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  1. Wow 3 years ago everybody wanted Leyland gone and you got what you wanted. Someone who embraced all this new sabermetric stuff and just 2 years later everyone is turning on him.
  2. Chavez is 0-3 with a 9.90 Era against the Tigers, sounds like a 3 hit shutout!
  3. Say what you want and blame who you want, the fact is this is a really bad baseball team.
  4. Bobby "the Brain" Heenan Tina Louise Hugh Hefner Ken "Hawk" Harrelson Honey Boo Boo Kathy Griffin
  5. Dave Duncan Harry Reid George H W Bush Earl Campbell David Allan Coe Hugh Heffner
  6. that was a Seinfeld quote, but they do have stats for doubles triple homeruns runs scored walks and other catagories just look on the back of any baseball card and You will see them or better yet just watch the games with your eyes and you will know alot more than some made up stat that doesnt really tell you anything either.
  7. I just looked at the Angels roster and Vernon Wells would have replaced Trout so I think that would be way better than Kelly
  8. Well quite a few I have mlb extra innings and watch a lot of games
  9. But my beef with War is you are using a fictional player, not the player that would have replaced him. You can make up stats all day long with fictional players and it doesnt mean anything. Tell me who would replace Trout, I can it would have been Tori Hunter and he is very close defensively but not as good on offence but not a bum by any means. And Im sure Don kelly would have been Cabrera's replacement so thats a huge difference.
  10. I dont know the Angels roster like I do the Tigers but If its a fictional player that is being used in the formula then You can come up with any kind of numbers you want. I think this WAR is the dumbest stat I have ever heard of. I do watch the games and From what I can see with my eyes is that Cabrera Is the best player in the game.
  11. I do agree Yoda but Miggy was better at 3rd than alot of people thought he would be. Im talking about what ever That WAR thing means. I dont understand that. From what i gather its what wins u would get above a fictional player. If thats true you can make up anything you want. If trout would have been out for sometime Im sure that Hunter would have replaced him. Thats not much loss defensively> Had Cabrera been out I think Kelly would have been his replacement and I dont think I need to say more.
  12. Congrats Miggy. They got it right. the sabermetric crap didnt matter.
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