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  1. Two things I hope for these days -- the Tigers to contend again (or any Det sports team) and for my neighbor's little yapper dog to break its larynx
  2. Miggy is gonna have a decent year. Suck it!
  3. And pilfered dinero from unsuspecting clients.
  4. Then if they trade for Nick back they'll regress to 74
  5. You're not at all optimistic about the pitching? Not even a little? I don't think in my lifetime the Tigers have had such a strong group of pitching prospects. Maybe none will pan out. Odds are good a few will imho
  6. C'mon, Al or no Al the Tigers will return to contention. Glass half full. The farm looks dtrong. Parades is raking this winter. Greene, Tork + likely strong 2020 draft and hopefully a strong 2021 draft. Only 1 terrible contract on the books. Al tore it down and the Tigers are now poised. If you don't see a glass half full you are a pessimist
  7. We aren't talking about the Lions. We are talking about the Tigers! Repeat after me: Glass half full. Glass half full. Glass half full. Glass half full. Glass half full. Glass half full. Trump is a douche. Glass half full. Glass half full. Glass half full.
  8. I don't see Al spending big on any gamble. I agree that next offseason there are better options. But if he can upgrade this year, why not? There likely will be some bargains. But stay away from aisle 4. Goat pee
  9. I consulted my goat spirit, and disagree. He said it is, in fact b-a-a-a-a-d
  10. Have you seen his clips on youtube? Dude has electric stuff. I still say you take the best player your scouts see available. If all things are viewed as equal between a pitcher and bat/field at 3, then I agree, go with the position player. But if Al et al see a pitcher as a notch above any bat, I'd go for the pitcher, and I think Al will as well
  11. I have a gut feeling the Tigers will draft Leiter. But maybe that's the yogurt I ate that's well past the expiri date. Or the flamin hot cheetos. Or the banana shake.
  12. So he still gets to kill the Tigers 19 games a year
  13. 3 WS in a row, and an unlimited supply of baklava. I'd like that.
  14. JV, the Houston Astro. Damn they track every stat
  15. Time pitching for the White sox is calculated in suck years. Different than dog years, but still.....28 is like.....84
  16. If Kumar and Leiter don't go 1-2 I could see Al pouncing on one of them at 3.
  17. With a likely new stud added during the draft
  18. He'll be too old to be a future Tigers contender. I'm ok with him being gone
  19. They've made an absolute mockery of the process. I've lost all respect for the pubs
  20. Anyone know where I can find a book on how-to-torture-my-neighbor's-little-yapper-dog-discretely?
  21. I read a pleasant limerick about the Red Sox, Yankees and anal lesions
  22. If you only take into account the years since the Ford's purchased the team, I fully agree
  23. That's 3 million of other people's money well spent
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