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  1. I, sir, will be your Frank Burns. Consider yourself served.
  2. Is Buck Farmer still in the org? Healthy? I don’t see his name being mentioned by the local press in any rotation or bullpen battles. I personally hold him in higher regard than Saupold and VerHagen. Farmer’s stuff could play as a middle reliever.
  3. I like Faedo the best out of all of our pitching prospects. That’s why I made him my Adopt-a-Tiger.
  4. I disagree. You see much more action during the season as multiple teams are vying for the postseason with the expanded Wild Card and are more willing to give up their top prospects to get there.
  5. I read that they are being used as the new netting at Comerica.
  6. I do wonder how much Bosio’s presence influenced this decision for both the team and Wood? He’s a very viable lefty bullpen option for us.
  7. So, let me get this straight—he’s now the Tiger’s Wood?
  8. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    Between Cabby and the Deuce and his 15 WAR, do we get there?
  9. 2018 Home Uniforms

    The new D is comparable in size to the W and A on the Nationals and Braves hats. Perhaps our previous D hat was too small?
  10. 2018 Home Uniforms

    Here are the old and new hats, side by side. I think it’s fine. <ducks>
  11. Given he was the #2 guy with the previous regime, he’s also culpable for any mess he inherited.
  12. Need to sign Ackley (hurt us as a Yankee)

    Agreed. The Tigers have completely botched their choice for a backup middle infielder at Toledo.
  13. Still holding out hope that someone like a Carlos falls in our lap (Gonzales or Gomez)
  14. Or, if he follows in Deivi Cruz’ footsteps, he’ll be a statue.
  15. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    While I’m no AA sympathizer, I do think he did well in his first attempt at selling off vets for prospects. The trade with the Cubs really looks to lean our way and I’m happy with our yield for JV. AZ trade was a bit disappointing, but for all of his offensive output, his defensive issues appear to hurt JD’s value, which we’re also seeing in his free agency, if you believe that his only serious suitor is Boston. The upcoming draft and any deadline deals should give us a better idea of his ability to lead a rebuild.