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  1. If anyone is interested in watching Scherzer strike us out 20 times again, they are replaying the game from 2016 on MLB Network at 6 pm EST.
  2. what happens to college eligible players who don't get drafted? free agent frenzy?
  3. encouraging about the draft. picking at the top of 10 rounds should be sufficient to stock the shelves. I'm assuming all other players would be free agents?
  4. once we have a better idea of when baseball could resume, it would be great to institute a combine-approach, like the NFL, allowing both college and high schoolers to participate in drills and exhibition games to help better inform the scouting community. The devil's in the details, but I'd love to follow the coverage. If they even need it.
  5. The high's were high and low's are low. But, does it have to be this way?
  6. if normalcy commences by May 15th, I will be ecstatic.
  7. Now that the July Olympics has been cancelled, does anyone really think there will be a baseball season?
  8. might not even be a factor, but showing old games serves as a reminder that the current broadcast crew is significantly inferior.
  9. even if they didn't have to pay them, I'll bet it factored in. What would have been cool is to find the most compelling game played on that particular date over the last 15 seasons (to include 2006), and show that one.
  10. I disagree on the part about keeping the cream of the crop. I think that happened in Boston because the farm he inherited was incredible. With Detroit, he didn't really produce any top players, with the exceptions of Verlander, Porcello and Granderson. He traded our back-to-back 1st rounders in Maybin and Miller, though that worked out well. Also traded other first rounders, like Jacob Turner and Jonathan Crawford. In his defense, he rarely got burned. Suarez stands out. Ray, too, but we didn't draft him.
  11. I think Martin might be the better hitter. Not as much power, obviously, but strong OBP/SLG, coupled with an incredible eye at the plate. Tork had 15 K's vs. 2 for Martin, with similar AB's.
  12. I remember this game, too. I also was 10 that year. Re-watching it right now, it's amazing how un-athletic the players look relative to today's.
  13. I watched some of that. Pete Rose was on the Phillies. Think I saw Guillermo on the mound.
  14. Gen Z don't go to ball games. The bigger, long-term concern for baseball is their fan base will erode. Interest in little league/high school sports is down.
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