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  1. It's probably past due for Carlos Guillen, Dmitri Young, Travis Fryman, Tony Clark, and Damian Easley to come back for a signing. Also think a U of Michigan show would do well. There's so many alum that could come. David Terrell, Drew Henson, Anthony Thomas, Biakabutuka, Streets, Grbac Griese etc..
  2. I would be on board big time with a Russian 4 signing
  3. I made the trip myself for isiah. I also grabbed leyland, Gibby, and shawn kemp. Did anyone think gibson seemed off? I'm not sure how to describe it but maybe lethargic?
  4. I think coffeys last aj signing didn't have the red wings restrictions. I know he wouldn't in the past though
  5. Can you check again with fedorov in the summer? I was under the impression he still had a home in Michigan and spent some of the summer here
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