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  1. A little white knuckle wallet biting there Joe....
  2. Would have rolled with Farmer this inning...Gardy going full-on B-rad, oh well, I'm just a rube on my couch, play em by the book!
  3. I like how the pitcher scheduled for Wed against JV is "TBA"...thats one of those check box losses.
  4. Lol, exaclty, so dont do that...bring him in!
  5. Gj Buck! He's been pretty good this year so far....hope he keeps it up.
  6. What would Ausmus do? Dont do that whatever it is.
  7. Well I havent felt good about bringing in Farmer until his recent decent performances this season...but damn, this has BP meltdown written all over it...
  8. Has Stumpf considered shaving the ginger beard? Maybe that'll help, because he's absolutely awful.
  9. It appears the BP is, as the kids say "****ty" today...
  10. Getting closer every season to the fabled 100% accurate robot plate umpires...and I'm getting closer to agreeing with it.
  11. I dont know about Miggy, but this thread is making me drink again.
  12. Just watched the game recap...is it ok to still complain about Lloyd? This team has had consistently awful in-consistent plate approaches during much of his tenure...what does he actually do to add value to this team? Do the players even care/need to have a hitting coach? Because either he's really bad at his job, or the guys are just glazing over what he says...as the kids say "that shiz is whack daddy-o!".
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