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  1. It's true it doesn't matter, but they still should be trying to win games. Last night was another epic display of how clueless he is. Hope to see you on the Pistons board here in a few weeks
  2. I love Brad Ausmus lol. He leaves Alex Wilson in for his second inning of work and after about 25 pitches, he precedes to give up 3 straight ROCKETS for hits to load the bases. Did we need to see anymore to know he was done? I understand they don't have many good options in the bullpen, but my God man. You got about a hundred relievers down there. That was a perfect situation to bring Jimenez in and see what he did in a big moment. He has struggled mightily, but Wilson was done and everyone with semi-decent vision saw that. Then he precedes to pinch run for Miguel Cabrera WHEN HE'S ON THIRD BASE. WTF? And of course Miggy's spot came up in the 9th with the game on the line. Clueless. Stubborn. Awful. I'm not saying it would've made much of a difference who managed this team this season, but Ausmus certainly did NOT help this team at all.
  3. Didn't they win the season series, 10-9?
  4. If we can just tie the White Sox, we would get the edge in the draft order, correct?
  5. Leaving Castellanos in a 12-0 game is comical. Especially with September call-ups. Plenty of potential defensive replacements on the bench. Romine, Presley, **** even Collins. Castellanos just started playing out there. Ausmus has been bad from day 1 on the job. I could see if it was 1-0 and he wanted to leave his best bat in the game for the bottom half of the ninth inning. But it was 12-0. Clueless and stubborn. Not a good combination.
  6. If Avila returns as GM, which I definitely think will happen, I think Ausmus gets a new contract as well.
  7. There will be absolutely NOBODY at this game.
  8. Yes but when I first read it I thought they were trying now and they would fire SVG
  9. Jackson can be successful if he only plays 25-28 minutes a night and skips back to backs. Especially early in the season.
  10. Good God Sanchez is bad. He should take that 5 million dollar buyout check and retire after this season.
  11. Hicks with an .884 OPS in 113 AB's
  12. Hopefully he decides to retire. If he doesn't, I would make him pass a physical. I could see the Ilitch family cutting him a check for like $6 million to retire.
  13. I am aware. That's why I said "he responded appropriately" lol
  14. But you still shouldn't run the guy in my opinion. The Yankees were entitled to pay back for Sanchez's plunking. You can defend Fulmer and say he didn't mean to, but he still drilled one of their best guys who has been murdering the ball against us. If someone hits Upton after he homers 3 times in the series, I guarantee you'll be questioning whether or not the pitcher did it on purpose. It is tough to really gauge intent, and in my opinion even if you truly didn't mean to do it, it still happened and retribution could still come. They didn't head hunt either. I thought it was a clean policing of the game and the umpire overstepped his bounds and what ensued was totally out of control. I bet people have said Betances didn't mean to hit McCann in the head, but it happened and Wilson responded appropriately.
  15. If Upton leaves I think you go with Mahtook in left, Jones in center, and Castellanos in right. Presley can back up at each position and give you a cheap lefty bat. Romine is there too. Stewart and Gerber on the way. That would save us a lot of money.