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  1. time to review the call to give Illinois a free time out
  2. I dont know how that was even considered a fumble. His knee bounced off the ground on that one.
  3. boring and predictable. 3 runs and a punt.
  4. Michigan needs to stretch the field. Iowa is playing a shallow zone and can just stand around with the shallow routs that are being run.
  5. and thats pass interference?
  6. 1 touchdown stolen 1 touchdown gifted. Bs roughing call. Yes that's on the refs
  7. Shake the refs hands they earned this win.
  8. And another screw job on the late hit.
  9. Is it anti homer when you think an obvious touchdown is not a touchdown or bs fumble.
  10. Anything to **** the Lions. 14 points stolen and 7 points given. Not to meantion the obvious penalty. Anything to **** the Lions and another facemask
  11. We just took longer to review it to make it look like we're not going to screw the Lions.
  12. Detroit vs the world
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