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  1. I agree with whomever posted that this will be changing with the upcoming new CBA. I see no way the players continue to get screwed by being left down for the sole purpose of hanging onto control time. That 100% favors ownership and the team and only screws the player. If Mize needs development, by all means hold him back. If not, why?
  2. Shrine is probably a stretch - there are things like a framed autographed jersey. It was there last August when I took the ferry
  3. Me too. Guess I missed watching more than I thought. Been watching other teams play as well
  4. I seem to recall we beat the paragon ponies twice in a day in 1975. Those were 7 inning games.
  5. As a kid we'd often go to family day double headers. Best days of my year. Had I ever received the pet monkey I asked for that would have been better. Never happened. So I'll stick with Tiger Stadium doubleheaders
  6. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Someone call Clark and Manfred. Looks like a good deal.
  7. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Chop a year off and make it 5
  8. Classic Castellanos. He'll make a post game complaint about the stadium
  9. Yes! That mother ****er needs to stop ******* apologizing for **** *** ******* profanities
  10. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Cespedes didn't show up for the Mets game today and he didn't call in either. Hope he is ok
  11. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    While that obviously makes the best business sense to maintain control, I think it's also one of the main reasons the next CBA negotiations will be lengthy. It's best for the team, I agree. But you're holding back players who are ready for the show, just to keep control. Imho not fair to the player. I love the Tigers and want them to reach contention and maintain that long term. But in most cases I side with what's best for the player. If a guy is clearly ready for the show - and I believe Mize is - bring him up. I say kudos to the other teams that are doing that.
  12. I watched Bauer several times on mlbtv last year. His stuff was really good. Maybe the Tigers are just in his head
  13. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    It is, but what else can you do? I guess they could just call it an exhibition season.
  14. I have no recollection of Andrew Good. Was when my son was a toddler and I was working 3 jobs. And the Tigers sucked.
  15. An all-time favorite of mine. Have a pic hanging in my home and a couple of his 1953 Topps cards. He was a mlb rookie at 42 and still had a couple solid years. Then amazingly at age 58 he pitched 3 scoreless, 1-hit innings. First book report I wrote was on a biography about Satchel. Have had a fascination with the negro leagues ever since. I wish someone would write a book/make a movie about Rube Foster
  16. Guess I'll have to take my Saturday dump a little earlier
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