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  1. Just wait until they win their next 3 and are in the 8 seed. That'll make everyone hoping for a top 10 pick happy.
  2. Just to make you happy.
  3. If the Pistons of last season were around this year, we would be locked in the 5 seed and a first round matchup with Toronto or Washington
  4. Drummond is an enigma, but being only 24 years old you can't give up on him. They just signed him to a max deal, so I highly doubt they are going to move on from him right away. It's not like he's fallen off a cliff this season, he's pretty much the same guy he was last year. Harris is the odd guy out. His contract is too expensive, he cannot do anything beside score, and they need to free up minutes for Stanley and even Ellenson. If Ellenson can shoot, he needs an opportunity to play.
  5. I do not see any realistic scenario where Jackson is moved for anything more than salary relief. The Pistons are not getting anyone better, so it makes sense for them to give him an entire offseason to get healthy and see what he does next season. It's easy to forget, but Jackson was pretty darn good last season. His defense wasn't great, but nowhere near as bad as this season. He was a pretty good scorer and facilitator last season too. Was the best player on a 44 win team. You don't **** that away because of an injury-plagued season. Especially when your alternatives are a weak FA class, Ish Smith, and a low lotto pick
  6. Only a few more of these, thankfully. When do they leave Lakeland? Wednesday night? Will that finally be cut day?
  7. That's just what this team is unfortunately, they've pretty much done that all season. Tanking to me is trying to lose. I don't think this team is trying to lose. That's the worst part. They're just not very good and mentally weak. They have a serious lack of veteran leadership.
  8. 7:40 tip. The season is over if they lose this game.
  9. And if they win tonight, they're a half game out of 8th with the tiebreak on Miami. We can all dream of them tanking, but it ain't happening.
  10. Jackson is going to be a Piston unless they literally just give him away. Kinda like OKC did. I don't think that's the best move, especially when handing the keys over to a career backup that can't shoot. Drummond is an enigma. Probably not getting equal value for him and when you're likely losing Baynes, do you deal him? I agree with dealing Harris. He literally cannot guard anyone. I can now see why he was seemingly given away as well. I guess there was a reason after all why Jackson and Harris were seen as "steals", because OKC and Orlando saw their defenencies firsthand.
  11. What does Harris net in a trade? Would Atlanta sign and trade Hardaway for him?
  12. Hahahahahahahahaha. This team is abysmal.
  13. Harris and Drummond is the worst defensive front court in the league.
  14. You're running Pistons basketball operations. How do you fix this mess? What moves do you make?
  15. What more has to happen for Van Gundy to go? I mean honestly. This is flat out embarrassing. They're getting totally annihilated by tanking teams.