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  1. I have no data or insights to support this, but I feel like Rocker is a serious arm injury waiting to happen.
  2. Guys I’m looking for a rebound from are Nick Quintana, Parker Meadows, Wenceel Perez and Roger’s boy.
  3. yes, that was my recollection as well.
  4. Maddon won a ring in spite of himself. I don't recall a World Series with more questionable decision making than when the Cubs won.
  5. Porcello has reached Mike Pelfrey-****tiness.
  6. fo sho. given where we're heading, go for quantity at this point. The young guys probably won't go over 100 innings this year.
  7. not the "Kenny Rogers" type I was expecting. Or hoping for. If he comes on board, hopefully he get's the Fetter treatment.
  8. I think they are for making it out of Spring Training. He hasn’t pitched since 2019.
  9. the only one that will have trade value is Norris, and it will be limited because he's an impending free agent. I don't think anyone will trust either Fulmer or Boyd, regardless of how good they look through July. Hope to be proven wrong on all fronts.
  10. pulling for Fulmer. clearly had the talent before, and just seems like a good dude.
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