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  1. That one is a reprint. All autographs are authentic, though—certified by Topps.
  2. more--apologies to anyone who doesn't give a ****
  3. same here, but he's not coming. I'd probably pick Porcello from the remainder, as I think he fits the bill as healthy and capable of giving us 180 innings. Lots of questions marks with the others, and I don't think we have that luxury given the number of innings we need to fill. If we had four solid guys who you could expect to pitch a full season's worth, I'd be more inclined to go after someone with upside, like Paxton, but we only have two in that camp (Turnbull and Boyd).
  4. Fulmer gets 2021--if he can't prove that he is capable of being at least a 5th starter, you cut him loose. btw, you can insert Boyd into the sentence above.
  5. agree--I don't think we should count on much, but I also think he deserves the benefit of the doubt and be given the chance to see what he can do in 2021.
  6. this time, we better get Javy Baez in return.
  7. he had a sore wing and was shut down. Not sure if that was the main or only reason he didn't move up.
  8. They started using the same ball in AAA and they saw a crazy jump in the number of HR’s.
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