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  1. I'd probably go with JR Richard or Don Wilson from the past. Now, hands down, Verlander
  2. Part of Fenech's article was correct imho, that there is a decent chance Mize, Manning etc will struggle at first. Even Verlander struggled at first if I recall correctly. I would think a more realistic, and hopeful scenario would be bad in 2020, fighting for .500 in 2021, thoughts of battling for the Central in 2022. A lot depends on health, positive player development and FA acquisitions. A lot has to go right. But there is hope. Just my 3 cents
  3. I left after 7 with Tigers up 4-1.........and I knew they would blow it. Comical. And Colonical
  4. One of the "scouts" Fenech quotes sees Det's pitching prospects as "middle of the pack?" I find that hard to believe. Sometimes I think Fenech just makes **** up.
  5. I wish the Tigers' broadcasting crew included Bill Walton
  6. I agree. Had he just kept running I stead of jumping he would have caught it
  7. I agree. It seems like he's constantly taking shots for his problem areas.
  8. I'd think W Castro gets his shot at SS, and I'd like to see Niko get more consistent time at 2B. A 2Bman who hits .250 with some pop, who always hustles. He is streaky at the plate, but probably the position player I most like to watch.
  9. Sadly I agree. He needs to step up
  10. They have more pitchers on the 40 because most their position players suck. It does look like 10+ will be coming off before next season. I wonder if they get free Little Caesar's pizzas as a consolation?
  11. Not sure about the rings, but I heard each player got 10 free medium dominos pizzas. They did have to pay tax and tip.
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