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  1. Candy was a heckuva pitcher. And Parker would likely be in the HOF had he not found cocaine
  2. Well again, Wilson sucked for the Cubs so there is no way the Cubs got the better deal. Parades is a top 100 prospect. To this point imho Det got the better of the deal. If Paraded flops and Candy doesn't improve then it's a wash. Candy hit 19 HR as a rookie. Still hope for him
  3. Parades was also in that deal. Wilson sucked for the Cubs. Det got the better of that deal
  4. I agree that at this point next year is shaping up to be worse. Nick will be gone, Shane likely as well, and maybe Boyd. Rogers, Daz and Castro will likely be brought up, but of those only Castro is above .220 at Toledo. Little, if any offensive upgrades until they adapt to mlb. Mize, Manning et all are more likely landing late 2020 or 2021, and even those guys might struggle at first. So I agree - if Illitch/AA do not bring in a few FA bats this off season next year might be worse.
  5. Current rumors have SD going hard after Bauer
  6. When the Yankees inquired about Boyd AA asked for Gleyber Torres. I think it's safe to assume AA will stick with asking for such a huge haul. For that reason I think there is a strong chance Boyd stays in Det for now, which is fine with me
  7. Wow that's a great card! I've always wanted that card and Seaver's rookie
  8. Supposed to be a very strong crop of college guys. A pitcher on Georgia and a first baseman with power are projected at the top right now. Would be nice to see Det get a near-mlb-ready power bat
  9. Been collecting since 1972. Still an avid collector and only buy cards pre '75. As a collector I'm not stuck on condition and mostly buy mid-grade cards. Have a couple 1954 Kaline rookies, '33 goudey Cochrane and Gehringer cards, 1941 play ball Gehringer and Greenberg, a t206 Cobb and many others. But my favorite is the 1953 topps Satchel Paige of which I have a few. Imagine the stats he would have had, had he been able to play mlb in his prime. He was a rookie at age 41. Little know odd fact - in 1965 at age 58 Paige came back to pitch one game and pitched 3 scoreless innings giving up one hit.
  10. Fulmer makes 2.8 mil this year and I doubt his salary would increase. He was ROY and has 3 years of team control. If Det doesn't keep him I'll see that as a clear sign Chris Illitch is only concerned about money. I expect him to be back with Det
  11. Don't forget Turnbull. Unless Boyd brings a huge haul I think AA does keep him. That said it sure looks like there are several teams interested so he should bring some strong offers. I think things are still pointing to 2021 and they'll still need Illitch to spend on some FA bats
  12. There are better Cs than Bobby Wilson?
  13. 5 starts in a row giving up at least 4 runs for Boyd. Swing and miss pitches are still strong. He did walk 4 today.
  14. Mark Cuban. Wouldn't treat the Tigers as a civic treasure but would spend and be invested in trying to win. Of course mlb owners would likely deny him again
  15. That's one of my favorite baseball cards.
  16. I think Dan Gilbert would be more willing to do whatever it takes to build a winner than Chris Illitch will ever be. He can be overly emotional but he wants to win
  17. I doubt AA is talking about huge contracts. Maybe they will go after guys like Brantley to add offense when Mize, Manning et al are ready. Guys AA has been adding the past couple of years have been brought in as stop gaps and guys to potentially flip for prospects. I don't get the sense at all that AA added FAs last year and this to try and win. He was up front at the start of the rebuild that the Tigers will suck several years
  18. Went straight to majors. Back in the 40s/50s if a team gave a bonus of $4000+ to a newly signed player, that player had to remain in the majors for at least 2 seasons. Was put into place to stop big market teams from outbidding other teams with huge bonuses. Kaline was such a bonus kid. Killebrew, Koufax and several others were subject to that rule.
  19. If what AA said is true, Imho that's great news. Their farm is still void of bats and they'll need FA bats when the pitching prospects are ready. Maybe .500 by 2021 and contention by 2022 is possible
  20. Watch The Battered Bastards of Baseball on Netflix and you'll get your answer
  21. I'm guessing that's sarcasm? He's played a whopping 3 games in Conn and has an ops of 1.007 in those games
  22. RIP.....if you have Netflix check out "the Battered Bastards of Baseball." Bouton is in it. Documentary about an independent minor league team owned by Kurt Russell's father in the 70s
  23. In the 70s I was a kid and the all-star game was as big as christmas. Yesterday's game was the first I've watched in 20 years - and that's mostly because I just had knee replacement surgery and am laid up. I will say it's amazing how many young stars are dominating mlb.
  24. Nick will go to Tampa, a team that develops talent, and somehow become adequate in the field
  25. Chris Davis' contract is worse imho. But yeah, I think Zimm's will be brought up through the years when rating all-time worst contracts. Hard to ponder that Mike Illitch was close to offering Davis a similar deal but supposedly AA talked him out of it
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