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  1. This is a start: c Hicks DH TBD Power Hitter (Gonzalez) IF Cabrera, Mercer, Paredes, Candelario OF Stewart, Robson, Goodrum Bench Greiner, Rodriguez, Jones, Dixon SP Ross, Fulmer, Zimmerman, Boyd, Norris RP Jimenez, Greene, Hardy, Fernandez, Moore, VerHagen, Garrett
  2. With the instrumental league ended, does anyone know of any highlights?
  3. Is this what Avila is looking for in 2019? Castellenos 1B, Cabrera DH, LeMahieu 2B, Eduardo Escobar SS Candelario 3B, Stewart OF, Robson OF, Goodrum OF and Grandel C. The Bench is Jones, Castro H, Vogelbach IB and Hicks. The SP Norris, Fulmer, Zimmerman, Boyd, Turnbull and P Corbin (eliminates one of the 5). The RP are Jimenez, VerHagen, Wilson, Houston, Funkhouser, Hardy and Stumph. Corbin, LeMahieu, Escobar and Grandel are FA and Vogelbach is obtained from Mariners for Mahtook. This lineup would save about 7 million and increase the team WAR approx. 14 which is still about 18 below Houston but it may get us back to 81 wins. It would be a good lead in to 2020.
  4. What happened to Peterson and Willi Castro? They are ranked in the low teens in others.
  5. When you compare Reyes to Gerber, I would go with Reyes based on the following: Age Reyes 24 Gerber 26 Should favor Gerber more experience but Performance Reyes .221 31 SO 145 AB Gerber .125 14 SO 32 AB Detroit Gerber .214 94 SO 245 AB Toledo Defense Reyers fastest player on the Detroit Team Can cover CF better You would think that Reyes being 2 years younger than Gerber could allow Reyes to improve more. As they say once your are over 26, you are not a prospect.
  6. Ratko. I think that you could add a couple more draft picks that have started well. Aguilera, DeCaster, Kirby, Esposito and Noweryta have very good numbers. Any reason for leaving them out?
  7. I am confused on draft picks signing deadline. Difficult to find dates. I have seen August 15 for choices with no future eligibility and July 6 for those with future eligibility. Any better info?
  8. I would like to see Victor Perez remain a Tiger and become a starter even though he was not my choice for the Rule 5. I liked Tarpley and the other Perez but hope the Tiger scouts know more than me..
  9. If the Tiger thinking is like the list of 9 rule 5 candidates, we are in trouble. Clifton is rated 50 below the best Keller Burdi is a mixed bag Stewart is also a mixed bag Guerrero and Cortes are rated among the best lefthanders available Pennecost we do not need injury candidate catcher O'Hearn is middle rated Demeritte so to many times Smith is 27 and had injuries My choices would be the highest rated player and a need of ours, Franmil Perez, Padres, 21 Year old, 25 homers in double A playing only half of schedule. My second choice would be Stephen Tarpley, Yankees, LHRP, 2017 record of 7 wins zero loses Low number of walks. Cortes a Yankee is their 20th rated prospect. With the quality of the Yankee farm system, I would list more of them.
  10. A few other selecreyestions: Top of the list: Stephen Tarpley NY Yankees LHRP Look at his 2017 record SO, 7 wins, 0 loses Low number of walks JUST WHAT WE NEED Others: Wes Rogers Rockies OF Above ave hitter, huge basestealer, above defense all 3 positions JUST WHAT WE NEED Others: Nick Burdi Twins Would go on DL until June SP JUST WHAT WE NEED Others: Travis Demeritte Braves IF Power, SO a lot but walks No need now for Tigers Others: Ian Miller Seattle OF Above hitting average basestealer Tied for Texas League MVP Excellent glove JUST WHAT WE NEED Others: Jose Almonte Diamondbacks RHP three pitches above average 22 years old Others: Franmil Reyes San Diego OF Power 22 years old Broken hand now
  11. The biggest decision to be made on Rule 5 and the 40 roster, is determining if the players that the Yankees do not have room on their 40 man roster (30+ players) have more talent than the Tiger players and how many other teams will be making selections. The Yankee potential players not protected would satisfied the Tiger needs, outfield, relief pitching and starting pitchers. I would keep as many as 5 slots for the Rule 5 and designate these players in addition to the open slots now: Hardy, Saupold, Bell, VerHagen and Farmer. This pitchers have been viewed and their performance sucks and we might get more players that have more talent. This is a real opportunity to enrich the Tigers. If the guys do not pass the test they can be returned to the team.
  12. Follow up to prior message Yankees have signed Cave which eliminates him from rule 5 draft. They have another outfielder that they are not suppose to sign Mark Peyton, rated #10. I would take him in the draft on the second round if available and still take Tarpley in the first round. Peyton is 25 and played in Triple A batting 269 and can play all 3 positions
  13. With the Tigers having the No. 1 slot in the Rule 5 draft, they can take the best player available. The Yankees have 18 players that they would like to keep but 11w of them will be available since they have only 7 roster openings. Word is that they will not add Tarpley (power relief pitcher) and Cave (OF hitting over 300 and some power) and this would match with the Tiger needs. Tarpley was at A+ while Cave was at Triple A. Several others are near ready for the major leagues.
  14. Time for a complete change and not lose 100 games. This is what I would do which would also allow some 40 man roster space for high potential rule 5 protection like Turnbull, Ravenelle, Soto and A Castro (P) Trades: Iglesias to Marlins for Barracloud RP and Kolak SP; Greene & Wilson to Cardinals for O'Neill OF, Helsley SP and Sherriff RP; Kinsler & Adduci to Toronto for Travis 2nd, Barnes RP and Smith SS and Hardy, Bell to Marlins for Ziegler & Conley; Saupold to National for Wieters C & Fedde SP; TBD trades for Romine, Mahtook Rule 5 Draft: From the Yankees Tarpley RP and Cave OF Free Agents: Morrison 1st and OF, Siegrist RP Your 25 man roster: SP: Norris, Fulmer, Boyd or Helsley, Fedde and Zimmerman RP: Sherriff, Barracloud, Barnes, Stumph, B Garcia (or Siegrist), Jimenez and Tarpley C: McCann and Wieters IF: Morrison, Travis, Machado, Candelario, Castro, Cabrera and Hicks OF: O'Niell, Gerber, Castellanos and Cave
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