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  1. He's an old 29 bodywise. If we sign him we will be paying 20 million for a 4 + era who won't make it 6 years. I saw him pitch a half dozen times last year and was thoroughly unimpressed. He became really hit table all of a sudden.
  2. Iglesias is an amazing talent and fans are lucky to see his defensive greatness on a a daily basis. Of course, most fans are stupid and don't recognize it or appreciate it.
  3. last year Csldwell less this team to the second best record it's had in 50 years. . .
  4. Caldwell benches Stafford and he responded with his best game. 2 weeks later the GM calls Stafford a Hall of Famer and he plays like this.
  5. That's abundantly clear. They appear confused and disorganized.
  6. I thought the same thing. Awful officiating. I just don't remember it being this bad every game
  7. I can't site stats but I will say with certainty that nobody has any idea what a catch is anymore. That's because of replay. The simplest concepts have been completely muddled.
  8. Matt can throw deep to Calvin a lot. He chooses not to. Drew Bree's ran the same offense and he'd hit bombs to Colston ALL the time.,
  9. have I missed something? Is the officiating better than before replay?
  10. Why throw that pass on 1st and 20. Too many giveaway plays for Stafford
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