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  1. Why didn't Det get a competetive balance pick? Looked it up and they were 7th to last in revenue in 2018, and 5th to last in record.
  2. Every draft site I've seen projects Greene really hi with his bat. Wouldn't be a travesty if that's who AA picks. That said I too would prefer Bleday or Vaughn
  3. Big day is here. I have a gut feeling one of Vaughn or Bleday is there at 5 and AA will choose Greene.
  4. Kevin Costner had it in For the Love of the Game, Jiminez needs to find it
  5. Manning had a rough outing - in 5 1/3 gave up 5 hits, 4 bb, 2 HR and 3 ER.
  6. Bingo. Confidence is key for him. Way too early to give up on him but he needs to toughen up.
  7. I still blame Al for the Merkle bon*r and the Snodgrass drop. But give him props for Woody Fryman in '72
  8. I think AA has been ok. While shedding payroll he's had to do with low budget signings of unwanted players and guys off of the aaa scrap heap. These players have included Hicks, Goodrum, Martin (who netted Castro), Dixon, Beckham etc. Some of them look like they might stick past the rebuild. Look at the roster. It's a wonder they are 22-32 imho.
  9. Interesting article on Vaugn and taking a 1Bman top 5 pick https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/5/30/18645138/mlb-draft-andrew-vaughn-first-baseman-cal
  10. According to BA Bojarski was born in South Africa. I knew I had read that somewhere https://www.baseballamerica.com/players/37653/ulrich-bojarski/
  11. Thanks for posting - great link. I'm hoping Vaugn falls to Det, but it looks like they should get a nice bat regardless - unless AA screws it up
  12. Lol, his stats do look promising and he is young. He'll likely pass Deatherage on the OF prospect list
  13. Carpenter and Ramirez get it done, finishing up with Shane. I think Ramirez might stick as a long reliever. He's looked good and was also good in Toledo. Carp gets his 2nd mlb win. Man, how bad are the Orioles!? I believe Gardy said Carpenter went on short rest.
  14. Is that the kid from South Africa?
  15. They've had to pitch Carpenter 3 times (today on short rest), Soto 2 times (once on short rest) and Ramirez - 2 mediocre aaa pitchers and one aa - all during this terrible stretch. Gardenhire is working to change the culture top to bottom. They need guys like him to develop talent the right way- something that has been sorely lacking. Fire Gardy? Imho that's nuts. If anything they'll be lucky if he wants to be extended. He's in his mid 60s. Does he want to continue with a long rebuild?
  16. Guess that data could be used to point out that WAR does not necessarily equate to winning championships.
  17. Promising news on Greene. Henning: Greene will surprise, and other bold Tiger forecasts
  18. I too am only confident with the 5 dating back to Kaline, plus Cobb - Miggy, Ordonez, Cash, Kuehn, Kaline and Cobb. Other possibilities could be Goslin, Crawford, York, Greenberg, Heilmann, Gehringer, Kell........now I gotta look it up. Probably some less common guy like Ferris Fain or Bobby Avila. I'm surprised that I'm only sure of six.
  19. In 1973 Hiller was 4th in the AL in both CYA and MVP voting. He followed that up in 1974 being voted 7th and 20th respectively. He was dominate for about a decade. Best overall Tigers reliever in their history. And he was home grown.
  20. Anderson had a lovely 1.582 lifetime whip. 157 bb in 257 lifetime innings. #1 overall pick, out of baseball by 28. He's still only 39. Maybe there's hope for him yet. Total bust and waste of a pick.
  21. Absolutely. Best homegrown Tigers reliever of my lifetime without question. Not even close imho. Had a heart attack really young in his career. Bounced back to lead the league in saves. One year he had 17 wins in relief iirc.
  22. Terrible deal for Baltimore imho. If the Mets are offering Cespedes a one year deal, why wouldn't Detroit offer a 2/48 deal? I'd offer that to both Yoenis and Upton and see if one bites. And Miguel has had significant injuries 2 years in a row now. I'm not so sure he'll be all that productive at 35, let alone 40. I hope so, but he doesn't strike me as someone who takes extra good care of himself.
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