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  1. Wild couple days. The only thing I really don’t understand is signing Plumlee when we already had Dedmon on the roster. Why sign Plumlee and cut/Stretch Dedmon? They could’ve just let Dedmon play out his contract and not even bothered with Plumlee. I really like the Grant signing. He could be a really good player here. Played very well with Denver, who supposedly offered him the same contract and he chose Detroit.
  2. I totally agree on Mize. They have a nice veteran catcher in Mize and a pretty solid defense behind him. It isn’t like they’re bringing him up to play on a 115 loss team and throw him to the wolves
  3. Just an absolutely terrible outing by Boyd. Id like to see someone else get a crack at starting next time around. He’s been given 4 chances. This is glorified batting practice.
  4. Casey Mize should be up. I don’t see a single good reason why not.
  5. After McCann lined out it would’ve been the prudent move to take him out. But he has to execute better on Robert. He has to execute better, period. He’s been absolute dog **** so far this season.
  6. In a 60 game season, each starter gets 12 starts. We are 25 percent of the way done with Boyd for the year and his ERA is over 10. He’s been really bad in all 4 outings. He will be 30 years old next year. He’s had 1 season in his career with an ERA below 4.50. He is just not good.
  7. Can someone give me one good reason why Casey Mize is not in the rotation?
  8. I like this idea. You'd only have the first 2 months of the season overlap with the NFL and their playoffs and you'd be done by week 1.
  9. The one year we tank, the season will get cut short and we won't get a top pick. Awesome.
  10. Huge loss. 17 more hopefully. It's really starting to become a reality that this franchise has a legitimate shot at the first pick.
  11. Drummond and Jackson gone. Awesome!
  12. And be the best season of Pistons basketball since 2007/2008.
  13. Pistons schedule after the ASB 25 games- 14 away, 11 home. 18 of those 25 games are against teams fighting for a playoff spot. In their 7 games against lottery teams, 6 are on the road. They have 1 game I would say they definitely win- And that's home vs Golden State. 5-20 seems optimistic.
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