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  1. Al Jr hit some big dingers for the Tigers. I know he had his haters but I wonder how different his career path may have gone if he hadn't taken so many foul balls in the noggin.
  2. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Tito Fuentes was cool with his bat flip. And don't sleep on John B Wockenfuss #handwavingmachine
  3. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Warren Spahn went 16 of 17 Just think of the streak Satchel Paige likely has. Stats just aren't there though. And don't forget Billy Chapel who had 14 consecutive 3+ war seasons before he cut his hand
  4. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Great call on Sutton. Looked at a couple others and Mussina had 12 of 13 and Niekro 13 of 14. Still all HOFers which sheds light on JV's great career
  5. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    Looks like Seaver had a similar streak. Not a bad class to be in. I hope one of the darn prospects from the trade has a 3-war season.
  6. I think it's BS and makes wanna snack MLB with a large tuna. Guys like Willie May's got pushed out of MLB for association with gambling. Greed. Greed. And more greed.
  7. They all sound like they're better suited to be a butler
  8. leflore

    MLB to Resume

    My request was declined. But they did send me some road kill stew as consolation, which was ok, although a little bland. Came from Billy Joel's recent accidents
  9. I've said that about the White Sox each of the past 2 years. Maybe they are finally ready.
  10. Exactly. I think it starts with awareness, posing questions and community dialogue. The bus system was closed for weeks in the Twin Cities and now runs only on Saturday schedule. How do low income kids get anywhere right now? Few have bikes. Theft is huge in these parts. Imho you have to address poverty and systemic racism. In MN approx 70% of adult whites own their homes. Less than 20% of blacks. But this is content for the political forum. I hate political forums
  11. Crazy stuff. Very cool I agree, what are the odds? As rare as Franklin Perez sustaining health? Ok, that was mean. I need some bread pudding
  12. They should have enough for a teriyaki chicken bowl for dinner
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