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  1. This ump is kinda slow with the strike call. He keeps faking me out that he won't call an obvious strike
  2. Good job to maintain composure and make some pitches to limit the damage. Got plenty of pitches in to shake off the nerves, doubt he'll last long tonight.
  3. Bold Prediction: Neither pitcher makes it out of the 5th
  4. Impressive that Nova allowed 8 baserunners (5H, 2BB and a FC) and stranded ZERO of them
  5. The real question is, will the Tigers break from their penny pinching ways enough to sign any of these guys? No doubt they could add some talent to the team
  6. Yeah, he could be a good bench piece on a contender.
  7. Realistically, he could probably play short and 1B too. Can't be any less of a liability at those spots than ronny rodriguez was.
  8. Yeah, Bird has some pop. Also strikes out at 27% but has done so in the majors. It's an upgrade I guess.
  9. I think the Tigers should target a bat, preferably one that comes with a glove. Also, as great as it may be to snag someone with a good bit of upside even though they haven't played above A+ ball, I'm not sure that would work out well and seems kind of unfair to the player. So, I would disqualify anyone that hasn't at least played some AA. I'm down with Ramos, he'd probably be just as good as anyone else the Tigers have to stick at 1B. Also, Trent Giambrone, middle infielder with the cubs that has hit ok throughout minors. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=623508#/career/R/hitting/2019/ALL
  10. So there is a 16 member committee voting on these 10 and each individual needs 75% to be elected, or 12 of the 16 members. The only information I cant find is how many people each member gets to vote for. Anyone know? I'm guessing each member votes for just 2 or 3, maybe 4. https://www.mlb.com/news/10-players-named-to-hof-modern-baseball-era-ballot
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