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  1. But he is an upgrade and potential trade chip. I wouldn't make a huge offer, but he might agree to a low 1-yr offer because he would likely get a lot of playing time. I wonder who made up the rumor?
  2. Garbage always seems to turn left. Not much Gardy can do about that. I think Gardy has always liked Detroit. I'm sure he knew things were heading into full rebuild, but he probably didn't think the talent would drop this low. The position player roster is one of, if not the worst roster I've ever seen
  3. I agree. I think that's a big area where Detroit fell behind the times.
  4. Let's leave my son's cat out of this
  5. I like Gardy but imho you should add one more option "don't really gaf because they suck so bad"
  6. It is possible to both condemn domestic violence and give an alleged abuser another chance, if the conditions are right (he is contrite, is willing to speak out against DV, etc). I confess I haven't followed the story all that much and don't even know if he was ever convicted. Or if he is even producing in mlb at a level where he could help. I supervise a team that helps vulnerable homeless. One of my very best staff did time for opiate sales and is a recovering heroin addict. Shelters are full of folks with records because they can't find work and landlords won't rent to them in a tight market. I realize his story is different in that we're talking about a privileged few who get paid a ton of dinero to play a sport. I'm still interested in knowing the facts and am open to giving the guy another chance. That wouldn't necessarily be the reason I would pass. Lack of production or overall team plan fit would. And I don't know much about his production. I do enjoy a good cigar. And wind-up toys.
  7. Under the right circumstances I wouldn't mind Det giving him a chance. I'm not convinced he's a starter in mlb though. I'd just as soon have Mercer back another year and put him at 2B. Imho W Castro needs more time in Toledo. Mercer seems a good tutor and overall clubhouse guy. And when healthy he's ok. I also hear he's a heckuva rollerball skater
  8. God bless Boras. God bless America. God take away blessings from Yankee, Red Sox and Dodgers and their fans. And God bless Haribo gummies
  9. I have a hard time standing in bed. But I'm 6'6" and balance can be an issue
  10. I bought a copy. Billy Chapel is on the cover
  11. The teachings of Matt Millen.
  12. I'd say Suarez. Before that Castellanos. Adames was mostly developed by Tampa
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