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  1. Will be interesting to see where he will rank on our prospect lists.
  2. F MLB.com. I can’t wait until 2028, only to lose.
  3. Pretty sure she’s looking at your “junk” photos in that image.
  4. this. it's well known that both Perry and Niekro were doctoring the ball. 'Cheating' is a slippery slope. Steroids weren't even on a banned substance list when McGwire, Sosa, etc... were using, so you could make the argument that their offense was less egregious than the Hall of Fame pitchers who were actively doctoring balls to their advantage. My issue with Justin is that he was so outspoken about "cheating," unlike Scherzer.
  5. Yeah, not a good look, if true. Especially how outspoken Justin has been calling out cheaters and players with character issues.
  6. Good start. Now how about an update on Bonderman’s change up?
  7. the writing, acting and production value of that show are unparalleled.
  8. good riddance. nice to see him leave the division/league. maybe the team formerly known as the Indians can throw Jose Ramirez in, too.
  9. as a stopgap, I like this lineup: 2B LaStella--.370 OBP (2020) LF Grossman .344 OBP (2020) 3B Candelario .369 OBP (2020) 1B Cabrera DH Cron SS Castro RF Goodrum C Somebody CF Jones Bench: C Somebody, IF Somebody, OF Reyes, OF Rule V kid Time to move on Stewart--let him go to AAA and force his way back in. Let Paredes and Rogers get some more AB's in Toledo. Reyes fulfills his destiny as a #4 OF
  10. Think so? I’d be surprised to see him get more than $7.5. The issue might be the number of years, if he has options to consider.
  11. Now go and get Tommy LaStella for 2B—he’s the ultimate Moneyball player to hit lead off.
  12. I'd like to bash the Tigers for their lack of activity this offseason, but they are in good company. With the exception of a few notable teams like the Royals and Padres, most teams have been pretty silent. I think everyone is 1) waiting to see what the season might look like and 2) hoping that as we get closer to scheduled Spring Training, that free agents will become a bit more desperate/panicked into signing team-friendly deals. However, with most teams taking this approach, there still should be competition for the better players out there. Those guys will get paid. Anyways, the lone hot stove highlight over the last 3 offseasons was when we signed Cron and Schoop on the same day. Otherwise, I'm used to lowering my expectations and being disappointed. With no tradable assets, little appetite to invest via free agency right now and an incredibly conservative/lacking in imagination GM, such is our lot.
  13. Parades. Not giving up on Jake Rogers or Franklin Perez, either (yet).
  14. That’s Paul Konerko, who I like as a comp for Torkelson. Hope he can come close to that.
  15. Happy New Years, peeps. if I told you that Torkelson’s career numbers would look like this, would you be happy?:
  16. Of that group, would love to see Montreal and Nashville
  17. I like his phone holster—total badassery
  18. Actually, the Cubs get Zach Davies in return, too. He had a very nice season last year for the Padres.
  19. Darvish to the Padres. Top prospect coming back to the Cubs is San Diego’s 11th. Feels like a salary dump and an Al Avila special.
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