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  1. Toews is a generational overrated player. My god. Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Datsyuk are winners, better two-way players. Toews' only PPG season is the lockout while playing with Kane/Hossa at all times with Saad or Sharp on the opposite wing. Disagree with you on Sid being overrated. Another similar season by Price and he may be #1 though
  2. Pretty sure practice lines were Larkin-Zetterberg-Abdelkader Franzen-Sheahan-Nyquist Tatar-Richards-Jurco Miller-Glendening-Andersson Love it so much. Not shocked Pulkkinen is in the box for game1. He'll get his chances. Finally a scoring third line. Richards and Tats had chemistry. Gus can be the puck mover. Larkin and Abby are the wheels and grit for Z. Hopefully Z eventually moves to the wing.
  3. Anthony Mantha seems to have struggled coming into each level before exploding. He is so fast for his size. I think he destroys the AHL this season and we end up thinking the same thing as Larkin. My call-ups in order would be Dylan Larkin Tomas Nosek Anthony Mantha AA Greek Mitch Callahan (assuming he passes waives which he should) Tyler Bertuzzi t
  4. Red Wing prospects generally do not start the season with the team. They seem to come up, are too good to send back down and kind of stay up from there. It's happened to Petr Mrazek, Riley Sheahan and Tomas Jurco in particular, Gustav Nyquist really, etc. Tomas Tatar and Teemu Pulkkinen were up through stretches, out of waivers. Luke Glendening and Joakim Andersson are others that come to mind. All of these players would have to go on waivers. Here's your top nine talent Henrik Zetterberg Justin Abdelkader Pavel Datsyuk Brad Richards Johan Franzen Tomas Tatar Gus Nyquist Teemu Pulkkinen Riley Sheahan Darren Helm Tomas Jurco Bottom line Luke Glendening Joakim Andersson Landon Ferraro Drew Miller Dan Cleary (likely waivers - GR vet) Who do you move? I think Helm and Abby are expiring. 100% want Abby back. Richards too. Mule's almost done. Larkin is capable of a fourth line role (more to be honest) but I see zero issue with him starting with big minutes in Grand Rapids and coming up for stretches and playing that too good to return role. He still has an offensive game to continue to develop to a higher level, and Grand Rapids is probably the best development team. NHL caliber head coach who brought out the best in Jordan Eberle, Nail Yakupov, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins etc. If there's a fourth line role, I like Tomas Nosek. He looks NHL ready as well. Some can play in the NHL (Ouellet/Marchenko/Nosek/Larkin) and some are just plain completely ready. I don't see an overdone. I really think Nick Jensen should be in the NHL. He's turning like 26 this pro-season, and has elite skating and has been the best of the kids in preseason and training camp for two straight years. He was the #1 defenseman in Grand Rapids but the believe is, Marchenko and Hamhuis have a higher ceiling than Jensen which I don't really disagree with. Ouellet I think could turn into a poor man's Dan Hamhuis without the great skating. Marchenko I'm not really sure. I honestly don't know how much better he gets. Jensen can make the NHL on his skating and IQ. He's the most ready for an NHL role. Not sure I see a top pairing guy. Start Larkin in Grand Rapids. Waive Cleary.
  5. He generally always comes into the season with an injury. Kind of mentioned the possibility of Larkin making the team with Helm becoming injured, which he surely did a week later. I'm really thinking Larkin has a chance of grabbing that #3C spot. Gus-Z-A Jurco-Richards-Tats (apparently this line was awesome) but Sheahan where Jurco is for defensive purposes) Jurco-Larkin-Franzen Miller-Glendening-Pookie
  6. Team Delvecchio Helm - Richards - Franzen Nosek - Sheahan - Tatar Marsh - Glendening - Nastasiuk Tangradi - Zengerle - Verrier (Campbell, Datsyuk inj.) DeKeyser - Green Lashoff - Sproul Nedomlel - Sczarnowczan Stanton - Nightingale Mrazek (Mancina) -------------------------------------- Team Howe Jurco - Miele - Pulkkinen Mantha - Larkin - Callahan Bertuzzi - Athanasiou - Svechnikov Tvrdon - Turgeon - Cleary Rechlicz Quincey - Ouellet Kindl - Russo Paetsch - Jensen Prochno - Lemcke McCollum Coreau Ingram --------------------- Team Lindsay Abdelkader - Zetterberg - Nyquist Miller - Andersson - Ferraro Hoggan - Etchegary - Frk McGlynn - Aubry - Betz (Polei, Grant inj.) Kronwall - Ericsson Smith - Marchenko Hicketts - Saarijärvi Meyer - Chatfield Howard Paterson
  7. Everyone seems to overrate their prospects and think they're the best and can do a better job right now. I mean in 13/14 I heard all about how Landon Ferraro could come up and out perform Drew Miller. Miller, an elite PKer where Landon looked awful that season. I try not to fall crazy with prospects. I've never watched Robbie Russo, but his numbers are truly something. 22 years old. RHD PPG for Notre Dame Captain Why wouldn't the Islanders re-sign this guy? I really can't figure that out whatsoever. I can't wait to read about him at the Traverse tournament.
  8. This, and add on how Grand Rapids looks loaded again on the backend. With 7 defenseman up already, which isn't including Marchenko and Ouellet GR is looking like Nick Jensen Nathan Paetsch Xavier Ouellet Alexey Marchenko Robbie Russo (anyone ever watch him?) Brennan Evans Brian Lashoff Ryan Sproul
  9. See I agree. The feeling is Marchy and Ouellet have a higher ceiling, and there's already 7 NHL 1-way deals at the moment. Nick Jensen looked somewhat NHL ready last year. His skating alone should get him in the NHL.
  10. Never. Some legit prospects playing so it could definitely be neat. I think it's like ten bucks a day for all games.
  11. Couple weeks away. Anything you guys want to see? Personally, Nick Jensen playing often. Last year he was the best kid in preseason. He was the #1 defenseman in Grand Rapids and has leaped Ryan Sproul. Want to see more of him against NHL talent. Thomas McCollum getting games. Goalies come up later. McCollum has gotten better and again seeing if he has an NHL future is something that is needed. Also of course have to see who the starter is. Dylan Larkin playing an energy role (could see him on the fourth line in the playoffs for this year) and with talent. Prefer him a year in the AHL developing his offensive game but checking out his ability to come up now in a defensive role is possible, specifically in the playoffs like Helm in the past. Overall finding some line combinations which needs to help the third line which has been pretty medicore for years besides some stretches. Need a consistent third line. Pulkkinen and Jurco need to step up. Zetterberg on the wing each game. Time for him to play there every single game. Not huge on him in the middle, controlling the play as I think he at times slows down the offense trying to do too much and slowing down the pace of Gus for example Personally for the first two games maybe Gustav Nyquist-Riley Sheahan-Tomas Jurco Darren Helm-Joakim Andersson-Tomas Tatar Tyler Bertuzzi-Luke Glendening-Mitch Callahan Tomas Nosek-Andy Miele-Mark Zengerle Danny DeKeyser-Mike Green Brendan Smith-Nick Jensen Xavier Ouellet-Ryan Sproul Petr Mrazek Tom McCollum Henrik Zetterberg-Brad Richards-Justin Abdelkader Drew Miller-Dylan Larkin-Teemu Pulkkinen Dan Cleary-AA-Anthony Mantha Marek Trvdon-Landon Ferraro-Martin Frk Nikas Kronwall-Jonathan Ericsson Kyle Quincey-Alexey Marchenko Jakub Kindl-Robbie Russo Jimmy Howard Tom McCollum -Usually odd lines, some responsible forwards mixed around. Looking at lines that are wanted in the regular season. Seeing prospects.
  12. And do what? Take ice time from AA/Larkin/Nosek? Andersson is a 13th forward and will be gone in a year or so. Grand Rapids also re-signed Andy Miele so I'm not sure where A fits down there. Wingers - Bertuzzi, Hogan, Trvdon, Frk, Mantha, Callahan*, C - Larkin, Miele, AA/Nosek* , Nasty
  13. Andersson is a fine short-term fourth liner. Was really good on the PK and has actually been improving his speed. Holland said Pulkkinen will be up, as he is indeed outbof waivers. Up above is 14 forwards as likely one LTIR at all times. Kind of excited for the PP too. Points you have Green, Ktonwall, Richards and Pulkkinen.
  14. What are the predictions for opening night? Personal guess is Z starts on the wing till Dats is back. Franzen-Zetterberg-Nyquist Tatar-Richards-Abby Helm-Sheahan-Jurco Miller-Hlendening-Andersson Ferraro/Pulkkinen Kronwall-Ericsson DeKeyser-Green Smith-Quincey Howard Mrazek
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