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  1. Not sure if the OP still posts here, but is the 1990 Tigers @ Yankees game by any chance the last game of the season when Cecil Fielder hit his 50th and 51st home runs? I'm looking for complete, significant Cecil Fielder games for a Christmas present for my dad. We both have really fond memories of watching Cecil, especially in 1990, so if anyone has any complete games, I'd be willing to pay for copies. I'd be looking for these games especially: Any game from WDIV in 1990 with George Kell and Al Kaline. August 25th, 1990 - Oakland @ Detroit: Cecil Fielder hits a home run over the left field roof at Tiger Stadium. October 3rd, 1990 - Detroit @ New York: Cecil Fielder hits his 50th and 51st home runs of the season. This was not aired on TV in Detroit, but based on a YouTube comment, I believe it was aired in New York on WPIX. I'd love to get this game on video, and also, if possible the complete Ernie Harwell broadcast. July 2nd, 1993 - Texas @ Detroit: Cecil Fielder hits a home run on the left field roof at Tiger Stadium. I think Cecil hit something up on the roof 5(?!) times. I don't remember the dates of all the games though. Anyways, yeah, I'm looking for anything with Cecil Fielder and the Tigers, preferably with George Kell & Al Kaline or Ernie Harwell. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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