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  1. Please, no more Troy Montgomery or Grayson Long’s in return.
  2. Tenacious D

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I’d rather take Madrigal. Too much risk with Mize. Let’s get a top of the lineup talent that our organization is sorely lacking, and should be able to contribute by 2020.
  3. Tenacious D

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

  4. Tenacious D

    40 game mark. Are your expectations adjusted?

    I’m enjoying these wins, and while I’m firmly part of the #tank movement, I know we’ll get our more than fair share of losses eventually, so it’s fun letting things play out. I just wish this were a true rebuilding season, but it’s not. The only youngster who is developing this season, that should be part of our core, is Jeimer. Jimenez, Farmer, Hicks and Jones, too, but I suspect they’ll just be pieces of a winning team. Everyone else is either a stopgap or likely to be dealt before we become a contender.
  5. Tenacious D

    5/16 @1:10 Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    That looks like a Spring Training lineup. For an away game. And we might sweep.
  6. Tenacious D

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Wish we had the second pick. I’m leery of Mize. However, I don’t see how to avoid drafting him. Kind of wish the decision wasn’t ours. I really like Bart—the Buster Posey version vs Eric Munson.
  7. Tenacious D

    5/14 @7:10 Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    Why wait? We can just use the unfinished Tony Phillips statue
  8. Tenacious D

    40 game mark. Are your expectations adjusted?

    Hate to be a downer, but they are playing bad teams. Though, most of the teams in the league look to be rebuilding. Or just suck. this will be an interest trade deadline as fewer teams look to be in contention for playoff spots. Not sure that the return will be strong enough to move Castellanos, Fulmer or Greene. However, if we do, the W-L pace we’re on will be impacted.
  9. Tenacious D

    4/21 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Trades, too. Anything we get out of this season is nice, but 2019-2020 are the true rebuilding years where our young pitchers take their lumps. Lugo and Stewart, too. By July 31, I suspect we’ll be saying good bye to Fulmer, Castellanos and Greene. Maybe Fiers and Liriano, too.
  10. Tenacious D

    Virginia Tech - 11 years ago

  11. Tenacious D

    4/18 @1:10 Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers

    “Wait till they get a load of me”
  12. Tenacious D

    Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Was Dolph Sweet in it? If not, I don’t give a **** about it.
  13. Tenacious D

    Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    This. Add Castellanos, too.
  14. Tenacious D

    4/8@2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    Tigers should legitimately be 5-3, and in first place.
  15. Tenacious D

    4/8@2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    So far, I find this team a lot more likable than the crew from last season. Wish JV was still part of it, though.