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  1. Drummond and Jackson gone. Awesome!
  2. And be the best season of Pistons basketball since 2007/2008.
  3. Pistons schedule after the ASB 25 games- 14 away, 11 home. 18 of those 25 games are against teams fighting for a playoff spot. In their 7 games against lottery teams, 6 are on the road. They have 1 game I would say they definitely win- And that's home vs Golden State. 5-20 seems optimistic.
  4. Huge game for the tank. Another L tonight and they're in great shape heading into next week. Their schedule after tonight the rest of the way is BRUTAL.
  5. How Harrison Barnes continues to get invited is beyond me.
  6. Pistons haven't beaten Charlotte since the first game at LCA lol.
  7. Pistons have lost 9 straight to Charlotte. Let's make it 10
  8. I would've traded Markieff for whatever I could've gotten. I'm fine holding on to Langston if the return was so paltry. He has value for this team moving forward. Sekou replaces Keef. Galloway gives them a 3/D vet wing amongst a bunch of kids.
  9. Yes please. Go win a bunch of games, Andre! GO CAVS!
  10. You can go back to April 2016 and find my posts. I never wanted the Drummond contract signed. It was a terrible mistake from the moment it happened. The bigger issue is that they could've gotten something for him. And they didn't to chase the 8 seed. Then you're stuck making a deal like this. Getting a 2023 second rounder.
  11. Talk about an absolute **** sandwich of a trade lmaooooooooo. Andre has no value. The only team that might pay him is Charlotte.
  12. The Pistons don't have a second rounder this year. You have to get one if you're rebuilding and you have all these expirings.
  13. Pistons need to cut someone. Probably means Morris to someone for a second.
  14. Oh my God. We basically just gave him away. Talk about absolutely no value.
  15. I'd love to get another second for Morris. I wouldn't be surprised if Galloway is retained. He could be brought back this summer as a veteran presence off the bench.
  16. Should be a pretty decent second rounder. And the Pistons didn't have one this year. Dre is gone. No more wild hook shots. No more wild drives to the basket. No more low energy games where he just doesn't bother to play. No more crazy dribbling the ball up the court. No more stupid *** fouls going for a crazy steal. Goodbye, Dre. Please don't come back. Hello C Wood!
  17. They're going nowhere. So they're probably fine with him leaving this summer for nothing. He gets a 30 game tryout then can decide if he wants to opt in. If he opts in, Cleveland has room and no desire to sign anybody this summer. They could possibly flip him next trade deadline as an expiring deal.
  18. 2 expiring contracts and a second round pick. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  19. It will greatly hinder our ability to re-sign Wood. Drummond has to go.
  20. Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Green, Wiseman. GSW will be decent again quick.
  21. Flip Wiggins for Drummond
  22. Depends on price. I'd be offering him a 3/4 year deal this summer though.
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