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  1. Sydney_Fife

    7/20 @ 7:10 Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigers

    They have a good chance of landing a top 5 pick. 4th is very attainable.
  2. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Am I the only one who thinks that's an awful trade for Toronto? DeRozan is their franchise guy, Danny Green has been awful, plus they gave up a young big and a first rounder? For a year of Kawhi? Desperation much?
  3. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    I would not trade Ish Smith. I'd dump the Leuer deal if given the chance, but I still think he's going to bounce back.
  4. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Tolliver gets 5.7 million Pistons will pay Galloway 7 million. That alone should've gotten SVG canned.
  5. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Not starting a thread for Calderon, but hopefully Galloway is dumped. What an absolutely atrocious signing that was. Cost us Anthony Tolliver in hindsight.
  6. Sydney_Fife

    Pistons sign Glenn Robinson III

    I agree with starting GR III over Stanley. Stanley has always done better as a reserve. Robinson provides much needed shooting. Not sold on Johnson being such an unbelievable defender either. Will they use the trade exception? Believe it’s 7 million
  7. Sydney_Fife

    Pistons sign Glenn Robinson III

    Career 38 percent three point shooter. PG: Reggie, Ish, Galloway SG: Bullock, Kennard, Galloway SF: Johnson, GR III, Thomas PF: Griffin, Leuer, Ellenson C : Drummond, Moreland, Leuer
  8. Sydney_Fife

    Pistons sign Glenn Robinson III

  9. Sydney_Fife

    Pistons sign Glenn Robinson III

    Assume this is a chunk of the MLE. Robinson is 24 and showed flashes with Indiana before he got hurt. I’d prefer GR III to Ennis.
  10. Sydney_Fife

    Pistons sign Glenn Robinson III

    Twitter won’t let me embed the tweet. Will follow up below.
  11. Reyes is a nothing. Stewart and Lugo should stay in Toledo until at least August.
  12. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    I wonder if Washington would do Drummond for Beal
  13. No reason to do that. He's been a mentor for the young players. They have nobody else. Let him play and finish out the contract. He helps us get a higher draft pick.
  14. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    The Pistons have a 7 million dollar trade exception. I believe it expires if they don't use it, so I assume they'll be looking at that. Is Stefanski going to be the GM?
  15. Sydney_Fife

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    https://en.hispanosnba.com/salaries/detroit-pistons Assume Tolliver is gone. Probably won't duplicate last season's shooting. A healthy Leuer is a better all around player than AT. Glenn Robinson would be a great pickup on the MLE.