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  1. Game 16: Pistons @ Wolves

    Great game by Drummond. He seems to always get the best of KAT Minnesota didn’t blitz Jackson on those pick and rolls. Strange coaching.
  2. Game 16: Pistons @ Wolves

    Real nice win. Let’s go beat Cleveland.
  3. Game 16: Pistons @ Wolves

    7:10 tip. Both teams 10-5.
  4. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Yeah it sucks to lose the pick but if they make the playoffs they’re giving up the next Ellenson? I think it’s worth it to clear that salary when they’re up against the tax.
  5. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    1. They clear over 17 million in salary for guys who don’t play. 2. Use that money to keep Bradley this summer. 3. You’re adding a legit 6th man to an already good bench.
  6. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    I’d still like to dump Leuer and Boban for Monroe. We would have to attach our pick though
  7. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    When a team gets so unbelievably hot it’s going to be tough. Pistons need to find a win. This is a tough stretch. Could be staring a long losing streak if they can’t find a win here soon.
  8. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    We saw again what Betrayer has been saying for a while. Indiana turns up the defensive pressure and Reggie is too slow to get around the defense. The offense bogged down and we got nothing going at the end. He had a nice game going until the end too. But the fourth is a different animal and we got totally blitzed at the end. We couldn’t do anything because the guy expected to create offense is totally shut down. We may regret not getting Bledsoe if a deal was there.
  9. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Indiana scored 51 points in 17 minutes.
  10. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Johnson can’t shoot but he’s our only perimeter defender with any size and strength. He will be guarding Butler, LeBron, and George the next 3 games.
  11. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Jackson was terrible down the stretch. He is too slow. Ish plays much faster and creates more. And he was rolling. Indiana 11/16 on triples in the second half. LOL
  12. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Can’t account for a mediorce team like Indiana just getting absolutely red hot and raining in shot after shot after shot. That Stephenson prayer was comical. They just love shooting against us.
  13. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Indiana is our house of horrors. Pistons now 10-5.
  14. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Indiana continues their dominance of us. 2-17 our last 19 trips to Indiana. 22 point third quarter lead gone. Pacers looked like Golden State
  15. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Pacers raining triples. This reminds me of last season when they lit us up Pistons by 5. Not liking the feeling of this one right now.