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  1. What's happens now? How would the Lions still make the playoffs if the Bears lose next week?
  2. Yes our defense stink up the joint, but it's the edge, we had them on the ropes at that point.
  3. I can say it with a straight face because the pyschological edge was lost after those two back to back calls, and the call that came shortly later after that.....(the Riola call).
  4. Honestly, it's like right after the refs made those two horrible calls back to back, it took all the air out of our defense and the defense or the team hasn't been the same since.
  5. Megatron just did the nastiest goalpost dunk of all time..that was filthy...would had made Tony G. proud.
  6. We should had kept Kickalicious ...why the hell they keep Akers? He's wack.
  7. Great two runs, and more importantly, great holding onto the ball this time. Reggie is wising up.
  8. Great drive, a couple more good ones hopefully like that drive, we got a great shot to win the game.
  9. Hell no LOL That was clever comeback joke though.... +1 to you.
  10. A tradition I've been watching since '79 in Detroit (was born in '78)...even as my family moved to Mississippi and went to college in D.C. and lived all from Texas to Illinois and back again to MS, I have never never missed an game on Thanksgiving...now I'm teaching my 2 year daughter the same tradition.
  11. That's all I'm saying, somebody teach Stafford a better method than the sidearm throw and we got an better accurate QB and more deadly one....but Pettigrew..smh.
  12. Stafford is wack with that sidearm throw, he has no accuracy on those throws..and it leads to overthrow Pettigrew is softer than wet tissue paper and a waste of space on the team ugh. Hopefully we bring it in the second half and try to tighten the division lead (and hope the Packers/Bears loses).
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