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  1. Of course, everyone is different. How one perceives and cognitively frames any trauma has much to do with how one develops. Not every soldier develops PTSD. Taylor Swift seems to have handled childhood pressures fine. Brittany Spears, Leif Garrett, Todd Marinovich and many others, not so much. An extreme example might be Elvis. Poverty definitely affected him. He was kind but also had huge problems even though he had the world on a platter. People like to mock nba players and guys like Mike Tyson for blowing fortunes. Unless you've grown up in poverty, imho, you shouldn't throw stones. Google "effects of poverty." It affects neurological, social, mental, physical development. Multi-general welfare doesn't exist because people are lazy. The effects are real. And again, maybe Miguel didn't grow up in this. My guess is he maybe did. And yes, many who grow up in bad conditions with pressures turn out fine. And many do not. Miguel is quite private so maybe we'll never know. I try to not judge unless I know more about a person. Maybe he is a jerk. I see enough context to think maybe there is more to it. And of course, this is just me. Anyone else can respond however he sees fit. I won't judge that either.
  2. It's easy to judge because obviously he's made some huge mistakes. I tried to find some background info but there is very little. I did find some. A few context facts: 94% of Venezuelans live in poverty. More people try to flee Venezuela than any other country. There are more murders in Venezuela than any other country. It is considered the third most violent country in the world. The only childhood facts I could find is that his parents divorced, Miguel was a known commodity by the time he was 13, there was "immense pressure" placed on him by his family to succeed at baseball, and his uncle moved him to the US at age 15 for a shot at mlb and $ to help his family. He has certainly made big mistakes, seems aloof and self centered, but he has also been nominated for the Clemente award twice. Can you imagine having those pressures placed on you as a kid? Some people have maladaptive ways of dealing with that - hollywood is full of examples. So much has been asked of him, maybe in coping he has developed a personality disorder. We know he drank. A % may be about the language barrier. I see the likelihood of much more. He is an adult and responsible for his own actions. But there is always a context to it, which is why I try to not judge. He played 150+ games a season for many years, playing through injuries. He's up there with Cobb and Greenberg as the best Tiger batters of all-time imho. And like many before him fell off in his 30s. Is he "lazy?" Maybe. I actually doubt it because you don't accomplish what he has without busting your behind. He doesn't seem to be handling his descent well. But again, from my perspective, there is context to it. Just my 2 cents as a mental health professional of 30 years, predominantly working with homeless and people growing up in poverty.
  3. I still expect some aaaa spring training invites
  4. Wasn't Buck once dfa'd and every team passed?
  5. Perhaps. Maybe there is a passive aggressive element to Miggy. For most professional athletes we really don't know that much and we all make assumptions. Folks made a lot of assumptions about Roberto Clemente. Called him a hypochondriac. I tend to believe most professional athletes bust their behinds to get to achieve what they can. It's probably because of my profession, but I tend to first see these guys as people and am automatically curious about that.
  6. Weren't there teams inquiring about him at the trade deadline? He seemed to find more confidence last year but I'm not able to follow all of his peripherals like many of you can. I think he is an adequate middle reliever and on a 114 loss team probably adequate as an 8th inning guy. I doubt he is in Detroit many more years.
  7. I think you're making some assumptions there. How do you know he isn't smart and is lazy? Maybe he grew up in extreme poverty, was thrust into a mega exposed world as a teen - which imho shows he likely has an incredible work ethic - has a drive so strong it drove him to play through many injuries over the first dozen years of his career which has left him with diminished capacity at this point. Miggy's childlike manner may be a way he learned to deal with being uncomfortable with his so exposed world. I don't know him, so I don't know. I've thought he was uncomfortable since the first interview I saw with him. He is playful but from what I see he seems like an introvert. He doesn't share much except silly, playful stuff. And in my experience introverted people are actually often quite intelligent and there are deep and strong currents flowing beneath the surface. But I don't know him so I don't know. That's just an assumption on my part. We have very little idea what's really going on inside of Miguel's mind. He reveals very little from what I see. I'm guessing the whole mistress thing is also very stressful for him. I want him to do well but hold no negative judgments. I think he has given a great deal to the Tigers and Illitch foolishly overpaid him. And VMart. And Prince. And almost Chris Davis. I'm happy he is paid well. Maybe he gives back to his community and helps other. I don't know. I don't mean to pile on here. I just don't get all of the Miggy contempt and am unloading it all here.
  8. That's what I think too, but I also think his knees may simply be shot
  9. I recall reading last summer that one of the top international bats is a cousin of Wencel and that the Tigers have a strong chance to land him. Too lazy to look it up. Al will **** it up anyway Eh, not too lazy. Christian Santana https://mobile.twitter.com/baseballamerica/status/1164703802307465216 https://youtu.be/LKE7vLBlvP4 https://youtu.be/UtWyUCvVXUQ
  10. And Dixon will be back to hit 15. And have a -1.5 WAR
  11. Ah......that might just be an achievable dream. Probably not. But maybe
  12. Do you mean he will pitch a game in which 10 of his pitches are not hit?
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