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  1. Jackson looks pretty good. Should be playing with some urgency in a contract year. Wood with 14 and hasn’t missed a shot. Yes he’s not great on the boards and he’s a bad defender. But at a cheap cost he’s been a very nice find. I don’t miss Andre.
  2. Pelicans are healthy with an easy schedule remaining. They're my pick for the 8 seed. And I'll be happy with it. Great experience for their young core. Word on the Pels forums is that they're going to extend Ingram and let Favors walk.
  3. Mahimi becomes the latest center to have a career game against the Pistons. Dude made a couple triples today.
  4. That’s a soft *** ejection on Keef. That was not an intentional or hostile act.
  5. 10 in a row in Washington. That’s pretty amazing considering Washington really hasn’t been any good.
  6. Why Casey allows Drummond the freedom he has offensively blows my mind. I watch a lot of NBA basketball and Andre commits the most ridiculous elementary school-level turnovers. Tim Frazier is absolutely awful. Svi is looking like a rotation player. Same with Wood. Brown has made some progress offensively. His defense remains solid. Snell can shoot but provides nothing else.
  7. The Pistons have lost their last 9 trips to Washington D.C. January 18 of 2014 was their last win there. Always seems like they play like **** in afternoon games. Especially Andre. Washington always seems to torch us. So I am thinking this will be an L. Especially on the last leg of a road trip.
  8. How about Brandon Ingram last night. 49 and 8. He is going to get PAID this summer. Hope my Pels lock him up. Pelicans are 16-26 with the easiest schedule in the West the rest of the way. Zion back on Wednesday. Only 4 games out of 8 seed. Could be dark horse for a playoff spot, which I wouldn't mind since it would be good experience for their young core of kids.
  9. We are 4 more starters away from losing our second consecutive game to a team without its entire starting 5.
  10. He defends and rebounds, too. He is bursting with potential. Casey is known as a very good player development coach. It appears the Pistons may have really found something. Now go get a top pick this year and see what you can do.
  11. This is shaping up to be the best Pistons season since 2007/2008. They have a real opportunity to tank these next 41 games away and develop some young talent along the way. Trade Andre and Galloway for whatever you can get and play the kids. They are right within striking distance at the 3rd worst record. That would give them the same odds at the 1st and 2nd worst records at the top pick and attaining a top 4 pick- 14 percent chance at # 1 and 52 percent chance at top 4. Along the way you have Brown, Svi, Kennard, Sekou, Wood, and hopefully Thomas when he returns to get great NBA experience to improve or show what they can do. If the Pistons got Anthony Edwards it would be the best thing to happen to them in eons.
  12. Pelicans Twitter was so amazed at Okafor dominating Andre. I just laughed.
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