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  1. I have 3500 pounds of bit-bits. I was not aware the thc content was so hi
  2. Has to be Tork or Martin and I'll be content with either. Now if I could just master the glockenspiel
  3. I binged it. Hard to believe it seems to be so unregulated. There are laws but few enforcing them
  4. I'd prefer the wild card best out of 3, but I also wish the regular season would go back to 154. Comerica should also hand out voodoo dolls
  5. Lol, I think of myself as being in the bottom quadrant of baseball intelligence here. And that's leaning positive.
  6. Some of us our deemed essential services. I'm still out and about
  7. I think DD's 2 biggest failures were not joining the metric movement and not doing more to enhance player development. Gutting a bad farm imho is a distant 3rd. Overall DD was strong at trades. And from my perspective Mike Illitch's win now did lead to some bad contracts, but DD continued that path in Boston. So maybe bad contracts are 3rd. Gutting a bad farm 4th? I'm not convinced he did that. It was just a bad farm.
  8. MN governor said today to expect 2 months until CV19 peaks here. I'm seeing maybe half a season, with mostly empty stadiums. My gut says the season is scrapped. I did just have spicy chicken fajitas, so that could be blinding my gut.
  9. I agree. When I read quotes from college coaches calling him a "generational talent," that leads me to believe there is something different about his swing, demeanor and sound of the ball off his bat. Doesn't mean there still isn't a risk. I'll be happy with either Tork of Martin. I just hope there is a draft, and that Al doesn't go in a different direction. We all know this draft is huge, with 1-1 and 4 of the top 85 picks
  10. No it doesn't, and from the onset of the rebuild Al has said his plan is to get to and remain relevant. I was more pointing out that under DD Detroit had one of their best decades as a franchise. But also, DD seems to leave a sinking franchise in his wake after departing.
  11. There is a price to pay now but it was a fun decade to be a fan. At least it was for me
  12. I thought Jack Nicholson said that. Or sang that. Or maybe it was Albert Finney. Dick VanDyke?
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