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  1. 19 18 10 28 Those are the win totals the last 4 years for Philly. Golden State won 73 games in a season. They've won 75 games in 4 seasons! They got Embiid who is a huge injury concern. Okafor looks like a backup. They practically gave Noel away. Simmons and whoever they get this year plus Embiid has a ton of upside as a big 3, but how successful has this approach really been? They are entering year 5 and they really don't have that much to show for it beside a boatload of losses and some injury-prone potential.
  2. I agree with this. The super team building in Cleveland and Golden State has destroyed any competitive balance. Imagine a West with Houston/SAS and Golden State/OKC with Durant. Those would be 2 great series and a legitimate chance for 4 different teams in win the conference and make The Finals. Durant ditching OKC for GSW destroyed all of that. Plus Kawhi's injury. The East being a complete and utter dumpster fire outside Cleveland is a killer. Boston is the new Atlanta. Washington doesn't have the pieces beyond Wall/Beal. Toronto is a joke in the playoffs. I guess you could pray Milwaukee comes together but beyond that there's absolutely nothing. The East needed LeBron to stay in Miami with an aging Wade and a hurt Bosh. Cleveland would potentially have Kyrie/Wiggins or even Kyrie/Love to challenge LeBron. At least there would be a ECF to watch. Durant joining Boston would've really helped. Him joining GSW really was the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to competitive balance.
  3. The Tigers made the right play to try to win this year. The season is not over in the end of May during the toughest scheduling stretch I have seen in a long time.
  4. This is comical.
  5. I am convinced Cleveland threw that game 3 against Boston. The league has a big competitive balance problem on its hands.
  6. Stop being negative, Del!
  7. ****, package Drummond, Stanley, and 12 and see what you can get. I'd build the team around that player, KCP, and Jackson
  8. Package Drummond and 12 and see what you can get. Hope Jackson gets healthy. Re-sign KCP. Pray Johnson develops.
  9. Pretty sure Jim Leyland is the one who made this happen
  10. hahahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahaha hgahahahahqsbfejofewirj
  11. He is the perfect fit for that team. Cleveland threw that game last night per Silver's request. I bet he called LeBron and asked for a favor. They'll probably have fewer back to backs next year or something
  12. Hmu when Washington ships off Beal and Porter, lol.
  13. Drummond is highly overrated. I think you'd be surprised on how little he would fetch in a trade.
  14. WOW!!
  15. That sounds familiar I agree, it is low value because of Drummond's rebounding ability. What does a potential Drummond deal even look like?