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  1. boo. You can't combine the Braves staff with nine Mario Mendoza's and hope to win.
  2. Houston vs. Washington Verzer or Scherlander?
  3. I'm Facebook friends--he posts a lot of videos. Seems like he's on a fish charter boat quite a bit. Very likable guy.
  4. please take a closer look at the picture posted above. You might find your answer there.
  5. Trivia--does anyone know who the 1976 Champion was? Or any other year, for that matter?
  6. Norris is better--so, he's a steal at $2.9M
  7. I would hope we'd spend that much on a similar pitcher via free agency.
  8. this is the plan to respectability. unfortunately, we're lacking the internal resources (players) or front office innovation to turn this into a playoff contender.
  9. that seems odd that there wasn't a single .300 hitter last year. Thought Erie was considered a good hitters park, especially for power? Paredes will hit in the bigs. Azocar's profile is starting to look like Victor Reyes, with more K's and better D. I'm not confident about him having any impact in the majors. Also losing faith in Derek Hill. If only those guys had been coached to have better pitch selection when they were younger. Never understand why guys with speed don't put more energy into working on how to get on base.
  10. it's a amazing to me that the Brave's guys basically played the equivalent of a full season during their playoff run.
  11. I like the idea of taking a bad contract to get prospects in return, but Myers has never really put up a season worthy of the contract he received. Hard pass.
  12. Stewart is already out of options? He's only played one year in the majors, and was sent down on an injury rehab. I guess I don't know the rules on how that works. I would play Demeritte in RF over Reyes. Demeritte profiles to be a higher OPS player, given his OBP and power potential. Reyes is an empty .300 hitter.
  13. I would fire myself and tell ownership to go get someone from the Astros, Rays or Dodgers.
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