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  1. Camt feel great to strikeout against a guy with first percentile k rate
  2. I see, I don't remember his defense of the past but agree he's looked solid
  3. I'm not sure i agree. He was 1 for 9 coming into today and has had little streaks, more like a hot game here and there, before
  4. Don't need it, grienke just tells you what he's going to throw
  5. I hope not, watching him walk is all I have to look forward to
  6. I also missed dan was alone on the radio until chris joined in the 4th
  7. Right? Didn't it start with gibby or am I losing it?
  8. Clearly safe and just drags on an innibg they desperately need to get out of
  9. Agreed, this offense is so bad it takes lights out pitching to make interesting games. While they get a bit of that ttpe of pitching performance its rare enough that you can often turn the game off by the 3rd inning
  10. Looks like rain starts in about an hour in Cleveland
  11. At this pace they may get all nine in before the rain
  12. Totally agreed! Has anyone seen this happen before? An hour or even 30 min could be the difference in this one
  13. Thats what I'm seeing too. If that pans out like the models say they should squeeze a rain shortened game in
  14. The whole crackdown feels like a rabbit hole mlb really shouldn't be going down. I'm not confident they have the ability to handle it tactfully and productively
  15. I like Fulmer the reliever. I wish he'd commit to that role
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