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  1. How on earth can anyone not see him for what he is - a doosh of the smelliest order?
  2. Very cool. I have a couple Kaline bat cards
  3. Is the '57 Bunning an original Topps or reprint? Nice Yount rookie
  4. "Ahhh. Damn." -Ralph Houk, taking a corny dump, 1974
  5. I do agree. I just ain't writing him off yet. I'm going to write him slightly askew. Perhaps asymptotic. Where's my abacus? Anyone seen my abacus? Crap
  6. Outrageous I'm an open minded, big-footed, slightly gumpy Christian left believer. I used to see some connections between the Christian right and the Christian left. At this point they've lost me. They don't even mention it was a felony to bring a firearm across state lines. People are lining up to support the great divide. What message does this send the other young punk white supremacists? That god applaudes murder
  7. Remember Fulmer was in year-1 post TJ. I'm not confident in his return, but he is young enough where I wouldn't write him off yet either.
  8. I have it on good authority that Norris practices the quart of blood technique. He leaves when he chooses to leave.
  9. Once again the Kent Benson Pistons era gets snubbed. Shame on you all.
  10. The founder of Soylent Green, inc would have to be hi on the human scum list
  11. Most of my friends from high school and college believe Trump's BS. I'm baffled and also interested in looking at what social dynamics might be involved
  12. I'd like the Tigers to sign someone in the mold of Dock Ellis. Good pitcher, partaker of hallucinogenics
  13. Obviously that's tragic, but also extremely rare. You have a greater chance of being assaulted out in public by an intoxicated/mentally ill symptomatic individual than in a secure building with staff. I've been doing this 30 years. I just left an appointment with a fella who did 30 years in prison. If at any time a staff feels unsafe you take precautions. You need mental health providers on calls with obvious mental illness or you will continue to have Rochester. Police are not equipped to handle it. Social workers with no street experience won't be hired for these positions. People react out of what ifs. Aurelio Rodriguez was killed by a motorist while he was walking on a sidewalk. I'll bet more people are assaulted or even killed on sidewalks than in a social worker's office - so should I be worried if my loved ones go for a stroll on a sidewalk? Not trying to be snotty. I'm tired of seeing mentally ill people get killed and escalate to the point they harm others. We need to try something new.
  14. There are mental health professionals (like myself) that have worked the streets for years and are street savy. Often more than an inexperienced cop. Our governor has already hinted at pushing for such folks being added to the force. I'll actually consider it myself.
  15. Your will is strong grasshopper
  16. I expect to see something similar in Minneapolis during 2021. The council woman who headed the charge for "defund the police" resigned yesterday, citing personal reasons. Anxious to see how this works out in NY
  17. If I do the costanza squint, I see it. I see it. I think I see it.
  18. I've read that Barr asked to play Ned Beatty's role in the Deliverance remake.
  19. Got it. I agree. Read what happened in Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. My son was actually applying there a couple years ago when PC wars took over the campus. I lived in Seattle for most of the 90s
  20. Trump literally has had marriages mapped out. Pre-nups that state they divorce before such date and all you get is this much. Stay past this date and you get more. Iirc his past 2 divorces happened weeks before the ex would have cashed in - he divorced them. I think he will divorce her
  21. I'm smoking a stogie and don't want to get into this now, but I don't see that swing any time soon. The floor of the distribution of wealth is cracking. The protests are not just about BLM. A large percentage of people simply cannot afford housing and medical. Biden will get the ball rolling in a better direction. But my gut tells me out of this bizarre 2020 something new will emerge. God help us, more just for everyone. Those at the ceiling of the wealth have far too much leverage. Heck, even Pelosi is worth 30+ mil, her hubby north of 100 mil (and he took the small biz loan). I'm not objective, as I work on the floor. But I just don't see history repeating itself this time.
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