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  1. Dirk42


    Was the team autograph event open to the public?
  2. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    Why no mini-helmets or bats for Horton?
  3. I feel you I just got my 2 abdelkader cards back and both smudged badly but feel worse for you cause that was a lot more pricey than the abdelkaders.
  4. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    What is phone number for Tigers foundation?
  5. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    All my checks cashed yesterday so I hope to see some packages soon
  6. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    How did J.D ruin your card ? Still waiting on Fulmer, Lowe, Pelfrey, and Jarrod but not hopeful they will come back autographed
  7. They are nice and wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of them.
  8. These are nice, do you actually make these and sell them?
  9. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    I sent 6 players out and only got Zimmerman and McCann back. Did they cash your checks yet cause mine still haven't been cashed.
  10. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    Does anyone here still have cards out for Tigers for a cause. I sent a few packages out 3 months ago and haven't received yet and wondered what they do with the season over?
  11. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    Does anyone know if signings at Gibraltar are first come or do they still do them in rows by numbers.
  12. Dirk42


    Do they ever announce what players will be autographing in advance on Sunday's at mud hens games.
  13. Does the Tiger foundation use blue sharpies for the cards or did you send one. I am getting ready to send some in and need to know if i should send blue sharpie with cards.



    1. JimDavison


      I have gotten 4 returns throughout the years and I always write Blue Sharpie Please on a post it note stuck to the top loader.  They have all come back in blue.  Hope this helps.


  14. Dirk42

    June 2016 Successes

    Nice card, did you ask them to sign it in blue or did they just do it themselves. I know when I did the redwing send in they would only use black even though I wanted blue.
  15. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    Do you display them or keep them stored and do you keep them in a certain temperature. I also almost have the complete 84 team except Hernandez,Brookens and I know he was just here but could not make the Herndan.
  16. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    For the people here who get balls autographed, how do you store them to protect from fading and bleeding?
  17. Dirk42

    Upcoming signings

    Not a bad lineup but could use some guys that are not around as often as some of these guys are, but I will still be there