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  1. I'll put Prince at 27 homers. Comerica was friendlier to lefties last year than Arlington. The idea that he's just going to launch 50 homers next year is so laughable.
  2. Down 42-23 after one. What a ****ing joke. Completely unprepared. This team is such a mess defensively. A trade HAS to be made to get rid of one of the bigs.
  3. For someone claiming that people should use WAR more, you apparently don't even know what WAR is Nice
  4. Lovie Smith should be the next coach. The offense wouldn't be any worse than it is now because the only strategy they have is "chuck it to Calvin" but the defense would probably be greatly improved.
  5. I'm very disappointed we couldn't give Benoit 2/15. He's apparently not even going to close in SD, Street still is. Money is, to me, pretty clearly very tight for the Tigers.
  6. There's no point in trading Johnson because he wouldn't bring anything more than a late 1st round pick back. That's just how NFL trades work. Brandon Marshall got traded for a ****ing 3rd round pick. Randy Moss was traded for what, a 6th? Something ridiculous like that.
  7. What's your evidence for Balfour falling off? And how is Joba and Smith a coin flip? In no way is that a coin flip. It's not a no-brainer.
  8. Smith had 16 shots outside of the paint last night. Let's not kid ourselves, he went to the paint in one game, against Portland, and that's it.
  9. Assuming Benoit signs for 8m the swap is Ruggiano/Benoit/Balfour/Smith for Joba/Nathan/Davis/minor prospect/4m savings on the payroll If you would rather have the second of those packages then fine, there's no clear right answer, I'd much rather have the first one myself though, I like that LF platoon much more and you have 4 really good relievers in Rondon/Benoit/Balfour/Smith, and only Rondon is a question mark out of those guys.
  10. 8 of 20 starters injured, along with Ericsson/Kronwall/Bertuzzi/Alfredsson/Smith/Gustavsson missing time this year How do you not fire the entire training staff at this point? Let's not pretend that this is even remotely close to being normal, 14 of the 20 starters have been injured at some point, and most of them have missed more than a few games Oh, and of course, it's always the good players that get injured, not the scrubs like Cleary/Samuelsson/Miller/Quincey
  11. 834 OPS career against lefties, much better defensively than Davis, and still has speed. Might wanna check that again. They traded Brian Bogusevic for him, I'm sure the Tigers could've found someone to toss their way that isn't Dirks. Even if it takes a decent prospect, oh well. I don't see why it matters to Smith or Benoit what their roles are if they're getting paid a lot of money and get to pitch for a championship contender. The 7th inning is important. Brian Wilson who seems to have one of the biggest egos in sports just signed a deal to not close. Smith mainly pitched the 7th inning for the Indians last year (at least I think I did with Allen in the 8th and Perez in the 9th). Benoit might find a closer job and if he does then I can understand him not wanting to sign here, but if he doesn't find one, I'm sure he'd probably rather play for the Tigers and make the same amount of money than play for another team he's less familiar with and probably worse.
  12. Dan Szymborski ‏@DSzymborski 1h I'd rather have Benoit, Balfour, Joe Smith, and Ruggiano over Nathan, Davis, and Joba. Just saying. This is a good point Nathan/Davis/Joba: 17.5m + 500k in potential bonuses Smith/Balfour/Ruggiano: 14.25m Then add in Benoit for 7-8/mil a season and you have an elite bullpen and the same production in LF for only an extra couple million.
  13. If the Tigers sign Benoit then the bullpen is basically back to where it was last year from the way I see it, two reliable relievers and then a ton of wild cards
  14. no because having a 5'3" 375 thing at SS is a horrible idea
  15. Dang can you teach me how to read the future? That's a pretty cool talent you have also, you mad?
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