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  1. you're setting yourself up to get your heartbroken. Send me your address and I'll ship you a couple of jars of peanut butter and ice cream to get you through it. This team will ultimately be hard pressed to win 70 games, particularly when we shed Matt Boyd, Shane Greene and Castellanos at the trade deadline, and have to plow through the final 60 games of the season without them (and possibly others).
  2. I approve of this win. For one day, I abandon my irrational need for the Tigers to tank. Mostly because I detest the Red Sox. I will resume my tank-wish once we leave Beantown.
  3. why not? First round talent that has missed a ton of development time to injuries, including Tommy John. Elite defense and speed, looks like he has filled out. Still only 23 yrs old. If he can only hit .260 in the bigs, he will be a major leaguer for a very long time. signed, Derek Hill's agent
  4. what? that sounds right in theory, but only theory. He's fine--Erie's weather is more unpredictable this time of year. Best he stays on his regular schedule vs having to deal with rain-outs. There is no rush--he'll be up shortly. He really shouldn't pitch in the bigs this year, so let him get 8-10 starts in each of Erie and Toledo, if deserving.
  5. I remember when we acquired him--my 14 year old self was very excited. Not sure why.
  6. don't look now, but Cam Gibson is playing his way into prospect status. Was a 5th rounder, and has nice power/speed potential.
  7. Success looks like a strong 6 inning outing for Norris and a Miggy HR, along with a White Sox win. #tank2019
  8. If Mize is lights out this year at Erie (and potentially Toledo), you might want to call him up when rosters expand, depending on the 40-man situation. I doubt he'd pitch, though, or at best, sparingly, given they might want to manage his innings. Barring a collapse, I think he's penciled into the next Spring's starting rotation.
  9. I had an off-site meeting at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham yesterday--for those unfamiliar, it's where the visiting sports teams typically stay when in town. I was sitting in the lobby with a colleague, when an older guy wearing a WGN jacket sat near us---I asked him if he was in town for the game, and he said "yes" From the sound of his voice, I quickly realized it was Steve Stone--we chatted for a little bit, and I tried to flatter him in front of my colleague, while demonstrating my knowledge of the game, by congratulating him on winning 25 games in a season and winning the Cy Young in the process. I should have stopped there, because when I asked him if it was with the Cubs or White Sox, he responded "the Orioles." Actually a very nice guy, we chatted about how both the White Sox and Tigers appear to be a bit away from contention. An interesting bit was the Mario/Rod drama last season--he told me that Mario came over to him and said, "Rod just choked me."
  10. This. I’m sure they just want to avoid all of the April rainouts. Mize, Manning and Faedo in the same rotation will be fun to watch.
  11. Who comes up? Mahtook again, or do they challenge Daz?
  12. Think I read that he had Tommy John—maybe that impacted his draft position? He does look good and may move quickly.
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