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  1. His 88 at bats in Erie this year should be given some weight (even if you wanted to discount based off of age). 302/429/535 963 bringing his slash for the entire year so far to 246/358/475 833 across two levels.
  2. "The Phillies have had recent trade talks with the Tigers, and general manager Matt Klentak will be travel to Detroit to get an in-person look at the Tigers’ trade candidates, reports Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia. Of particular interest to the Phils are lefty Matthew Boyd and closer Shane Greene, although Salisbury suggests that the two teams have at least discussed outfielder Nicholas Castellanos and left-handed starter Daniel Norris." https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/phillies-trade-rumors-tigers-matthew-boyd-shane-greene.html#comments Can't imagine this would be the best time to trade Norris who set a season high for avg and peak fastball vel last outing (albeit in a rain shortened outing).
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