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  1. I'm on board with Hinch now. I'm easy. And my feet keep growing. Wtf?
  2. I think Realmuto is the biggest prize FA.
  3. Miggy actually came on strong and was paced for about 30 hr and 100 rbi. I don't see him getting there, but maybe 25 hr and 80 rbi. I agree at some point he'll need to drop in the order. But unless the guys Al signs are better, I'm guessing he stays put in his spot.
  4. But in a down year for overall FA talent. I have a hunch Al will kick the tires and also consider 1-yr type deals to Gardner. Maybe Braun. Rocky Bleier. Elvira.
  5. I like Hinch, just surprised he was signed. He does seem genuinely contrite and I hadn't known about his smashing 2 monitors. He clearly didn't like the system but didn't stop it either. Wonder if I can get a tilt-a-whirl for my backyard?
  6. Veeck's son is part owner of the St Paul Saints independent league team. He is an apple that didn't fall too far from the tree
  7. We had a mutt named Susie. Started eating her own sh*t and got sick and died. I sorta blame myself as I used to pray that Yankees fans would eat sh*t and die. Could also be due to bad karma for my hatred of Wilson Phillips. Or maybe she just ate sh*t and died all on her own. RIP Susie. Of course you died in 1970 so you've probably been reincarnated. If so I hope you're not a Yankees fan. Give me a call after COVID is under control
  8. While I like Springer, he's 31 and I just don't see Al going that route. Perhaps if he doesn't get any long term offers? Or maybe if Hinch is hired it increases the odds?
  9. So Stafford finally gets to experience a championship.........vicariously thru Kershaw
  10. Has Manfred had a stroke? He was slurring his speech.
  11. If he does I hope it's a la Charles O'Finley's policy. Funk can sport the barbell stash
  12. Somehow David Price will take some credit for this
  13. At least there was a Gibby reference by their owner. Sure, it was for the "88 Dodgers. If the Dodgers dip into luxury tax land they'll be winning more rings
  14. I'm confused by this thread. And hungry. And my butt feels sticky.
  15. And Tampa looks strong. He's doing this at 43. New system. No good prep due to COVID. Yet here are the Bucs, in contention. Does anyone still debate the GOAT?
  16. I believe Buehler said his grandfather lived in Detroit and was a Tigers fan, which played a role with him following JVs mechnics. If that's the case it only seems fair that he should play for Detroit
  17. I predicted this after game 3. The Lions have a light schedule so this all fits the SOL paradigm. They'll end up 7-9, Ford's see it as adequate improvement and extend Quinn and Patricia, then they go backwards again for 3 more years and the rebuild continues. We're in year 63 now. This little win streak guarantees SOL and a minimum of 3 more years of garbage football. Interesting question - are there any living former NFL players who won at least 2 playoff games with the Lions? Only 1 win since 1957. So you figure rookies on that squad would 85 now. If not, Tim Tebow has more playoff victories than any living player has won in a Lions uniform.
  18. I agree. Aroz tripped 25-30 feet from home. Unless Smith has colonel Steve Austin peripheral vision I doubt he could have seen it. Hence the rush to swipe tag.
  19. The game was on regular Fox. Don't you guys have local channels? Yes the last play was bizarre. But overall it was one of the best WS games I have ever seen. A true battle. Hearns vs Haggler. At one stretch at least 1 run was scored for 7 consecutive half innings, which is a WS first, and the lead kept switching back and forth. Terrible last play by Taylor and Smith, and unfortunately for the Dodgers it was a fluke all around at the very worst time. At least we didn't need to see extra innings
  20. Buehler is going to pitch a no-no tonight. I hate the Dodgers
  21. You left off Pedro, you anti-dentite bass terd
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