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  1. Turner did look pretty good in Orlando, but it's going to take a year or two for him to be a quality starter. Indy may have improved their offense, but their defense could/should take a major step back this year. Starters at PG and SF are essentially the same, assuming it's George Hill and Solomon Hill. Then you go from Stuckey/Miles to Ellis at SG, David West to George at PF and from Hibbert to a rookie or Jordan Hill at C. You'd have to really believe in Vogel to think that can be a top ten defense again.
  2. Elfrid Payton looked like pure trash in SL, but I doubt Orlando is out looking to replace him. Summer League is really tough on PGs. Trying to play with leadership and poise on a team of guys who you've maybe played with two or three of. It's disorganized and sloppy, and I really wouldn't write Dinwiddie off because of it.
  3. Which seems bold to me, considering West and Hibbert are gone and the best frontcourt players they have after George are a rookie and Lavoy Allen. The Rudez trade makes little sense too. What does Budinger bring to the table that they don't already have on the wing? How does he get minutes with George, Miles, Hill and Stuckey at the 2/3? Rudez at least seemed slotted for some minutes up front. Indiana's chances don't seem much better than Detroit's or Brooklyn's or Charlotte's in my eyes.
  4. Since they bought out Deron Williams, Nets reportedly plan to hold on to Johnson...
  5. No, not all were pick-and-rolls, you're correct. Thing is though, the two occasions where Monroe was in the game and Love hit threes off of dribble penetration, Monroe was 1) Stuck in no-man's land deciding whether or not to help and 2) Not high enough in between his man, the ball and the basket to the point where he would have enough time to close out. I didn't intend to bash Monroe either, but I felt like I kind of have to if nobody else is even going to recognize that he was a problem last night.
  6. You're going to talk to me about credibility when you tried to tell me Monroe guarded Love well? Love's four 3rd quarter 3s took the wind out of the sails. He was also the best of Cleveland's big three last night. LeBron and Kyrie were both pedestrian by their standards. Reggie did his job on defense. The SFs did the best they could on LeBron and came up with decent final results. And then there's Greg, lost at sea with Love spotting up for yet another open three. Don't talk to me about credibility. Watch the highlights and come back and tell me Greg did a good job. But if you want to keep defending Greg and you would also like to talk about the offense, we can talk about his 4-13 night.
  7. That's nonsense; the Monroe-Love matchup cost the Pistons the game last night. The problem wasn't strictly hedging the ball-handler last night. It was two-fold of hedging picks inproperly (either way too long, which happened twice, or, hedging out too high, which happened about 30 ft. from the basket on a LeBron PnP in the 3rd q.) and getting too far into the lane when playing helpside. Monroe doesn't have the quickness to cover the necessary ground to close out on good shooters. Same thing happened in Bosh's 20 point quarter a few weeks back. Go watch all of Love's threes from last night and tell me how many Monroe defended properly and then tell me why you insist on coming to the guy's defense.
  8. Unless you were the one who insisted on having Greg Monroe guard Kevin Love, I don't think you're to blame here.
  9. Saw that after I posted. Too bad. I think he'd be an upgrade on Caron, and probably Tayshaun.
  10. Pistons claimed SF Shawne Williams off of waivers. Love the pickup. Will be the best SF on the roster when he gets here, in my opinion.
  11. Woj says that the 76ers are going to claim Thomas Robinson off of waivers, which would block him from signing the deal he had planned with the Nets. Good break for the Pistons in the playoff race if true.
  12. I agree that they need to punish Love on the block, but I don't know that Monroe did a good job defending Love on the perimeter. He just missed a lot of open looks that night. Here's the NBA.com living box score of Love's 8 3PA in that game: NBA.com/Stats Monroe had one really nice closeout and then lost him a few times. Just that Love didn't make him pay. Monroe has been better at defending stretch fours this season, but I still would prefer Tolliver got his fair share of minutes defending Love tonight.
  13. With Jackson in town, I feel a lot better about facing the Cavs. Dramatically reduces the odds that Kyrie will be the reason we lose this game. The LeBron matchup is still problematic, but Tayshaun is a defensive upgrade on Singler. I believe last time they played, SVG tried Tolliver on James; didn't go well because he couldn't stay in front of him. Cavs' have the 4th best offense in the league, but 20th defense. Getting Mozgov in foul trouble early (not an impossibility at close to 4 fouls/36, 5.5/100 poss.) would go a long way towards opening up the offense for RJ pick-and-roll attacks. Thompson is a mediocre rim protector at best and I doubt Perkins will play tonight. If that doesn't happen, we'll probably need a good outside shooting night to get a W. On defense, I'm hoping to see Monroe's minutes at PF beyond the first quarter limited to times where Love isn't on the floor. Tolliver's just a way better matchup because he's less likely to lose him on the perimeter, and when he does, he's got the athleticism to close out competently. Other than LeBron-anyone and Love-Monroe, I like the way we match up. Should be a good, close game. I'll take Pistons 102 Cavs 97 because I'm a homer when it comes to picking individual games.
  14. I was hoping they would play him there too, and was a little disappointed when I saw that. I think the Kings' D-League affiliate (Reno) was playing him at PF. Looks like he was blocking over 3 shots per game. Either way, I hope he gets signed through the year on one of those deals that's non-guaranteed for a 2nd year. I'm not a scout or anything, but he just seems like a guy who's too talented not to be a fixture on an NBA roster at some point.
  15. I can't find the quote, but I believe SVG said that Miller will be a PF here primarily. So he's definitely not getting minutes over Monroe or Tolliver. Would probably take frontcourt foul trouble or a blowout for us to see him, unfortunately.
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