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  1. yeah, strikes me as a Billy Butler-type of hitter (before he started to suck).
  2. Recent years? He's been with the team since at least 2003 (too lazy to look it up).
  3. More than 2/3 of digital ad spend is on Google, Facebook and Amazon, which leaves little to go around for every other digital platform.
  4. if I remember correctly, wasn't Fiers left off the playoff roster that year? they might have messed with the wrong guy. for what it is worth, I'm on his side.
  5. Me, too. A bit risky, given that Nick has a track record showing he struggles everywhere he plays. I do think he can handle it, though—he should have embraced it when the Tigers asked before last season.
  6. Interesting that both Ozuna and Castellanos are still unsigned, a few weeks before the start of spring training. If this were any of the last three offseasons, that would not seem unusual, but the market moved much faster this year. I’m sure both players are linked to each other. Both have good offensive profiles, with Ozuna posting the defensive advantage but also carrying a qualifying offer. Ultimately, I don’t see a team sacrificing both a big contract and a draft pick for Ozuna, so I see him going to St. Louis and Castellanos to the Rangers.
  7. He gets high marks on defense, switch hits and put up a decent average. Nice guy to stick at Erie/Toledo to see if he can continue to develop. Also fills the need for a player with dyslexia (Jhon)
  8. I suppose the Asterisks deserve the benefit of doubt.
  9. Allegations coming out are that some of the Astros hitters were wearing buzzing devices under their jerseys. Gonna get uglier, if true.
  10. how embarrassing, if true. another thing we suck at.
  11. Alex Cora is out, by “mutual” decree.
  12. I'll make the effort if he's still on the active roster come May 1. Until then, he's Rule 5 guy.
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