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  1. I looked it up, the Expos averaged 14,000 per game in a 19,000 seat stadium in San Juan in 2003 when they were still decent. Not too bad, could be better with an true home franchise. Edit: actually pretty bad but better than I expected
  2. I know LA and New York are HUGE but would a third there would just feel weird. Would it even work? Isn't everyone in those areas that is willing to engage in baseball already a fan of one or the other team? I can't imagine the existing clubs would be too excited... I think Charlotte or even portland is more likely than either of those Does anyone know what kind of appetite there could be for baseball in other canadian metros like Vancouver or Calgary? I'll also add San Juan to the conversation. How well attended were the Expos games when they played there?
  3. Even hope for a father son reunion "General manager Al Avila told MLB Network Radio that his son, former Tigers catcher Alex Avila, is on their list of free-agent options."
  4. You ask for a catcher and Al delivers. He's got his finger on the pulse of fan desires. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/2020/12/23/detroit-tigers-sign-journeyman-catcher-dustin-garneau-minor-league-deal/4028220001/
  5. I am a bit more concerned about the pitching staff than the lineup long term. If a few guys between Tork, Greene, Candy, Castro and others can work out they'll have enough to add a few veterans via FA and the lineup is respectable. The pitching seems so reliant on a few guys being front end starters that it makes for a more precarious situation if more than one or two don't pan out for one of the plethora of reasons they wont. Hopefully some of the second tier prospects will outperform projections a tad and all will be well.
  6. There's quite a few more than that, Dakota Hudson STL, Dane Dunning CHW, Matt Thais LAA, Kyle Lewis SEA, Nick Senzel CIN, Ian Anderson ATL to name a few. Point taken though, nobody has more than a couple players actively contributing from that draft. If Manning makes the team next year, the Tigers will have gotten as much from that draft as most any other team thus far, except the dodgers. They never seem to run out of new, superstar prospects...
  7. What a great photo of him hahaha it could be literally anyone
  8. How is everyone streaming games in the postseason? My mlb TV account is blacked out, even when I use a VPN. Currently I'm using some less than ideal methods so I'm curious what others are doing
  9. This ump is kinda slow with the strike call. He keeps faking me out that he won't call an obvious strike
  10. Good job to maintain composure and make some pitches to limit the damage. Got plenty of pitches in to shake off the nerves, doubt he'll last long tonight.
  11. Bold Prediction: Neither pitcher makes it out of the 5th
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