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  1. am I the only person who wanted the Pistons to take the ball and bury it int he gut of one of the refs in the last seconds?
  2. Pistons were in control and the refs took over. the only question is how much money did they bet on the game.
  3. Foul on luke kennard for allowing some to elbow you in the chest.
  4. Griffin mauled on that last shot.
  5. Kick out open 3 air ball. Such a pistons thing to do.
  6. another biggest lead another biggest lead another biggest lead another biggest lead.
  7. Wow this is painful to watch. Getting buried by a g league team.
  8. Or dont fall behind by 23 to begin with
  9. Back to back losses vs the pacers. That hurts.
  10. Winston push off push off travel plow into defender. Foul on defender.
  11. The diffrence is we could not hit a 3 tonight. That's the problem with college basketball all it takes is one bad game.
  12. Just a bad game. Cant hit anything
  13. that was a really late reaction or as some call a flop. Holy crap flagrant foul? What kind of cheap discount refs are these?
  14. Fun game hope we don't collapse.
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