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  1. Agree. Picking on him at this point is the epitome of a half-empty glass.
  2. You’ll change your tune the next time he goes on a fun run.
  3. Vina—falsely credited with starting the Tiger’s turnaround.
  4. Grayson Greiner hopes he is Kelly Shoppach
  5. geezus, I can name 10 on the 25 man roster. I'd cut Greiner before giving up on Hill.
  6. So, Burrows, Cameron, Funkhouser, Garcia, Hill and Paredes from that list. Most others either wouldn’t be selected or would not be considered any sort of loss if they were.
  7. I think Cameron is the better and more advanced prospect, but both guys have their flaws and question marks, so best to keep them around to see if either can contribute.
  8. I’m not comparing the two. Both should be in the mix.
  9. Why keep saying Hill is 24, when he’s 23 and will be at season’s end (which is young for AA). He also missed a season with Tommy John surgery, which likely has contributed to his late development? Elite speed and CF defense with emerging power is intriguing, especially with a young, inexperienced player. Way too early to give up on him.
  10. they are showing Kacy is on the team, too. Maybe Roger asked to have the brothers together to reduce his travel.
  11. just to follow up on my last post, Hill is still just 23, which is young for AA (though not exceedingly, like Paredes), and has only been able to average 77 games/324 AB's per season. Kid is still developing.
  12. With Hill's speed and defense, which are both superior to Jones, he would be a big league regular if he can maintain a .725+ OPS. He should absolutely be protected at this point--will be interesting to see if his power continues and how we responds to AAA pitching. His development has been stalled by injuries, so even though he's been in the system for a long time, his actual number of games played/AB's does not reflect that.
  13. Walking more—very good sign. He’s a big league regular if he can maintain a .725+ OPS.
  14. We may win this game, but there is no way this current lead holds up.
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