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  1. I had a few - and multi colored, striped, corduroy bell bottoms. Even had a pair of platform shoes. Then they demolished disco at Comisky between a White Sox vs Tigers doubleheader and it's been downhill since
  2. I don't recall Johnny B looking like Mr Brady
  3. While usually not directed at someone with special needs, imho it's derogatory to this person nonetheless. As if to say "you're being as low functioning as a person with mental retardation." I do think most who say it are implying the intended person is being idiotic, but it is using a term that is also used to describe a disabled population. So why use it?
  4. And "I'll trade you my best meatloaf for Gleyber Torres."
  5. Fenech is a weasel Had to find a word that would be allowed
  6. Return of Iggy? I did read the Reds are looking at Didi. Their years of suckage seem much longer than Detroit's
  7. I'm a huge Greenberg fan and have several of his cards in lesser condition. There was a good documentary on Hank maybe 15 years ago. I think I have the dvd
  8. Larry Doby also gets slighted. He started the same year as Jackie but a few months later
  9. That site also has Rick Rueschel above Carl Hubbell, Bob Feller and Mariano Rivera and has Blyleven and Phil Niekro in the top 38 overall.
  10. I believe you're thinking of that Greek catcher, Al Oedipus.
  11. I definitely do compare when considering the HOF. Don't you? I think your examples are greatly eggaggerated. Maranville retired in the 1940s. Mazeroski retired in 1972. Much closer to Lou's era. If the eras are in close proximity I think comparison is valid.
  12. I've heard Willy May's was a master at sign stealing. I agree with the electronic part being over the line. Teams will cheat if they think they won't get caught. We learned that in the 1987 ALCS
  13. I think Lou is borderline from how I personally view the HOF but imho with middle infielders like Mazeroski and Aparicio already in, how do you keep Lou out? I'd place Lou above them. Maybe develop tiers in the hall? It's definitely getting watered down with guys like Baines imho.
  14. So long as no hire has any connection to the Lions it just might work
  15. Didn't catch this earlier. 12 Angry Men. Very nice!
  16. I love it! I supervise a team of social workers and sometimes my sense of humor drives them nuts
  17. Nice! Personally I would have elected Lou in before Morris. Maybe Lolich as well. Would be great to see all of them get in. And Freehan who was an 11 time all-star, won 5 gg's and received MVP votes 6 times
  18. Why do people stand corrected? I'm usually sitting when I type. Not always but usually
  19. I understand what you are saying, but I'm talking about prolonged terrible baseball, as we saw in 2019 in Detroit. Example Houston: '07-'10 they lost 89, 75, 88 and 86. Attendance was 3mil, 2.78, 2.5, 2.3 Then from '11-'13 they lost 106, 107, 111 Attendance was 2mil, 1.6, 1.65 So imho that data shows more people will go see a non-playoff but competetive team than they will a terrible team
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