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  1. If you cant block the quarterback in a mute point just ask Burrow.
  2. Game over yes lions will lose
  3. Wow if that Erin Rodgers that's a face mask penalty
  4. Lions defence is so bad. Stafford must think they need to score every time they touch the ball.
  5. and 2 pick later Stafford killing his team
  6. Average team that gets exposed every year
  7. Yeah but lets be honest they have a great running game each year and that is all. Wisconsin that is. When they played any contenders they get stuffed and embarrassed.
  8. I am done this team is trash. Now that is not all the coaches fault. It is time to loosen the academic requirements to play. it is time to start giving money to recruits and it is time to start bribing the refs. and yes fire the coach.
  9. If you dont have a defense you dont have anything
  10. oh so now they review a play. Just to flip Michigan off they reviewed the last play but not the two OBVIOUS incomplete pass in the last drive.
  11. How approprate MSU gives theball to the refs in the end
  12. hard to get out of bounds when the play is blown dead the second contact is made
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