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  1. 10th straight loss to the Bucks. And 9 of those were absolute blowouts. Is this really what we need to be playing for? The 8 seed to get 4 games of this in the playoffs? Trade Dre, trade Galloway. Play for next season. This group is going NOWHERE.
  2. There's no doubt they have some young pieces that have a niche in the league. Kennard is a starter. Brown needs to develop his jumper. Svi can shoot and handle it, but he's a bench guy. Wood has a lot of potential.
  3. Pistons have lost 9 in a row to Milwaukee. All were decided by 10+ beside one at LCA last year.
  4. Vuc and Gordon are out. Orlando has Fultz at PG. He's been alright so far. They also have Michael Carter-Williams, but he's out too. That means is DJ Augustin time, who always seems to kill us. He could make that Piston-killer team.
  5. By that logic I guess betting on your own team would give you more incentive to coach harder to win. Pete Rose bet on his own team.
  6. I have SOME hope after the deadline last year. They recognized the situation with Bullock and made a nice move. Svi has some potential as a bench shooter + a 2nd rounder. Could probably get a similar deal with Galloway if he keeps this up. But Gores loves him some Drummond. So I'd bet he gets another max contract with the Pistons and it'll set us back another 5 years.
  7. The Pistons' season is over. They are 4-10 with some absolutely atrocious losses. They have endless injuries. Their schedule is absolutely brutal in the second half of the season. PLEASE do the right thing and TANK the rest of the season. Trade Andre for whatever you can get. Trade Galloway for a second rounder. Let the young kids play- Kennard, Brown, Svi, Wood. Keep Sekou, Bone, King, Hall in Grand Rapids. Be really bad the rest of the season. Rest Blake and Rose and monitor their minutes when they do play. For the love of God do not attempt to play for the 8 seed to get blasted in round one again. The number one priority the rest of the season should be to get as many lottery balls as possible for Cole Anthony. This organization is so desperate for a play making guard it's silly. With the new lottery reform, you give yourself a chance (see the Pelicans last year) without getting the number 1 odds. Do what's right for the franchise.... for once. This should've happened years ago, but it's never too late to do what's right. If they go into the summer with a ton of cap space, a high lottery pick, and development in their young kids, they could have a decent team next year assuming health of Griffin and Rose. But the biggest piece of that is getting a young kid that can come in and change the face of the franchise. PLEASE DO WHAT'S RIGHT! TANK! You are going NOWHERE. DO NOT PLAY FOR THE 8 SEED!
  8. Drummond and Galloway should be traded immediately. Get a second for Galloway. He actually has some value. Get whatever you can for Andre. Someone will take him as an expiring.
  9. Lottery balls for Cole Anthony should be the number one objective for this season. Rest Blake and get him healthy. Rest Rose and keep him healthy. Develop Kennard, Brown, Svi, Wood, and Thomas when Galloway is traded. Keep Sekou in GR with Bone and King. Nice trio of kids down there.
  10. This product is unwatchable garbage. Bruce Brown is an absolute joke of a starting point guard. And please spare me the Langlois garbage of waiting for Reggie friggin Jackson to return. Blow it up. Tomorrow.
  11. Andre is tradable as an expiring. Galloway has some value the way he has shot. As for Blake, I don’t really care if he goes or stays. They need to get him healthy. Watch his minutes this year. They aren’t going anywhere.
  12. They are unwatchable. Blake looks slow. This team is toast. Please do the right thing and sell off the few assets they have.
  13. Just for some context when I say what I'm about to say, I pitched in the minor leagues for 3 years, making it up to high A between stints with Boston and Cincinnati. Made some decent money, met some unbelievable guys/players and some of the biggest *** holes you'll ever encounter. If all of this is true, and when I say all of this I mean the cameras, ear pieces, I even heard body sensors or something like that? Someone was saying there was a computer/camera in the home dugout at Minute Maid? I heard there was a garbage can they would hit as a way to communicate the signals at home. If true, then his is the most egregious act of cheating I have ever seen in any sport. The wrath of God needs to be brought upon everyone that was complicit in this. There is absolutely no place in our game for using cameras to effectively spy on the other team's signals. Let alone to turn around and use them pitch by pitch by pitch. If they were doing it during the season, you know they were doing it in the playoffs. That is absolutely the most immoral, unethical behavior baseball has ever seen. I want people banned for life. Pete Rose betting on his own team earned a lifetime ban. These guys potentially doing what they did ruined seasons and postseasons. It tainted everything they ever accomplished. In short, screw everyone who was complicit in this. None of them should ever be allowed to manage/coach/play ever again. Set a precedent that this isn't acceptable. Forfeit salaries. Void contracts. This is THAT bad for me. I cannot imagine being a pitcher, logging 200+ innings, working my tail off all year/off-season to make the World Series. And have it come out that a scandal like that was going on. That a team would set up cameras in the outfield and relay the signals to the dugout. Who would then turn around and use a system of noises and maybe even earpieces and shocks? Again, it's al hearsay at this point, but I'm serious about this. People should be gone forever.
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