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  1. The fellas at FSD didn't even pay attention to the last five minutes of the half, let alone say anything about it. A Piston got a T, and the pistons came back from a 0-8 start to take the lead and they didn't acknowledge either one.
  2. So you don't think he's about to adopt "position-less" ball?
  3. F it. I say start Stanley at the 1 offensively. Ish is garbage. Stan can dribble it up the court and either attack the rim or get it to Blake to run half court point. Tough to figure out who guards the other teams 1, but Ish is garbage so would it really be worse?
  4. I always go back and forth if you are really a bitter old liberal or a 15 year old troll.
  5. Just saw a lefty as orange as Trump on MSNBC say that this tax bill is actually gonna send jobs overseas. Any of you lefties here believe that this bill will actually send more jobs overseas?
  6. I've been on the fence with KCP because of his D, but no more. He's a role player, pure and simple, and should not be a starter or get paid like one. To me the biggest difference between full time players and role players is how they play on the road. He's shooting 26% and 18% on the road. Double that at home. Pure garbage on the road.
  7. Andre should try shooting jump hooks at the free throw line.
  8. So if it's Christie that means the war on marijuana is back on. Sell your caregiver cards.
  9. I know it's a bit early for draft talk, but I just watched Xavier v. Nova, and the best player for the #5 ranked winning team was their freshman pg. Then I went and checked a couple mock drafts, and he isn't even listed in either round. Am I missing something, or if this kid played for a blue blood program would he be a lottery pick?
  10. I actually wasn't being completely sarcastic when I asked the question, I assumed Del would be able to post something. But now I'm thinking we should go ahead and trade him for Okafor.
  11. I'm assuming you're using some sort of advanced analytic for this? A link would be great, thanks.
  12. Poo poo kaka(sp?) on pfife. No, but seriously, while I'm not a fan at all of Obama's foreign policy, I don't think we should be stepping up and "leading" (spending more than everyone else) on a big problem for Europe. There's a reason that socialism sorta works over there. We have accepted responsibility for their defense. I'd like to see how they handle it.
  13. Dude, you were on a roll the other night! We got some ***, and some crap, and a cup of hot piss on top of it all!
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