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  1. So every game you leave early the Tigers walk off, and when a Tiger is throwing a perfect game/no hitter, you send out an email blast and they blow it immediately after. I'm noticing a trend.
  2. Too bad the other Verlander can't be sent to Conneticut as well.
  3. If he's at the show, he'll sign anything you've got. I think the last time I got him at that show he signed 11 cards, couple baseballs and a seatback. Very nice about it too.
  4. Chet Lemon is throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day. Someone please tell me that someone is bringing him in for a signing later on that day.
  5. Going back and watching the very end of last nights episode, those were not hamburgers on the grill. Looked to be some large slabs of meat. Atleast one appeared to be arm/leg shaped. Not to say they are for sure, but what it looked like to me.
  6. Anyone have any idea what guys are playing with the West Michigan squad? Seasons getting close, just wondering who I can possibly expect to see.
  7. Did pretty good this year. Also won a social media clubhouse pass. Was not very happy with the surprise guests. Here's what I got: Lance Parrish - Ball Gene Lamont - Photo Steve Lombardozzi - Ball and Photo Rick Porcello - 2 Photos Mickey Stanley - Photo Alex Avila - 2 Cards Luke Putkonen - Card Al Alburquerque - Card Austin Jackson - Ball and 3 Cards Omar Visquel - 2 Cards Drew Smyly - Ball Torri Hunter - Ball Bruce Rondon - Card I also got 2 GU Hernan Perez bats and 1 GU Don Kelly bat done on a Caravan stop. Overall it wasn't a bad Winter Caravan for me considering what players were available. Still think they need to be charging on a per player basis to weed people out. Donate all the money to the Detroit Tigers Foundation. It's a no brainer in my opinion.
  8. Yea my original post was more sarcastic than anything but that's kinda hard to tell on here.
  9. Yea I guess I was just dreaming when I had to change those nasty diapers then.
  10. You obviously don't have any other kids and haven't ever been around any either.
  11. This kinda already happened. Two kids tried doing this to some dude and failed to knock him out. He got up and stabbed them both and killed the one.
  12. One episode without the prison group I can live with. Two episodes without them, show suicide in my opinion. I thought the episodes were great, but they would have been much better if they were a 2 hour special. Or extend the length of the show like Sons of Anarchy has. I will always continue to watch this show because I love it, but they're going to make it real hard to defend against those of you that are constantly complaining about it. I don't think another round of the Governor trying to take and/or destroy the prison is the best place to go. They've got chainlink fences. He's got a tank. He's wins that fight all day every day.
  13. I don't understand the insane prices for Cabrera GU items? Most people getting GU stuff signed are keeping it for themselves. Other items, which are cheaper, could be signed and resold possibly for more. You'd think they'd flip flop the prices.
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