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  1. I'll lift your spirits--right now, we'd have the 6th overall pick in next year's amateur draft. Can we crack top 5? Dare to dream.
  2. Rough for the Tigers organization tonight. Every team lost, including a few double headers. We went 0-12.
  3. ? Disagree. He's only 21 and missed the equivalent of a season with TJ. The glove and speed was always there, now the hit tool is catching up.
  4. my point is that he has now earned it with his play, not just draft status. in previous seasons, the farm was more barren than it is now. It actually means something to be on the list now.
  5. Hill is playing himself into the Tigers top 10 prospect list. And this time he's earning it vs. just using his 1st Round status.
  6. I don't think the Tigers are worried about Machado's development--I think they believe he would be an adequate replacement for Iglesias, who I've been told, is a bit of a douchebag in the clubhouse and will also make $5 million next year. Machado will get $750K. During the Dombrowski/Mike Ilitch era, $4.25 million savings didn't seem like a big deal, but I think the new administration will see it differently, especially if they can turn Iglesias into a useful asset. Not sure they'd waive him to save the difference in salary.
  7. the last play is the best.
  8. There is a highlight video of his catches that is insane--looks like a MLB caliber CF right now. Bat needs to catch up, but he is making up for lost time.
  9. please don't trade Verlander.
  10. name-dropper
  11. #operation tank continues tonight.
  12. I'd like to see Kinsler on the team next season. He's still a very good player, leader and way more valuable than an A-level reliever, which is likely what we'd get in return. If he can return to his career averages, he'd command more in a trade next trade deadline, anyhow. He's not blocking anyone, so let's be able to cheer for a player who plays the right way.
  13. Stakes are high in this game. A Tigers win gets them within 9 games of mediocrity.
  14. David Ortiz is the North Star--he got healthy and put up some very good seasons late in his career. Hopefully, Miggy gets healthy and comfortable at DH.
  15. This makes sense--already have Candelario and likely, Paredes, at 3B, with Machado and Alcantara coming at SS. No real 2B prospects in the pipeline, though I do like what Eaves has done offensively this season.