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  1. Officially official. I am leaving the forum for good. Want to thank everyone who I met on here for a memorable 5 years of watching the Pistons. I know I was extremely negative, but this decade has taken its toll. I wish everyone on here nothing but the best in the future, and of course, go Pistons! This is Sydney_Fife, signing off.
  2. Del go ahead and make an off-season thread if you want. Or we can wait until after the Finals. I’ll be gone until right around the draft. Fun season everyone.
  3. Thanks for an amazing season, Blake. Now get him some help.
  4. Can’t wait to watch Bledsoe and Lopez because the average players they are in the next round when they play against actual good players
  5. It’s all over. The Pistons have no chance, but they were battling hard and winning the game when the officials just totally bent them over with absurd calls, including a couple that really make you wonder who has money on the Bucks.
  6. That was an absolutely horrible call on the Giannis and 1 when he lowered the shoulder and barreled over Thon
  7. 32-8 free throw advantage for the Bucks
  9. Clear offensive foul on Giannis. Called a block. Absolutely HORRIBLE
  10. Thon is really bad. Way over his head trying to guard his buddy Giannis
  11. 21 Detroit fouls. 10 Milwaukee fouls. This has been a tightly contested game. No reason for that discrepancy.
  12. I’m as critical of the Pistons as anyone, but what exactly is the issue with this?
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