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  1. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Backup center position with Moreland for defense and Boban for offense is decent enough. They really need a starting PG so Ish comes off the bench. Buycks has looked like a third PG. Galloway should get backup PG minutes. Kennard needs more burn. Use Stanley with the second unit and go back to a 10 man rotation. I was real frustrated with that third quarter last night. Should win their next 2 games and get right back into the thick of things.
  2. 2018 Playoff Race

    Boston, Toronto, Cleveland will be the top 3. Miami, Washington, Milwaukee, Philly, Detroit, and Indiana in the 4-9. New York and Charlotte hanging around 10-11.
  3. 2018 Playoff Race

    Indiana loses to a depleted Lakers team.
  4. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    I’m ready for Kennard to play more. Trade Bradley. Galloway is fine as the 4th guard when Jackson is healthy.
  5. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

  6. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    45 point quarter on 80 percent shooting. That is absolutely astonishing.
  7. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    And oh by the way.... I’m ready for Kennard to be the SG. Ship Bradley out of here.
  8. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    What kind of a coach allows Stanley to fire away like that? Inexcusable. Time for him to go.
  9. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    The Wizards just own us.
  10. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Pistons cut it to 7 and Oubre shoots one off the rim and hits the top of the backboard and falls in. Unbelievable.
  11. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Wizards shot 80 percent in the third quarter. How is that even possible? Nice defensive coach we have.
  12. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    You’re 22-22 with a capped roster and in 9th place. The Pistons might be in the worst shape of any team in th NBA. At least other teams have picks and assets.
  13. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    45 point third quarter for Washington. I don’t know what to say.
  14. 2018 Playoff Race

    Pistons 22-22. They’re in the 9th place in the East.
  15. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Wizards by 20. This is absolutely ******* pathetic.