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  1. This amuses me: The Tigers are very likely to score an earned run.
  2. They say water finds it's level...boy howdy, did it ever with this craptastic offense lately. Maybe even bottom three in the league the last month?
  3. Is McCannt on the roster next year? Is he really the Tigers best option at catcher?...because it can't really get much worse.
  4. Only hope that maybe the Yankees still like his potential as a #3 in their rotation. He still has good stuff and is young, perhaps a change would do him good. I really would like to get Clint Frazier and Tyler Wade from them...Frazier is a ready to play player that can possibly be part of this team for awhile. Wade is a good young prospect who is also ready to play....maybe not at Frazier's level, but he could be a solid role player.
  5. I was really hoping Yankees would offer up Frazier for Fulmer...but seeing as how he is getting jail sexed by one the teams the Yanks very well could meet in the playoffs, nope.
  6. My gawd....no way in **** does anyone offer us anything worth a pile of dog snot for Fulmer.
  7. No longer fun to watch. Def not better than we think. Fulmer is king of the gascans.
  8. I can't put that on the coaches. At this point in his carrer Victor should be able to figure how to hit a $*÷>$&* ball...he's just old, krunk, and busted.
  9. Drats, so much for getting anything more than a bag of balls for Fulmer.. may as well keep him.
  10. I can't even look at Vmart anymore...how does he even drag his busted a$$ out there with any pride day to day? Someone has to make a move, be it him or the org....juts pay him and cut bait, put Nick in as DH or something idk....just be done with it. smh.
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