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  1. So many truly earth-shaking events happened in '68 - my life really can be divided as BN (Before Nineteen Sixty Eight) & AN. Lots of "firsts," but none of them are recalled as fondly as the Fall Classic that year. Freehan catching that foul pop to end it is one of those "where were you when...?" moments for me, & I suspect, for many Tiger fans.
  2. Um, no. Babs seems genuinely committed to developing our ample youthful talent. Babcock is very good (when not sulking) with young players. IF (granted - a BIG if!) the injury bug doesn't decimate us, we'll be in the playoffs yet again - IF our goaltending can cover for most of the youthful errors that WILL happen. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Mr. I finally gets exasperated with Holland's inane meddling & tells him in no uncertain terms to "sit down & shut up."
  3. I physically moved away from the Detroit/Ann Arbor area almost 30 years ago. I never felt more like I should have also left my sports allegiances behind than I did this weekend. Does that mean last weekend was the worst sports "day" in Detroit history? Not hardly. As mentioned above, losing out on going to the WS on the last day of the '67 season was pretty gruesome, almost all of the early exits the Wings made from the Cup playoffs were awful days, & it sure was heartbreaking to watch Bo lose so many Rose Bowls. There were so many other dismal moments. It's too painful to try to remember the WORST. But it could be even worse - we could live in Cleveland. Or anywhere in Ohio (a 4-letter word...) hehehe
  4. I'm getting used to this disappointment. Now I just wonder what agonies we'll suffer this year as Wings fans.
  5. Actually, the two teams are quite similar - have one of the best hitters in baseball, but neither was "hitting on all 8," have a gaping hole at SS (but at least Oyler could field,) have a prima-donna #1 starter, have a rather questionable manager, & don't have much depth. But our team this year doesn't have an under-rated, pot-bellied lefty starter... THAT could make all the difference.
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