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  1. I think they'll end up with Cron or Moreland
  2. Boom shakalaka! Long day. Boom! Get off the babysitter! Merry Christmas governor.......merry christmas.......
  3. I read Holland has a rocky horror fetish and that his left foot has 7 toes.
  4. 14.c: "..........and each post shall contain a minimum of 4 letters and or numbers or characters. And get off of the babysitter!" Dude!!??
  5. Fluoxetine 40mg might help with that
  6. I think Cabrera, Workman, Colt and some others have a chance. Also don't forget the international kids
  7. What school were you in? I'm telling!
  8. Norm Cash corked his bat in 1961. I cheated on a test with Tony Huber in the 5th grade
  9. I'm confident he'll be ok. Didn't he set an ncaa record for k:bb ratio? I'm also confident that I will never again eat liver and onions.
  10. Isn't Clemens like 37 by now? I would think this is a very important year for him to show something more.
  11. Santana's been the rumor for a couple years now. Glad it came to fruition
  12. I'd add Lenny Dykstra to that list, if we're including non tigers. And who was that flame throwing relief pitcher who used to spout off crazy stuff maybe 15 years ago? Think he pitched for the Braves, or maybe the Phillies?
  13. "We dicks must unite!" -Ron Jeremy to Donald Trump
  14. It is not advised to eat organic lentils 15 months post expiration.
  15. I know this doesn't belong here. It bleeds into all forums. Tom Brady now has the same number of playoff wins with Tampa as the Lions franchise has over the past 63 seasons.
  16. Steve Kemp is absolutely raking at Evansville! 1.200 ops
  17. That's probably why he died
  18. I think you are short changing Welcome Back Kotter
  19. RIP Tommy. I saw him much the same as I did Sparky. Great manager, great personality. Good ambassador for mlb.
  20. That's awesome. I wrote LeFlore a letter as well, telling him I believed he would get 3000 hits. Then cocaine happened.
  21. Pic of govt preparations for BLM protest. Quite the juxtaposition
  22. Co-worker tested positive. I am now quarantined. And my son tells me I smell like beef and cheese. I think I smell like doritos.
  23. My son has some unopened lego sets from 10-15 years ago. They are very collectible. But not edible (i tried), and hurt like heck coming out!
  24. Oh my, how did I forget Meyer?!
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