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  1. Damn, I could only handle one Det vs Chi colon blow for the day...rectum damn near killed em.
  2. Did someone request my presence? Say my name 3 times in a mirror...#magic
  3. Candy man is the saving grace with this team...damn, one of the hottest hitters in ball atm.
  4. Lol **** it, I give up...this team couldnt get laid in a whorehouse with zero outs...
  5. Excuse me as I remain calm, HOW THE **** IS JOE STILL UP?!!!
  6. 92-93 mph fastballs up in the zone will get you broomed out of the league.
  7. Chef Boyd-ar'dee servin up them-a meatballs-a!
  8. Peredes great play on the tag and base block.
  9. Let's goooo playoff push! And here's to the great Roberto Clemente!
  10. Well at least Stewie put it in play, baby steps.
  11. I really like Castro's plate approach...him and Candy back to back looks to be a good combo, then sprinkle in some Reyes and hopefully we got 3 good young bats for the forseeable future.
  12. Love seeing Candy find his bat...if only Stewart could find his, this team could have scratched out a cpl more wins at this point, sigh.
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