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  1. my biggest issue with Gardy was his lack of basic analytical insight while he continued to bat Reyes at leadoff, with Schoop at #2. Neither guy can draw a walk and are not suited to be at the top of the lineup. I also think his pitching coach has been a disaster. And we are 7 games under .500 (and counting) and have a -63 run differential, so I struggle with considering this season as a positive or success.
  2. here are some potential SS free agents over the next two seasons (from MLB Trade Rumors)--this list doesn't include a 2nd tier of guys, like Marcus Semien and Didi Gregorious. No idea if any of these guys will actually hit free agency, but all would help:
  3. Kenny Rogers--that was a good gamble <ducks>
  4. could have been our Smoltz moment, though we would have squandered having him in the organization.
  5. What were the Yankees thinking? Was that pre-Cashman?
  6. my apologies to Chili Mac--while I can't disagree more about your opinion on Gardy this year, it was a douchy response to your post and I'm sorry for that.
  7. I think his walk rate will improve--he has shown that in the minors. His BABIP (and batting average) is not sustainable, but he should be a .280 hitter with some pop. His defense is a concern--hope he can make it work at 2B. But his age should be factored into any assessment of him--he's always been young for the league he has played in, including this year. I'm cautiously optimistic that he can have an Omar Infante career.
  8. Goodrum has now K’d in 46% of his AB’s this season. I think he should stop worrying about where he plays in the field.
  9. Bieber visibly upset that his no-hitter was broken up in the 2nd inning.
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