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  1. If there is truth to Hinch having an out clause in his contract, I don't know how he doesn't execute it if they don't open up their wallets next offseason.
  2. He could block Paredes, who doesn’t have another position on this team (unless they trade Candy). I’d be happy if one of those two emerge as our 2B of the future.
  3. Baddoo? He hasn't even made it to Chris Shelton status yet. I agree with Candelario, and think Willi hit, too--he has a good track record in the minors. Remember, most were ready to give up on Candy after his first year with us--sometimes it takes these guys a while to consistently produce.
  4. I'm too lazy to post in the Bold Predictions thread, so I'll just put it here--Zach Short will a finalist for AL ROY. Book it, Dan-O!
  5. I’m good with almost everyone that is not Rocker. No evidence, just have a bad feeling he’d be an injury risk. I like the C, and go get a SS in free agency. I’d be good with the HS SS options, too.
  6. Did our future SS just knock it out of the park?
  7. Would you feel better if someone was warming up next to Buck Farmer?
  8. My guess is he’ll be somewhere in the middle. We’ve seen this before. Will likely come back down to earth. Just hope it’s not crashing. The one thing that does impress me is he doesn’t seem in awe of anything. Comes across like he thinks he belongs.
  9. If Baddoo goes the way of Chris Shelton, there are going to be a lot of bummed out collectors.
  10. A month ago, you could have purchased this card for under $10. I almost purchased a few but was waiting for it to go down a few bucks. One Spring Training and 2 more dingers and here is what it’s going for now...
  11. You would have thought I was used to losing over the last four years, but I remember again that it sucks.
  12. All that spitting would have been difficult wearing a mask.
  13. The over/under for BB’s by Grossman is the same as HR’s by Baddoo: 2. I’m taking the over for both.
  14. Isn’t this the Jeff Weaver Sunday special lineup? No sure I agree with working your entire bench into the same lineup.
  15. How many batters before Matty gives up his first dinger of the season? Over/under is 14.
  16. Buck Martinez is awful. Out of touch. Reminds me of Jim Price.
  17. What sucks is that 4 years into our rebuild, we only have two position players getting time to develop (Candy and Willi). Everyone else in the lineup is a stopgap. Sad that in a season where we’re going to take our lumps, we don’t have anyone else ready to start their development and get valuable MLB time.
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