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  1. A can opener can take a nut sack down in seconds
  2. Don Rickles had a wicked curveball
  3. Koufax, Maddux and Randy Johnson had historic stretches as well. I knoe w-l are no longer factored much but Johnson once won 44 out of 50 decisions. But I think Pedro's stretch is likely #1 because he was so far ahead of any other ace of that era.
  4. Early "Scattered Hits" Wynn
  5. I'd welcome Rick back. He reminds me of a young Henry Winkler
  6. Last year Miggy had a pace that would have projected to 30hr and 100rbi. If he stays healthy (long shot) he might have an average dh productive year.
  7. Give me cashews, or give me death! -Sean Penn
  8. I agree - thanks for taking the time to start the game threads. I really enjoy them, and I also understand how much time it must take. My brain putts around like a model-t so I don't see me doing them. And I have strange thoughts interject my posts. Like how big is a whale *****? Anyway, gracias!!
  9. I believe the Valentine's Day exception pushes Detroit's pick further down, not up.
  10. That's ok. Det has had far too many aaaa guys recently.
  11. Miggy is owed at least 94,000,000. I don't see any chance they cut bait. That's a helluva lotta bait. Besides, the albatross and the whales they are my brothers. Just ask the little river band
  12. Waddell is one of my all time favs. I have a t206 in rough condition but I love it.
  13. Shades of Charles O'Finley
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