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  1. I can name the 1979 Pirates starting lineup, while standing on my head. This year’s squad? No ******* clue.
  2. They also noted that his pitching was pretty good, too.
  3. We’re good dudes, though I did do media sales at Facebook a while back, for a hot second.
  4. I think they are keeping the dugouts warm until the recent signees get assigned.
  5. I do. Knew there was a reason I never trusted any of your posts.
  6. I agree--definitely makes sense to pump up the fan base over a high draft pick, but to use a comp (Longoria), is unnecessary.
  7. This is a depressing update: https://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2019/04/15/2019-detroit-tigers-top-prospects-statistics/3355619002/Tigers top prospects: How they're performing in minors
  8. if we can net two top 50 position prospects for some combination of Boyd, Greene and Casty, we should jump at it. ****, throw in Bobby Wilson if that is what is required to get it done.
  9. I wonder if Nick was rushed? He seemed ready based on his minor league stats, but he was very young when he was promoted and certainly struggled for a few seasons. Also having to learn a new defensive position a few times probably didn’t help. He’s a good dude—hope he can turn it around quickly, and can be dealt to a contender. Win-win
  10. not every decision has been a bust, though. We got a season out of Alfredo Simon for that loser, Eugenio Suarez. Wonder whatever happened to him?
  11. I still think this was the impetus for Cabby's downward health spiral.
  12. I agree with this. Are we somehow in dispute?
  13. I can't disagree with you more vehemently.
  14. yes, but he was a supplemental because of his salary demands. He was projected much higher. I still think Nick was a good draft pick and did provide some value. I also don't think he's as bad as he's been this year--baseball is a mental sport and I think the uncertainty might be impacting his performance. I do hope he can go on a Justin Upton-esque hot streak to help our fortunes, as well as his own. but, in summation, there is zero chance the Tigers offer him the QO.
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