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  1. Can they just forfeit the season at this point? This is getting too embarassing to be considered mlb...
  2. This team takes the fun out of fundamentals...triple out of double.
  3. Is it safe to say zimmerman sucks? I know it's a hot take
  4. As Triumph the insult comic dog would say: "this is a good team...for me to poop on!"
  5. I stand by this meme, and raise it full of gas cans
  6. Starting to wonder what's the point of having any coaches? I dont really watch other teams, but (as has been said ad naeseum I know), this team has had awful plate discipline and inconsistent approaches for years...are other teams this consistently bad at the plate?
  7. What's Price's K record? Methinks he could beat it today.
  8. Then maybe he should have some self respect and hang 'em up....but that sweet, sweet easy $ would be hard to walk away from.
  9. Have there been many worse contracts for an allegede "ace" type pitcher than Zim in the modern baseball era? He's rrreeallllyyy baaaad....I do wonder if he cashes his checks while gazing at his shoes and not making eye contact, kind of hard to have much pride at this rate.
  10. Glad I'm not at the game...would have been alot of $9 beers by now, prob would have cashed me out.
  11. McCann got away from Lloyd and now he mc-can hit....hmmmmm
  12. Joe appears to have a very thin skin...when he's on and relatively dialed in, he's ok, but as soon as the wheels start to get shaky, he loses it. That's not a succesful MLB set-up pitcher's disposition. I know he's young, but he's wayyy too easily rattled to be at this level.
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