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  1. Joe was definitely on with that speech. Found myself clapping at the tv
  2. Geesh, nice off season so far
  3. Except dems won overall popular both times. I'm still wearing the same bloomers, so there's that
  4. Aren't you guys watching America Ninja Warriors finals?
  5. Actually I believe less than half the states have a law stating the elector has to follow the state's popular vote.
  6. "Never eat a cheesesteak made by a southpaw" - Ivan Drago
  7. Someone ate my ******* milk duds!
  8. Det news has an article about Fetter. I like the hire. -nanu nanu
  9. I shook Ford's hand at the Kent County airport circa '75. He's no Henry Winkler, but still a fond memory.
  10. As someone who has worked to help folks living in poverty for most of my career, I too nominate Kushner and his entire family. The guy is heartless, ego scum
  11. Nice. Sparky used go say build up the middle. There ya go!
  12. So the middle of the line-up would consist of Riley, Spencer and Trevor? Sounds more like an OSU frat team
  13. Gladys Knight will be heading there tonight. She'll straighten it out.
  14. Remember when it was "pizza-pizza?"
  15. Greenland has green chicks, as once seen on star trek. Green chicks with pointy bras. Don't knock green chicks with pointy bras.
  16. I'll be Vogt'ing in person right after work. I'm almost hoping to have an encounter with a Karen or a gun slinging voter observer.
  17. Exactly. SOL. It's a curse. They will win enough to keep Quinn and Patricia. It's a nightmare.
  18. If Chris is that rich, maybe he should purchase Greenland before Trump gets it. Good place for a ball field, Greenland.
  19. We have beautiful weather this week so I've opened a couple windows. Let's play 2!
  20. That would be a nice Christmas gift. But I've been in the cloud of SOL for decades. It doesn't work out like that for Lions fans. The Fords still pocket their bazillions because we fans are idiots.
  21. Det's next 4 games: MN (2-5) Wash (2-5) Carolina (3-5) Houston (1-6) I can see them winning 3 of those games. The final 4 are much tougher, but they'll have a big win vs a team like GB to end up 7-9, and Patricia and Quinn get extended. I flipping hope not. My 'hope meter' went from .05% all the way up to 10% heading into today. Had they won it would have jumped to 30-40%. Shame on me. Fan since '72 so I know better. Back down go .05%. And I see SOL going 7-9 and both Quinn and Patricia get new deals. I will die hanging onto .05% unless the Ford's sell.
  22. He'd be worth a 1/6-8 type deal to see if he bounces back. But I bet he'll get several similar offers. That trade sure took the momentum out of Pitt's rebuild.
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