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  1. Thanks Hueytaxi. I know where Henley Field is (right next to LHS football stadium). Unsure of where the GCL Tigers will be next summer. Maybe have to wait until later on next year, or will they be playing at Henley field also?
  2. Same field with the GCL Tigers, or will they still play at Tiger Town minor league complex? Thanks, JS
  3. Hey Guys, I take it Detroit hasn't released any type of preliminary roster for the GCL Tigers yet? Sorry to not have posted/been around for awhile.. You know am mainly Boston fan anyway, but since live here in Lakeland I try to attend many GCL and a handful of FSL games each year, though mostly GCL.
  4. Yes, big market teams like Philly, NYY and the Tigers have used the minor league system as trading posts for the most part for awhile. The Yankees have stopped a lot of that with the current CBA and began spending more money on International kids and holding onto their upper draft choices since teams cannot go down with large bonuses on down any longer. Philly is in a deep problem now and I don't want to see the Tigers hit that situation before the core players all get old. Dombrowski can spend heavily on the IFA market one season if Iltch will free funds and help some, but don't want to see that used to patch another BP, or veteran on another pennant rental. There was a time when the LFT (example) would have a Whitaker one year, Trammel the next, Morris, then a Kirk Gibson and they all would play with Detroit for years. Those days are long gone.
  5. I can't see that it's really any worse of a move than trading 2 of 3 highest draft picks for a relief pitcher in a system that is light already. Not saying this to be cruel to any of you, but the way this system has become a trade mart is the exact opposite of how Bill LaJoie and Jim Campbell built those really good teams that were built to last from within, starting in the late 70's.
  6. Wouldn't it be funny it the Cubbies had to pay compensation for both Epstein and Maddon? Then kind of tampering went on in both ways came out after an MLB investigation? Boston ended up getting a chump-change, hurt arm reliever in Chris Carpenter, plus a still prospect in Aaron Kurcz, who still has a chance to be a legit reliever. Aaron Kurcz | SoxProspects.com I hope the "Chicago way" of doing both politics and baseball both ceases soon.
  7. From the way you wrote this Roger, seems to be something that happened close to you? It's stories like this and either delayed inaction by the police, or none taken at all which solidifies in my mind that my weapons will never be taken away.. None of them. Have made 911 calls myself when a local sheriff's office was located less than 1 mile away over gunshots REAL close by and taken 15 minutes for a cruiser to stop by before. The only protection one has is thyself armed, it's not the police. JS
  8. Wife prefers to attend ballgames in the evenings over afternoon, though I prefer to see younger kids that play at the GCL level Hueytaxi. This coming season we both will attend some FSL games, will be 1st season in several years, though Joker Marchent is a beautiful stadium and isn't far at all from where we live. On Leyland.. I'd always try to say hello to him pregame. He had this pregame, set time to stroll out of the clubhouse and to the dugout.. Thinking it was 30m, maybe 25m pre 1st pitch? Another Lakelander might remember. He'd also sit in a folding chair sometimes, outside the dugout at Chain-O-Lakes, don't remember him doing that at Joker Marchent however.
  9. Hi Deadshot, That wasn't me, tho we might have chatted before if you have attended GCL games in years other than this past year. i enjoy talking to fans about the players on the field, what they are doing, quirks they seem to have etc.. Also enjoy chatting about past memories of minor league players and managers of years ago from each city when am at a stadium, especially at Lakeland now. Leyland walking past the gravel between the foul line and seats, along the fine gravel with his traditional steel spikes at Chain-O-Lakes probably sounds odd to some, but to me is one of the noises of the game I miss most. He'd always make that slow strut of his before games from the visiting club house (no offense) cigarette in hand, have his warm hello for the regulars. He was/is a gentleman of the game. Like exchanging memories, like that with fans when visit stadiums.
  10. Occasionally, My son likes to go down to Fort Myers for a few days right after the MiLB kids have reported. The setup there is nice in some ways, like the stadiums, but access to the players isn't as easy as it is in Lakeland on the Minor league fields. Years ago, I'd spend from nearly dawn to dusk for a week each spring at Winter Haven, then go and visit some of the guys hadn't seen since the prior year in the evenings. Some of the friendships lasted years. Pete Ladd, Danny Weppner.. When the Tiger's kids report I'll be there some Hueytaxi. Have to use my wife/son as a taxi these last 10y. You'll see why when we meet there. I wear a floppy hat kind of like the one you are sporting in that picture, only mine is khaki. JS
  11. That accounts for about half of the 3-6 of the people that were generally in the section of bleachers. Usually went with either my wife, or son. Tampa generally has the most on hand of the local venues, Lakeland the least, not a knock, cause Lakeland (to me) has the best view from the section of bleachers. Long way until next July's GCL season start up. Your Tigers still in the fight for PO, Boston did you a favor, 3-4 over KC. Will be back, watch the kids and draftable guys also.
  12. They have been pretty heavy on 4y and JC guys the last 2-3y also, not so much on HS guys in the top 10 rounds really. Not wanting to sound like a guy that hammers a team (I do Boston also btw) but it's probably just a monetary saving issue where they figured didn't have enough high end guys to justify the means. Don't take it wrong please. i liked what saw out of Hill this last year even though his overall numbers didn't look good. showed good patience and gets out of the box well.
  13. Thank you both for the information. Shame, was hoping would get to see 2-3 weeks extra of organized ball on the practice fields at Joker Marchent again though this season. Appreciate the info on fellow Lakelanders also. Haven't attended many Flying Tigers games within recent decades however. Was a season ticket holder for them, along with the old Winter Haven Red Sox for years and years long ago. Now it's mostly young kids (17-20YO) that prefer to watch come up through the various GCL teams in the area.
  14. Searched many places and could not find out if the Tigers were going to have another Winter Instructional league team this September/October in Lakeland at the S/T home of the Tigers. I attend many of the GCL Tigers games and was interested in going to some Instrux games (probably about to start if they are) if the Tigers are going to run a team this fall. BTW.. Was pulling the the GCL Tigers.. Attended the 2 games in Tampa in the GCL championship where Boston won those 2 to take the title from the Yanks. Live in Lakeland, so shorter "drive" to see the Sox play. Tiger fans who make it to Laeland during GCL season should make the attempt to take one in. The access to games is unparalleled, as compared to other locations/stadiums have been to. JS
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