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  1. Rule 5 Draft

    Are any of you hosting a draft party? Thinking about heading down to the Applebee’s
  2. Not so fast, dip****. Reports are now saying it’s not complete.
  3. Angels have a glut of OF in the majors and minors. One coming back?
  4. He gone. Angels. Don’t know the return yet.
  5. Rule 5 Draft

    Only to free up a spot for the draft or any other free agent signings. We have lots of crappy pitchers on the 40, though, to cut first.
  6. I'd like to reiterate.
  7. No reason to dump Kinsler.
  8. The problem with projecting how long a rebuild will take is that every other team in the MLB is also trying to win. You don’t control your own destiny—other factors weigh in, too. In our division alone, there are two teams with a head start on our rebuild (Twins, White Sox) and the Royals will likely be on par with us. Who’s to say we'll execute better than any of them? The Indians are poised to win the Central for 2-3 more seasons. After that, it’s a crap shoot.
  9. two years? we'll wake you back up in 5 or 6, if everything goes well.
  10. why do we need to trade everyone? aren't guys like Fulmer and Castellanos the type of players we should be seeking? If we don't try and build around some core guys, we won't have a winning team for another 5 years, at a minimum. Remember, historically, trading established players for prospects almost always works in favor of the team acquiring the proven product.
  11. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    Maybe—I couldn’t find a list. I thought I had read somewhere that it had been quite a while since a player has been inducted by the Veterans Committee