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  1. You can't blame the offensive line today. He's had ALL day.
  2. Belicheck and Brady kick there for sure . .
  3. Stanford is getting great protection and he just runs out of the pocket and panics.
  4. The difference between these two teams is the QB.
  5. It's not the play calling. In every route you have 3 or 4 options. Stafford chose not to throw the ball to Calvin.
  6. You're blind. The runners back foot was on the bag when the front foot was tagged.
  7. That and he never lined up cuts and basically he pouted the whole team. He lined out to 1st to end the previous half inning. I don't know if he carried that out to the field with him but he was definitely acting like a baby. Disappointing because I love that kid.
  8. I watched the whole half inning on DVR and Iglesias didn't give effort and had terrible body language. His teammates rightfully called him on it.
  9. His demise coincided with the crackdown on steroid use.
  10. So much fun to watch these guys now. . . Completely unwatchable when Smith was on the team. Van Gundy is a smart man. I find it funny that Smith and Dwight Howard are best friends. They are meant for each other.
  11. Suh is not going to win a best actor award. What a jerk
  12. Then it HAS to be Leyland.
  13. Prince Fielders fault.
  14. It must be annoying when I point out the obvious that everyone else ignores. It's the exact reason I bash on JV in the first place . .he can do no wrong on this board with this group of people.
  15. Am I trolling if Lee agrees with me? It's the truth. JV is cruising with two outs in the 3rd and basically implodes setting this whole thing up. The play that Cabrera got thrown out at the plate was totally unacceptable as well. Nobody out and we get thrown out at the plate. That's on the 3rd base coach.
  16. What has Ausmus really done wrong? And to say the guy has no experience is beyond ridiculous. He was a catcher in the big leagues for 18 years. He's seen it all.
  17. We've given up 19 runs and our starter ERA is over 5. Is that the managers fault.
  18. Everybody blames the manager. They ignore the obvious. Other than Sanchez, who was being over managed by the organization and could have cruised to a victory, the whole pitching staff has sucked. Even Scherzer had a bad outing. It's not Ausmus faiult.
  19. Ausmus was mandated that Sanchez not throw more than 35 pitches. The real issue was Verlander going only 5 innings. Ausmus is the convenient scapegoat for underachieving players. Your star pitcher was given a 3-run lead and only goes 5 giving up 3 runs. That game should be over! The real issue on Friday was Verlander and whoever mandated 35 pitches for Sanchez. We all know Chamberlain sucks but he is the 8th inning guy. He threw 6 pitches Thursday night. He was the only button Ausmus had to push once Verlander stunk it up and Sanchez reached his pitch limit. Blame Verlander or DD but not Ausmus. His hands were tied.
  20. 2 things I saw. Our 25 million dollar superstar pitcher didn't have the stamina or guts or ability to go more than 5 innings when we desperately needed him. And how do we make the decision to take out Sanchez? He was cruising. These guys have 5 months to rest. Why don't we ever push the envelope. We always seem like we are playing for the future. I bet DD mandated to Ausmus that Sanchez only go two. No former player with 18 years of experience is going to believe Sanchez can't go two more innings. That's management stuff from above. I saw the same crap from Leylsnds era all the time. The Royals are desperate to win and it shows. Ventura has pitched 3 times this week including 2 starts!!!
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