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  1. I wanted them to stay away from Zimmerman.

    a) I have an injury hunch with him--decline in FB velocity/effectiveness doesn't alleviate my concerns

    b) Not a strikeout pitcher or swing and miss guy--will this become a problem as he ages?

    c) ERA better than peripherals. How much of that is due to pitching in that park/league?

    I'm especially concerned as he'd be the first major guy to sign, and that means we'll likely be paying a premium. Anything more than 5/100M would make me nervous, and I suspect it'll be 6/120M+


  2. For those who don't trust Morosi, Zimmerman is reporting the same thing. He is going to cost a fortune, but I hope they get him anyway. He had a bit of an off year last year, but his peripherals and velocity were fine, just gave up more home runs than usual. He is also just 29.

    He's an old 29 bodywise. If we sign him we will be paying 20 million for a 4 + era who won't make it 6 years. I saw him pitch a half dozen times last year and was thoroughly unimpressed. He became really hit table all of a sudden.

  3. I'm not trying to call you out specifically. I've seen a lot of similar commentary about moving Iglesias for a LF or CF. I'm not so much worried about what they get in return for Iglesias in terms of a specific position as much as I am the quality of the return. I guess I don't understand why thy couldn't move Iglesias for a pitching prospect or some other return and not acquire an outfielder another way.

    If they do trade Iglesias, they are likely looking at a bottom three in the lineup of C, CF, SS. They are going to need to address at least one of those positions with some sort of offensive output. McCann & Holaday, Gose & whomever, Romine & Machado likely isn't going to cut it.

    Iglesias is an amazing talent and fans are lucky to see his defensive greatness on a a daily basis. Of course, most fans are stupid and don't recognize it or appreciate it.

  4. Did you watch the Michigan-Michigan State game? As a person who is near a State or UofM fan, I watched that game just for the fun of watching two high ranked Michigan teams slugging it out. Thought the officiating was just awful... horrible. Didn't seem really biased towards one team or the other, but just bad over all.

    I thought the same thing. Awful officiating. I just don't remember it being this bad every game

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