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  1. AL's hung his hat on Tork and Green being high caliber MLB players by 2023, and Candy keeping it up, and getting lucky with somebody like Badoo being lightning in a bottle and not a flash in the pan ...this is our GM. Out of all four major DET sports, AL is leaps and bounds the worst as of now...and that's without the new Lions guy even having a draft or season yet...
  2. I give Chris Illitch credit for hiring Yzerman, but that was a no-brainer....what the **** does he think AL's gonna do here?! Need to cut bait and get a non-barnacle MLB caliber GM somehow, stat.
  3. Did I miss 3 games? Ooh, nvm, I meant the western trip...you are correct sir, yikes.
  4. Longview, 3-4 on this road trip, with this diaper loaded offense, isnt that bad tbh🤷‍♂️
  5. Boyd for a rule 5 guy and two "cant miss" bullpen arms...the bats will come around in the near future /s
  6. Pitchers did a good job today...it's not their fault the offense, LH batting Nico, and Reyes are the equivalent of an Avila hemmerhoid flare up.
  7. 3-4 on this western road trip is a success with this group I reckon...but damn, this offense kinda blows goats.
  8. Whelp, good try...but who has two thumbs and thinks this offense can break a late game tie? Not this guy. Who has two thumbs and thinks this BP can shut this team out? Not this guy.
  9. Maybe, but our BP tends to be a bit sketchy...would be awesome if Boyd goes 9 and closes it out.
  10. Clearly he's a cold weather player...look for a bounce back this week in the snow.
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