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  1. http://www.diehardsport.com/college-basketball/ref-who-called-flagrant-on-simpson-is-ohio-native-wouldnt-let-howard-see-replay/?fbclid=IwAR3suAc2OU5SBF3iUyOTvp_LHEorqbQmbUc9IbVZO8VPEu2zb6iipSOtdT0 Same old bull**** different sport.
  2. Every time I Start getting hope for this team they do this.
  3. The state guy just flat out punched Michigan in the nose.
  4. What does it take for Izzo to get a technical? All game long chirping at the refs.
  5. The only reason Patterson is playing is Harbaugh promised him the job and Harbaugh doesn't want to have the reputation of breaking promises.
  6. The difference is Patterson sucks.
  7. And no targeting didn't even look at it.
  8. And another missed touchdown with a bad pass.
  9. Patterson had better have a degree because he's not going to the nfl
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