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  1. Has anybody (that should have knowledge) made a list of all new prospects showing projected quality of everybody in the set? The ideal list would contain all of the following information on each prospect. Current skills initial forecasted development schedule forecast of timetable to the show. prediction of impact once on the team. I totally understand this would be mostly speculation, however, what I am interested in is what was Avila thinking (re the questions posed above) on each one of these guys! Perhaps someone reading this could make this happen. I suspect this was just a payroll dump, and would be pleasantly surprised and encouraged if there were some semblance of a rebuilding plan involved. I used to attend all of the time when in the area, and make games even from here in Florida where I get to Lakeland games every spring training. If, however, there is perception that the organization does not care about a timely return to relevance, I have the feeling that will change, not only with me, but other loyal tiger fans.
  2. If the front office thinks they can go on a 20+ year hiatus while attempting to build a competitive team, they have another think coming. These turkeys are the same guys who went brain absent over the last few years and permitted system degradation to the point that there is nothing in the tank. I find it unconscionable that a storied franchise such as the Tigers can't maintain a competitive team year in year out. Mike Illitch was a great Detroit owner, his family, not so much. Ignorance and petty ideas may have bought down the Tigers.
  3. I think that with Dombrowski the Tigers wouldn't have been in rebuilding mode. Also the post that He did this to the Marlins is not apples apples. The Tigers are not nor ever will be the poor baseball market that any team in Florida is.
  4. Would Dombrowski have made this deal? No ****ing way! But The Tigers don't miss they? This deal was wretched from its first moments and it will be a wretched deal remembered 20 years from now. Mike Illitch, a true Detroit patriot. The only thing he was poor at was producing offspring with similar traits.
  5. Then why do successful teams pay their managers millions of dollars to manage? If what you say is true, seems like a terrible waste of money.
  6. Thanks for your left hand acknowledgement of my point. my last word, Leyland managed the operational aspect of the team. There are naturally good players, players that grew through development, and through operations management, continue to develop while on the major league roster. Along with that, there are a whole host of managerial decisions that impact success on the field (a few of them, batting order, game situ decisions, clubhouse attitude, etc.). In closing, I agree that roster skills are necessary for competing, you'll never convince me that field management is not important, or that Jim Leyland was not one of the best Tiger managers. Thanks for the topic oriented discussion.
  7. Management success when judged against team talent level. Pittsburg: 1985 defined as one of the worst baseball teams all time. 1986. Leyland hired..starts record of continuous improvement all the way to the champions and contender years of 1990, 1991, 1992 Miami: new team in 1992, not a factor. 1996 Leyland hired...1997 into playoffs won World Series. 1998 Owner sells off team talent. Tigers:. Losing record 2005...Leyland hired in 2006...tigers win pennant. is there not an identifiable pattern here? bottom line is Jim Leyland has identifiable record as a successful major league manager agreed?
  8. Ausmus is like hundreds of other bright, seemingly knowledgeable people who have been around the game and appear to be qualified to be a major league manager. Here is what he lacks. first, how to keep his mouth shut. second, patience. third, courage, to stay with what he knows is his best chance to win regarding keeping his mouth shut, every game is not an opportunity for him to display his understanding or insight. Just sit in your corner of the dugout, make out your lineup card, observe! And quietly and consistently, play your game! all of the animus towards Leyland never acknowledges that he does have one trait that is highly desireable. He wins!