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  1. I'm with ya, with the Celtics also in the mix. "Bird stole the ******* ball"
  2. Gardy technically used a 6 man rotation the last couple of months. Norris and VerHagen were more of a tandem. That was sort of working outside the box. Avila was probably involved with that too.
  3. With analytics even pitching changes can come via a computer. Maybe they should just hire Bill Burr as manager. Get some great sound bites
  4. I also doubt they pay Hicks 1.7. We'll see
  5. Mickey had a home iirc somewhere near the Thornapple river. I grew up in Kentwood (south GR suburb) and had a close friend related to Mickey. Got to meet him at his house a few times and once played cards with him. He will forever be a favorite of mine
  6. Sadly Niko might be Detroit's best position player
  7. Gardy preaches things like always get in front of the ball, hit the cutoff man, etc. He says that stuff all the time. Watch some of his post game comments. He also said 100 times the guys are playing hard. A manager also has to somehow keep up morale and hope and fight - which is impossible with an historic terrible team that also endured several injuries to the best of the aaaa heap. No manager on the planet could help this **** show. Point the finger at DD and AA and Illitch and the powers that lead this franchise for the past 15-20 years. Not a manager who has been here 2. Just my 2 cents
  8. Wait for the pitchers and Parades to enter the show. Get a near ready bat in the draft (or another pitcher if one separates himself from the pack). Maybe consider flipping a pitching prospect for a nice young bat. Spend on FA bats. Plural. Wait for some of the really young, potentially solid position prospects. If Illitch doesn't spend, given that prospects are rarely a sure thing, there is no guarantee the rebuild will work. I wish the Illitch family would sell. And I wish it wasn't projected to snow here this weekend
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