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  1. I like this idea. You'd only have the first 2 months of the season overlap with the NFL and their playoffs and you'd be done by week 1.
  2. The one year we tank, the season will get cut short and we won't get a top pick. Awesome.
  3. Huge loss. 17 more hopefully. It's really starting to become a reality that this franchise has a legitimate shot at the first pick.
  4. Drummond and Jackson gone. Awesome!
  5. And be the best season of Pistons basketball since 2007/2008.
  6. Pistons schedule after the ASB 25 games- 14 away, 11 home. 18 of those 25 games are against teams fighting for a playoff spot. In their 7 games against lottery teams, 6 are on the road. They have 1 game I would say they definitely win- And that's home vs Golden State. 5-20 seems optimistic.
  7. Huge game for the tank. Another L tonight and they're in great shape heading into next week. Their schedule after tonight the rest of the way is BRUTAL.
  8. How Harrison Barnes continues to get invited is beyond me.
  9. Pistons haven't beaten Charlotte since the first game at LCA lol.
  10. Pistons have lost 9 straight to Charlotte. Let's make it 10
  11. I would've traded Markieff for whatever I could've gotten. I'm fine holding on to Langston if the return was so paltry. He has value for this team moving forward. Sekou replaces Keef. Galloway gives them a 3/D vet wing amongst a bunch of kids.
  12. Yes please. Go win a bunch of games, Andre! GO CAVS!
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