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  1. Then he takes out Saupold in a 13-1 game?!? After the grand slam?!? You had the lefty up and you leave him in to give up the slam THEN go get him in a 12 run game? Fire this clueless clown.
  2. Absolutely abysmal management of the pitching staff tonight. Ausmus cost his team multiple runs with horrible decision making. Brad managed like he didn't even care tonight. Clearly left Sanchez and Bell in too long. Please fire him. Please. Just for the **** of it. Do something. He's clearly not qualified.
  3. 4th appearance in 5 days not working out too well for Rondon
  4. Irving clearly sees the writing on the wall. LeBron is leaving after this season and Cleveland has no young players and no draft picks. Love, Thompson, and Smith are really their only guys under contract for 18/19 and Gilbert is likely going to be doing everything he can to get out of luxury tax territory once LeBron leaves. If Melo goes to Houston and Irving goes West, can we just cancel the Eastern conference's season?
  5. So SVG upgrades the 2 spot and pays half price for it. Again, they lose Morris. But they'll replace Morris with a more traditional guard in Galloway that can shoot the 3. Which we desperately needed. I'd be pretty much set if I'm SVG. I would definitely ship Drummond off for DeAndre, but I doubt that's on the table anymore since Blake went back. If there's chemistry issues with Jackson, I would definitely take a shooter like Moore back, but no interest in any of their backup centers. I would take a flyer on Pondexter though.
  6. Bradley at 8.8 million this year. KCP at 18. It cost us Morris, but someone had to go in the forward logjam. I liked Mook, but I won't miss the ball stopping isolation baseline plays. Galloway gives us a backup 2 instead of the extra forward. We haven't had a backup 2 since Meeks was healthy.
  7. So KCP basically took a much more expensive QO in a much better city to play in. Pistons can always max him next summer, if they want. Will only be 4 years as opposed to 5, though.
  8. Sign and trade Drummond for him. Take back a salary like McRoberts to ride the pine all year to make it work
  9. I suppose if they're prepared for Ish and Galloway at PG, but man that's an underwhelming haul. A backup SG and a backup C when we already have 3 centers. Seems stupid to sell low on a PG who was potentially an all-star before the injury.
  10. Tolliver was always an SVG favorite. Good locker room guy. I believe we missed him, Joel anthony, Caron Butler type guys last year through the rough stretches. Tolliver is a good bench guy, just not a huge 20+ minute per night guy.
  11. They needed a stretch four that can defend
  12. I've been Drummond's biggest critic on the board, but let's see what a new year brings. He and Jackson were one of the best P&R combos in the league 2 years ago. If Jackson's knee is healthy, you could argue that contract is pretty good value. Not even an overpay considering what some guys were getting at the time.