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  1. I think Nick will get hot and soon. Det will land a 25 yo prospect in hi A for whom Chadd has retained a hard on much like he did Pelfry.
  2. I like the optimism. There are days I get lost in the gloom of the current team and replay the Randy Smith era in my mind. And the day Ron LeFlore got traded. And the day Bo let Ernie go. And Big Papi's grand slam. All games that Pelfry pitched. When dish network dropped ESPN classic. The day I got my satan cat. Things of this nature. Positive framing helps. I thank you all.
  3. Yes they did. I keep waiting to see some mention of Bojarski. His production is noteworthy. I didn't even know who he was until this year
  4. At least AA has been transparent about his plan and is following it. But I still think Chris I. will have to open his wallet when the starting pitching studs are in the rotation to add some FA bats
  5. Skubal continues to get some love. He was mentioned as a hot prospect on BA recently
  6. They actually say Boyd and Merrifield are two top candidates but are listed lower due to the likelihood Det and KC keep them. Listing Nick at 8 seems odd to me given his D. Maybe as a dh
  7. Has Boras ever had a client who accepted the QO? If Det makes that offer and Nick stupidly declines, no team will offer him a 50+ mil contract so there will be no comp pick
  8. No contender would give value for him unless it's as a dh and they believe his production will improve this year to similar or better than the last 2 years
  9. Not that it means much, but Det's farm teams (low A to AAA) are collectively 44 games under .500. Even Erie is 2 games below. I'm not confident enough in their player development to believe they will contend at all. DD got them there with trades and Mr I's wallet. Hopefully some from this years draft produce. If fans are banking on Daz (.207) and Parades (.265) they might not produce much more than the current team does.
  10. If Manning and Mize (and maybe Perez, Faedo, Burrows or Funkhouser) remain healthy and continue to pitch well, Det keeps Boyd and Turnbull, some of W Castro, Daz, Rogers etc improve and can contribute in the bigs, and Chris I becomes willing to add bats via FA then perhaps I could see them contending in 2021. The stars would all have to align and imho there is maybe a 5% chance that happens by then.
  11. Who happens to be hitting .321 with an .853 ops this year
  12. On a positive note I thought Soto looked ok. Still potential as a back end of rotation guy. And Miggy continues to barrel up balls. Otherwise, yeah, they are a aaaa team, and a bad one at that. If they played in the college world series they would probably lose.
  13. Any gm that saw Nick in rf today will pass unless they need him as a dh. He is a bad outfielder, imho worse than last year. No contender will trade for him as a position player. And I don't see anyone giving him a 50-mil contract. Looks more and more like he walks and Det gets nothing
  14. Boras is his agent. I can see him declining, and I agree, he'd be a fool
  15. Miggy drove that ball hard to right. Maybe he'll break out with a little more long ball power now
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