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  1. you had me until the very end.
  2. he continues to be an idiot. unfollowing him on Twitter has made my life measurably better. Did he really thing that every player on the next good team was going to be developed through the draft/minors?
  3. With the #1 overall, I really hope that doesn't mean that we shouldn't expect much out of our next 9 picks.
  4. I'm fine with Addison Russell--my understanding is that he would not be eligible for arbitration this year as he would already be agreeing to a free agent contract with us. Given his recent performance and off the field issues, I don't see him getting any more than Iglesias did last year (~$2.0M). I'd take that risk--still only 25. That's what this team should be doing, and not wasting 500 AB's on Niko Goodrum at SS.
  5. good for Alex--he's been one of our more successful position players drafted/developed. after that breakout season, I really thought he would have a better career than he has, but I think all of those concussions he suffered really did a number on him. If we're in the market for a catcher > Gerald Laird or Brayan Pena, I wonder if we'll pursue Jason Castro?
  6. I agree with that logic, but just think any player the Tigers give up in trade is likely to be more valuable than the player that would be selected.
  7. Walt Jocketty smokes Camels. He'll vote for Lou.
  8. who really cares about those picks? How often have we hit on a 2nd or 3rd rounder in the draft? If we have anything of value to trade for a future pick, I would rather just hold on to that player.
  9. I think this is right. For better or worse, they are sticking to their plan--they said they would start to spend when the blue chips start to materialize, which probably won't be towards the back half of next season. I'm optimistically confident that next offseason they will be a bit more aggressive and will have a better idea of what they have in Candelario, W. Castro, J. Rogers, J. Jones, C. Stewart, etc... and will supplement where needed.
  10. it would help everyone forget about the Chris Bosio fiasco, though.
  11. when is the vote, or did it already happen? Seems like an opportunity to lobby these guys on behalf of any of the candidates.
  12. I think it's a Lou-friendly group, though I'm not sure at the exclusion of the other candidates.
  13. As diehard Tiger fans who post on an internet forum and still live in your parent's basements, I find you all offensive.
  14. We are, because we’ll pass on him, which is unacceptable. He’d be our best position player for $10 million.
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