. His implosion in the All-star game had us travelling to S.F and his implosion on the mound in S.F cost us the game. Makes sense. Thanks for the insight.
  6. Stafford has just enough talent to continue this organizations losing ways for another decade.
  7. He has a 5.57 ERA in 42 post season innings with a 1.55 Whip. He has a plus 4.0 ERA in Aug/September for his career.
  8. It could mean his arm is tired. It could mean he's mentally fatigued. It could mean he doesn't pitch well in a pennant race. It could mean lots of things. But it definitely doesn't mean nothing. That's a 4.00+ ERA in the last 2 months of the season. For an "ace" that's pretty high.
  9. Stafford is scared. Protecting his stats instead of trying to win the game.
  10. Verlander's career ERA is 4.21 for August and 3.76 for September.
  11. Great! Have a good one. I'm calling my mom after I type this.
  12. I'm in my mid 40's now and I'm having issues with sinus headaches and I've had ear aches on and off for about 6 months. I went on a fast about 6 months ago when it was at it's height and I stopped the wheat and the dairy and ate fresh fruits and veggies and nuts and beans and I lost a bunch of weight and the headaches and ear pain was gone. Then I slipped back into my old diet habits and symptoms came back. I'm thinking it's Gluten in wheat. Anybody else experience similar stuff.
  13. Pfife, Thanks that worked perfectly. I also tried putting a title in the title box and hitting submit message and a box came up for me. Hope that helps anybody else that may be having that problem.
  14. I was hoping to send a couple PM's but when I click to it there seems to be nowhere to type. I'm sure it's pretty simple. Thanks for your help.
  15. I'm not trying to be condenscending or self righteous but if you are feeling down and out and hopeless give God a shot . . . visit your local church . . . what have you got to lose? I felt like I had to post this. I'm not really looking to get ripped by everyone here but if this posts helps one person then that's great. If you've already decided that's not for you I respect that too.
  16. Lee, Prince has the mean streak. Imo mean streak mean s players that hate losing. Prince's comments are consistent with a prideful guy who feels he is being called out unfairly. Prince should be pissed. He brings it every game. Others Im sure couldn't care less. And I'm sure of that because they play like they don't care what the manager thinks.
  17. Don't get lured into the conversations about his OPS and all that. He's exactly what this team needs right now. He has a heart beat when he plays baseball. He's not one of the walking dead. It rubs off on other guys. It's why I like Fielder, too. He's out there playing hard.
  18. What I like about Berry is he's not too proud to bunt, get hit by a pitch, hustle out a ground ball, etc. Plus he will play good defense and he's out there giving 100%. How many players on the Tigers do those things. That's why people like him. He's not to good (in his own mind) to actually hustle.
  19. Berry can run down the ball in the outfield. He's a great baserunner. Excellent bunter. Ignore all that because of his minor league OPS.
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