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  1. it's a **** show. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that this season won't happen (nor the NBA or NHL playoffs).
  2. Your best Cleveland nickname suggestion. And Steamers is off the table. Go.
  3. I think this ****er is his uncle
  4. I heard he insists on being addressed with “the” first. Kind of douchey if you ask me.
  5. going to extremes to avoid getting COVID from his teammates.
  6. If there was one standout team in a weak division, I suppose that's closer to being possible. The Dodgers are probably closest to that. My dark horse for the AL Central winner is the White Sox, though it pains me to type this.
  7. Narrowly edged out by Electric Boogaloo, part deux
  8. Sing Street is a hidden gem. One of my favorite movies of the last 6.5 years.
  9. If we’re still at 59 players in camp, makes you wonder if we’re going to sign a free agent? Still some guys out there.
  10. I think Soto makes it ahead of Ramirez and Cisnero over Castro. I think they’ll add another pitcher and keep Willi on the taxi squad. and hopefully this guy, or Chest Rockwell, gets a late season call-up
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