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  1. What would any other manager have done with this roster? Gardy was fine.
  2. Careful, he reads this thread. He'll hire Lloyd just to spite you
  3. Is Bochy too old school? I liked the way he was creative with the pen and would move around their order to play the hot hands
  4. I hope his cancer hasn't returned. I'm a big gardy fan and I just might send him a thank you note, and maybe some twizzlers
  5. Iirc if the players union and owners agreed on a season under 80 games then Manfred reserved the right to change the draft logistics. If it stays the same then both the BoSux and Nuts get a top 5 pick.
  6. I'm gonna buy Avila a birthday card just to spite the haters. And it ain't even his birthday.
  7. Wow that sucks. Has anyone come back from TJ so late? If anyone can, it's JV. I wish him all the best
  8. I know I'm the only one here who appreciates gardy, but what has he done so poorly? He's been handed garbage rosters. The players seem to have camaraderie and play hard. They just suck.
  9. Isaac is starting to show signs of life. I think he's gonna be a solid semi-portly Tiger when they contend again.
  10. That's how I recall it too. I thought it was cool that he was up front with Al. JUp was a decent Tiger. After a horrid start he practically carried the offense for a month.
  11. Benoit was an excellent signing, no question
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